Is the Sun the Only Thing Powerful Enoug

May 14 [Tue], 2013, 12:58
A funny thing is happening on the way to conservative attacks on solar energysome conservatives are championing renewable energy over fossil fuel interests. The reason is simple: Its called employment.

Businesses are employing people and making money on a slow shift to renewable power. In the windy Great Plains states, farmers pocket wind turbine lease money. In sunny California, there are more solar installers than actors.

It turns out that renewable energy, as popular as moms apple pie with American consumers, is also good for American business. And now jobs-conscious legislators from both parties are listening.

Renewable energy standards, or RESssometimes called Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), just to add to the alphabet-soup mixrequire electric utilities to buy a percentage of their power from renewable sources, such as solar, and wind by a certain date.,_1649_1815_ebook_downloads