Preparing For Launch

November 02 [Mon], 2015, 14:42
Hello! (to anyone who's reading)

So previously, I reserved an artist shop on the website,, and having been waiting for them to launch. And just recently, I got an email from them saying that since there are a lot of people who have participated, we need to wait for our turn. I don't mind waiting since I'm not quite done preparing yet. This is also a good thing now that I have a rough idea when the shop will be able to launch.

I have already get the basic informations done and I've just finished designing my logo and display picture. Now, I just need to work on my designs. I do have an idea of what I want to do. So I just need to get them done. And since now that there is sort of a deadline, I'm more pumped and motivated to work on them! I will do my best to get the designs that I want done as soon as possible. Then I wouldn't have to feel rushed later on.

"Stop being a lazy bone and get cracking!!" That's what I keep telling myself. (laughs)

Also in two weeks time, my pen-pal will be coming over to visit!! I can't wait to finally meet her for the first time~!! And that's all for now!


October 20 [Tue], 2015, 13:47
And once again, it's almost the end of the year... and this blog is pretty much dead...
I can't even remember when was my last entry.
I have been trying not to use too much computer and get more work done.
Though that hasn't been quite successful since I have been using my phone instead.

Anyway, right now I'm getting my art done, so that I can put them up on my website.
The structure are pretty much done, except for my artwork.
Once those are done, I will be able to launch my site. But I had a slight change of plan.
Instead of putting up something random first, I decided to do a series kind.
Something that isn't too complicated to start the website with.
And that's that.

As for my language learning, I have been and still is working hard on Korean.
The thing is that I'm able to understand certain things but not able to write them out.
Since my pronunciation is bad, which I always end up writing it wrong. But I'm working on it.
So shouldn't be much of a problem.

And overseas trip!! Yay!! I'm always excited to visit another foreign place.
And I must say, I'm really fortunate to be able to travel around. So I'm really grateful for that.
This time round, we are going to visit South Korea! The thing that I'm most excited about is ski,theme park and trying on hanbok!! The thing is that I have heard so much about it that I can't wait to see them myself.
Also this time round, we are going together with my baby cousins! And this is the first time we are traveling overseas together!
I'm evil cause I really want to see how they look like all wrapped up and fall onto the snow..
Something that is going to be different is that I will be recording video instead of just photography.
I have always wanted to video but it can be pretty hard.
And my challenge is try to make it not look like those kind of old homemade video thingy.

That's all for now. And I will be back soon~ Bye!

In Dire Need of Motivation!!

April 23 [Thu], 2015, 13:27
I'm constantly in dire need of motivation....
I have like tons of ideas but lack the motivation to work on them...
This is really REALLY bad!
I seriously need to work harder...
I should stop typing and get my stuff done!
Bye! LOL

Workout Routine

April 08 [Wed], 2015, 20:09
Since I'm always sitting down and doing my stuff, I don't really get the chance to workout.
And because of that, I feel that my body is getting lazy and problematic.
I will ache all over which I didn't have this problem before.
That is during my school days.
Furthermore, I'm not like super old... I'm only in my early twenties... OTL
So I cannot allow this to go on anymore.
Besides, my friend also tell me to exercise more.
And I found a workout routine that is pretty easy to do
Also I don't have to spend a lot of time on it.
An hour a day would be fine.
Which is awesome for someone like me who ain't so active.
So yeah! I'm starting the workout today and hopefully I will see some improvement!

Long To-Do List

March 25 [Wed], 2015, 15:36
I have this really long to-do list.
Just to many things that I want to get done.
But I get lazy sometimes which is quite an awful thing.
Still, I try to not get too lazy and have things done.
At least half of what I planned for each day. (laughs)
It does really help to have a organizer or planner whatever you call it.

I think it's the hot weather that is also making me not wanting to do anything.
Shouldn't be blaming it on the weather.
But really it's so hot that I sweat even siting in front of the fan.

This is like a place for me to talk to myself, eh?? (laughs)
Anyway, enough of all these excuses..

The title doesn't really work....
I'm really bad with titles.. (sigh)


March 07 [Sat], 2015, 18:38

I'm getting really sleepy these few days.
Think I really need to sleep early.
It's hard to concentrate when I feel so tired.
Like when I'm drawing, I keep feeling like my drawing isn't getting anywhere...
And I get irritated and angry with myself.

Another thing is that I really have to stop using my phone so often.
It's absorbing my energy...
I have to resist the temptation!!

Monthly Challenge

March 05 [Thu], 2015, 18:59
Good evening!!

Ahh.. my eyes are super tired..
Think I'm looking at my phone for too long...
But I seriously can't help it and I know there's a never-ending list of dramas I want to watch.

Anyway, back to topic!
So two days ago, I decided to take up a monthly challenge.
I have already thought of doing something like this a long time ago, but just didn't actually do it.
Anyway, there's a reason as to why I want to do a monthly challenge.
Basically I have lots of draft that is not done.
The problem is that I don't have the confidence to put them down on "paper".
As in doing this final piece.
And so they are all left there, rotting...
So I tell myself that this cannot go on and I have to do something about it.
And that's how the monthly challenge came about.

This way, I can have more experience getting the final pieces down.
And I will keep doing this every month.

Well, here's the piece for March 2015.
I spent two days to complete the whole thing.
From sketching, inking and coloring.
But of course not the entire day.
If I were to add up, it would be roughly a day.

Oh yeah!
The topic for this month is "Multi-colored hair".
And immediately I thought of Decora (Japanese Fashion Culture).
Here it is!!

It was kind of hard to do the blending since I don't have lots of color.
But still I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. v(^w^)v

30 days Doodles

February 27 [Fri], 2015, 14:39
Sorry about not posting often..
I just tend to forget about it...(laughs)
Anyway, I have been busying drawing or should I say doodling (?) for 30 days.
My pal MiYeon and I are doing a 30 days doodles challenge and when we are done, we will exchange it with each other.
And so the dateline is on end of this feb.
I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see hers.

We are planning to do another challenge but we haven't decide on it yet.
I will share when we have finally decided on it.

Anyway, it has been a wonderful experience.
Sometimes it's hard to think of something to doodle.
Because I draw kind of slow, I have to think of something that I can complete in one day.
And I'm only using black pens to draw them.
So I have to make it black and white...
Not that I don't like it, in fact I actually love monochrome.
Just that I'm not really experienced with it.
So it was kind of hard for me too.
But the hardest I would say would be coming up with something to draw.
Because I don't want them to look similar.

Here's the link to the doodles on my deviantart.


January 12 [Mon], 2015, 15:56
Yay! I'm done with my first artwork!!
It's quite a tedious work to upload them to all those media. (Laughs)
Anyway, I managed to finish the whole thing within 3 days.
But to be exact, I didn't really spend 3 whole days on it.
Maybe about a day...

Here's working progress of it:

That's all for now.
I will be back with more illustrations!

The Carpark

December 07 [Sun], 2014, 2:15
It's been a while. I know I know. I have been saying this every time I post. But it really has been a while.

There is this multistory car park opposite of my house. Every time I look out of the window, I will definitely see the top story of the car park. So, recently I realize there have been quite a few cars that would park their cars at the highest floor although there are plenty of space in the lower stories. I have no idea why. There wasn't that much last time.

So every night when I close the curtains, I will wonder to myself. And the same thing happens tonight.

Anyway, I have been busy drawing. That's right! Finally get my hands on the stuff I want to work on. It has been going well and I have been rather discipline. Although I wouldn't say very. (laughs) At least I'm working on something.

However, there is this huge problem. The thing is that I have been looking at my favorite illustrator's artwork for too many times. And it turns out that the thing I have created looks quite similar to his. It was totally unintentional! Right now, I'm panicking. So I changed my phone screen wallpaper. Since I have set one of his artwork as my wallpaper cause I love it so much.. but I guess it isn't good for me. Especially right now is the time that I'm trying to figure out my own style.

So what I'm going to do now is to stop looking at others' artwork. I'm just going to look at real life things and not be swayed by other artists' style. I was going to sell that when I launch my store. But I will have to put that aside first, until I have found a while to save it. Of course I'm still going to keep the concept and everything. Just going to change the style. Maybe a little something. I'm not sure. Will see how. Anyway it looks kind of weird to me. So I will only put it out once I'm satisfied with it.

So that's all for now. I'm going to sleep now. Since I have to wake up early in the morning. Goodnight!

P.S I will try to post more often.
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