played no small role. Now

June 03 [Mon], 2013, 11:29
Update: 2013-02-13 "ah ah ah ah..." the mouth of a panicked cries of despair, Lei Tengtian have some means not cast out, however, that means in the peak of this trick, but is too weak. / and he just screams sound, is that a swallowed day dragon completely engulfed, body bang explodes to pieces, pieces of soul was absorbed peak suddenly, into the Budo embryo themselves, suddenly is aware of many powerful mystic and martial arts. With a smile, the peak is at hand this gold que Luo palace for a moment, then this figure suddenly one Shan, is the impact to expect to fight the battle group. "You all surrender my eight brother house, or die! You rely on the Lei Tengtian already was the prince killed, and who were not satisfied with?" Freely suspended in the void, the peak is not to start killing, just running a sound operation, the instant they are his voice to all people fighting in the ear. And heard the remark, Wu Tian et al., all the eight brother's house is naturally delighted, as for the jagged alliance and is a disappointment desperate s è, most people do not hesitate is chose to surrender, but there are also many will not drop by one one people, and kill, not one person to be able to survive. Peak slew the jagged alliance thunder Tengtian, its power all income ranks, a time eight elder brother house already has an impact to the forces driving, but only in fairy fairy level number of strong,oakley sunglasses sale, can call the big powers. After numerous's rein, Wu day they will not hesitate to control these men the life brand, can be said to be the direct control of the people's life and death. And on how to rectify the power peak is not interested, but the fairy space ring for the thunder Tengtian which once obtained is very satisfactory. Compared to the golden turtle three fierce, Lei Tengtian collection to the rich too much, just a stone is seventy-five thousand, there are more hundreds of pieces of stone products, there are a lot of immortality, to supplement the body of animal nature peak power consumption, played no small role. Now, power source of peak in that ten thousand has already been he turned into a large array of one hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred yuan,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, a huge array of eye, each place is very huge, peak therefore not refining what fairy ring space, direct is the fairy stone elixir into an eye, as if a fierce battle on the occasion, once the animal nature force is not enough, is able to advance the call, is very convenient. The original peak is the element method and eight brother house together,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK, is selected for a fairy good quality one hundred and eight, will be turned into an eye, the eight brother house temporarily have product peak is defense force. But at the moment of peak already has the quality to far exceed the eight brother house gold que Luo palace, is not hesitate a yuan array and the eye all into one, make this originally only in the peak is Fobao, unexpectedly defense than the top grade fairy machine is also a weak point. Now, eight brother house unify thorns wasteland, his immortal tens of thousands, fairy will also have more than 30, a >
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