They are facing in the snow

May 30 [Thu], 2013, 14:51
> Continue on the road after the near-Earth armor, the Li Chu from Avon asked: "I know you see me and the man fight, the man behind the tiger is what? I see you have something like that and snakes ,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, but not the same. WwW, QunabEN, coM "No outsiders near-Earth armor, blue color is the most assured from Chu who is from the song to give their green and red, green and red says you can be assured that it's right. As for the snakes, natal God originally gave her own. Speaking of which, from the Chu still do not know in the end what happened. Natal God bite? Own dragon should not, even if the snake does not want to control also controls become. Dragon has been that they are completely seal, which also added a spiritual mark, becoming their exercise of the soul lies. From the Chu not to speak, the snake spoke: "Yes natal god, but a god natal puppet." "Really the case." Lee Avon confirms the idea of ​​an expression, use your fingers to gently wipe off with blue long knife blade. In fact, he is very surprised about the natal things of God, he just heard, and did not understand. But he knows the real name of God from the Chu and snakes about, do not want to continue to ask anymore. Sometimes people are still proud of his merits, at least they will not stalker. Lee Avon do not want to ask, does not mean do not want to ask from Chu. Since the snake speak, fluently from Chu then said: "I think that a head tattoo guy finally seems to be back to bite them, and how the matter?" "Year t to recourse. Gave people power to exchange with their lives once you can not continue to use the natal God, God will devour the host natal life, and then back in t there. "snake did not want to hide, the car people do no outsiders, only she is probably the most unreliable. "Then what are the benefits for years t?" "What are the benefits? Do not you know?" Snake from Chu looked surprised, not to say such things, even though these people from Chu trust can only trust themselves from Chu a. "Oh. Know." From Chu hate myself talkative, how to help Li Avon ask this. Wu Di absorb their energy. Is to use the real name of God be done. If they wish to do so, but also, and year t the same. By natal God to get more power. But listen to the meaning of the snake, the annual Uncle ability to land is not the strength of origin, but lives. It is additionally Dharma. No matter which, for ordinary protoss, this method is sufficiently evil. Such things still simmer in his stomach it, if Duka, who know they have the capability, estimated that these people have to escape. From the Chu also know that there is nothing, defect, or just keep their energy absorption of others, would not invincible. Natal God himself brings the power of digestion speeds faster than their normal practice thousands of times. This way if the spread is definitely protoss nightmare. Protoss Parliament would not allow such a thing exists, or that even if there is such a thing, but also control in their hands. Chu team from advancing to the abandoned castle, probably because of a fierce battle. Waste outside the city's post has been moved, but there is no way to continue the attack. From the Chu team has become larger, originally two armored vehicles into four, plus a deformation armored vehicles, the car has twenty modified combat robots. Four armor also linked to eight robots. From the Chu has also increased the number of teams twelve. Life and death of those bandits should follow from Chu. Bandits from Chu also understand the rules, these people if they do not surrender themselves. Back did not stay alive. In this case, these twelve bandits to increase loyalty touches some bandits who rule this way is also good, as long as no surrender Federation, one of us can be between the flow of talent. Twelve bandits squeeze in two armored vehicles, they could no ability from Chu et al, this twelve bandits will not even driving mech. They were born in the wilderness, never had any contact nutrition cabin, but do not know what is virtual space. Unless they seized over armor, or bandits to head, otherwise they will not have access to a lifetime to that stuff. There are many robots can determine the outcome of the battle mechs are few. Over the years, all the armor near the city of innocence transactions are green and red control in his hand, spent a lot of green and red for the price reflects the benefits that come now, in addition to their own people, the other bandits missing mech force, Once the conflict, from Chu et al With four zoomorphic mech can change the outcome of the battle, not to mention there is a near-Earth armor up. Green and red felt from Chu foresight, mind is a sense of loss. What can think of green and red, but also unable to change her fate. For the choice of green and red, hearts of some jealousy from Chu, it is what kind of a man, so green and red can be a decade later, to hear his message, would not hesitate to embark on the road to death. From the Chu know that man can not be compared, and not only because he did good man, but also because they know green and red late. Woman ** Old men forget our roots, which is a normal thing. "In front of the robot." From the song reminded. "I saw." Near-armored armored superior than ordinary place itself have long-range detection feature, although no satellite in the world now, but other technologies can also be part of the replacement satellite functions. From the Chu armor capable of detecting near-Earth range of at least two kilometers, the weather and the natural environment is good probing further. In fact, this is nothing, if it is in flight, so that detection is better than none. The team did not move forward on the road, in fact, to such a remote place, the road has long been abandoned. Ghost Town is a bandit's lair, they naturally refused to pay to repair a road, that is equal to helping the army mechanized units. Wilderness land deeds snow will soon be cleared. Chu fleet travels from slow enough to predict the time of danger ahead. It is open bandits, they have only armored vehicles radio, Li Xiaohu only intermediate electronic repairer, you can modify it so popular devices is still very easy. "Fat Man, in front of the robot, and you deal with their own." Directly from Chu issued such orders. Miao Tao Since they told themselves, you have to start with the coolies to start. There is no free lunch in this world, looking for things and no shade trees. Want. You have to pay for it. From the Chu came out only to find that the bandits were to quality and a relatively innocent people in town. It is very low down. Miao TAO their electronic machinery and other equipment is very strange, but good use of weapons. But in this era of arms control is too simple. All guns are a fool to firearms and even manipulation mode, you can use a hand. While he brought out to these people, everyone of electronic or mechanical equipment maintenance, and even change. This is quality, from Chu very fortunate that he left a hundred people in the city park of innocence, there is no accident, then, those who will live in the park. They have a chance to go back, it must be those who fully recovered. But those who are inside the hive from Chu elected essence, just a few that come up with the appropriate bandit leader. "Yes." Fat only answered a word, their light armored vehicle also has a large display screen. Just that they do not operate, just know how to drive and fire. Robots found immediately after the fire was to be destroyed, to be fat stopped. Despite seeking refuge from Chu and fat do not want to annoy any of the city's waste a force. Losses in the periphery can be pushed to the army to the head. Now it yourself, that is another matter up. Just let yourself go from Chu deal and did not allow yourself to fight fat is very smart, is unwilling to do so foolishly. The front is already plain. Far can finally see with the naked eye row of robots. Three meters tall robot middle also stood a few humans. Heavy weapons hidden under the leather. They are facing in the snow fleet came from Chu, Chu team goals from obvious. Giant robot truck at a kilometer away you can see by the naked eye. Fat a heartless, from armored vehicles out to greet the robot walked past. He had to bet on one, if you bet on the future of their own from Chu would be better, at least not discard. If he steal rape Shuahua, innocent men of the city is not a good fool,Oakley Squared clearance, ripped off or a good place, if these people are like raw land of the living, it was tragic. Fat do not know, if you want to torture one from the Chu people, more viciously recourse. For the spirit of the Department of protoss, they do not want to kill you, you will feel that death is so extravagant things. "Stop." Fat man shouted a voice, and he very much hope to hear from Chu himself so brave voice. Opposite ten robots, to own one is saying anything to beat the. Robots middle three guys evidently not low-level, hands-on, then there is no overhang. ** Opposite team really stood robot, the robot in the middle of three people, but continue to move forward, do not worry about fat, that is the other meaning that there is no fighting. Waste from here to the city is very near, if you really want to fight, it would not be so few things, but large-scale banditry action. Fat squeezed the handle in the sleeve, I feel a bit warmer, against three people walked up, active opening and said: "Who are you people?" Ghost Town is not a bandit gang in the world, there are many forces in the city, Only time will face the army together to fight. The usual time, or make their own thing. Where the original fat bandit group is relatively small, lack of strength, so they were sent out before, alone in the wilderness outpost inside. Such a task, a large gang instead allocated very little fat from the following thoughts from Chu, half because he is not in the original gang in what position, there is no possibility of development. Fat kind of intuition, as long as with a good mix from Chu,Oakley Sport Outlet, after that sooner or later will become Exalted. "We are the people who Dulong ye who are men? How have armored vehicles?" Questioning people are more polite, it is because there are four armored vehicles to see each other's sake. In the bandit's world, decided a rapid turning fat thoughts, blurting out: "followed by the city from the Chu innocent adults, are here to provide help, the army would fight over." <
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