this let nine aragami face slightly

May 20 [Mon], 2013, 18:25
Sorry. Rainmaker Hongfei and Rainmaker dragon two people at the same time was s! He wanted the Rainmaker Ling fei! This must not, rain Ling Fei, the older generation of inner Nangong if their daughter-in-law, how can he take? If Nangong if that boy back, will certainly fall out and their, although compared to people's safety, rain Ling Fei and Nangong if appear some small, but they still reluctant. "I if brother came, all the lessons you have a look, how dare you dare not bully our tribal rainmaker!" Rain Ling Fei also said the angry. The child's mind is simple, in her mind,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, if my brother is be equal to anything, the tough guy, certainly not if brother opponent. Nine aragami Wenyan couldn't help laughing: "a piece of jade more perfect, stay in the Rainmaker tribe, is buried you, to the desolate temple, Huang Zun will nurture you, let you become the omnia, little girl, how?" Rain Ling Fei is shook his head: "I will not leave the tribal Rainmaker, if brother and three years will come to meet me, I won't go anywhere!" Nine shortage God face s è immediately change, Huang Temple although has a number of master, but compared to the Central Plains of the so-called ten fairy door, but still have some to be inferior by comparison, so as to give twelve shortage shortage respect God's mission, another is collecting all wild all genius. A genius,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK, his value will never below a clan, so the nine shortage God can make this condition! While the second conditions, more than his own in the tactical exercise on a tactical genius, this condition is not good, because he does not believe, a tribal Rainmaker small, people will be able to better than shortage respect personally trained tactical genius. But this time, two chiefs Rainmaker tribes did not speak, but the little girl was also rejected, this let nine aragami face slightly some hang not to live. "The two road, you can only choose one, if you choose second, you failed, Rainmaker tribal people all are only a game, is dead --" nine shortage God cold track. "Call -" originally the noisy party immediately quiet down, nine aragami behind ten black-clad master also have withdrawn their weapons, a chill in the air was filled. Rainmaker Hongfei frowned, looked at the nine shortage of God in a threatening manner, and behind him ten men in black, the ten men in black are the class master, if God's own nine shortage, and rain dragon two people cannot resist the. "Ling Fei impossible and adults go, we choose second road!" Rainmaker Hongfei's voice was cold again,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, have to such situation, can only put together. "Good!" Nine shortage God laughed and patted the palm of the hand, way: "Rainmaker Hongfei did not take its name, so under the pressure, refuse to be cowed or submit, tribal Rainmaker is indeed a rare tribe, or, let me see, you learn many things Rainmaker tribes from the Dragon empire on the body, can defeat us. The temple of tactical genius!" "Seven, out, think Rainmaker patriarch ask!" Nine God immediately behind the road toward the shortage. Ten men in black, was a >
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