Then what the leadership

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 10:14
Fan Hongyu; new duties, is Yu Yang machinery plant personnel unit clerk, the preparation of cadres. The original Wenfeng can arrange for Fan Hongyu to be a deputy chief, although in fact or a clerk's identity, but a deputy chief title, but also a size of leadership. Fan Hongyu after all is a fan of deputy magistrate of the two son, came down from the prefectural Party committee office, this is good to the. But Fang Wenfeng did not give. Fan Hongyu heart mirror like, Wenfeng this is afraid of accidentally offended leading prefectural. Although only Fang Wenfeng county enterprise cadre, officialdom routine but clear. Fan Hongyu is the prefectural office cadres yes, is the son of Fan Weiguo is also true, but this is clearly being kicked out, therefore, the other does not care about Fan Weiguo's feelings. One can ignore the deputy county Yuyang county person, or is he Fang Wenfeng against it? Say Wenfeng is just the vice secretary of agricultural machinery factory, not the secretary. It would give Fan Hongyu a title, or after Joe secretary and director Wu to come back. It is not to offend his Fang Wenfeng prefectural leader. Fan Hongyu was No. This time he had charge of the treasure, and so soon after the * *, Qiu Mingshan keep the job, remember his good, he Yu Yang agricultural machinery factory, is just a passer-by, such a genius, Qiu Mingshan would sit by and do nothing? He is it right? Do a deputy chief, does not matter. If wrong, Qiu Mingshan is doomed, sadly left, then, the Fan Wei out of jobs, he is still a little clerk Fan Hongyu small Jing to observe the life, even as a deputy chief in the agricultural machinery factory, can how? When will this backhand cap to take off. Fang Wenfeng is so snobbish, since it lets Fan Hongyu be not cold to him. Wang and Qiao Fengdao are on his arrival, expressed a warm welcome. Lao Wang said smilingly: Hongyu ah, back to the agricultural machinery factory, even home. This yard without you, really is a lot less fun...... We eat out at noon, to welcome you. Lao Wang is the kind of honest people, pour also not very concerned about the party leaders thought of Fan Hongyu. He is a small section chief, said an officer, is in fact a soldier. Leading Party, must not Canada Goose PBI Chilliwack Bomber because of his Fan Hongyu said the friendly, came looking for his trouble. Then what the leadership? Women are the same! Qiao Feng smiled and said: the king section chief, you also want to take care of Zhao Ge people's business? The king Canada Goose Men's Lodge should be in the right and self-confident said: her fair price, taste good, it is out of our factory, why not business to take care of others? Hey, section chief Wang, you are not afraid of wife jealous? Qiao Feng cheekily said. Section chief Wang smiled: I ah, do not afraid of her Canada Goose Women's Kensington CG55 jealous. I Wang to people, who don't know? Your sister-in-law feel very. Fan Hongyu smiled and said: I heard that Zhao Ge opened a small restaurant, never had the chance to try her skill, just to try today. My girlfriend, not afraid of people! Hee hee, Hongyu, you are not afraid of people jealous, I am afraid that people will get in touch with you. Fan Hongyu surprised: what do you mean? You don't know, Zhao Ge has done extremely well, especially some young...
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