h a strong arm around her

March 14 [Mon], 2011, 4:32
the ah you did not want me so! She turned to look at his car. You have to take me to where? I want to go home!
Damn! ~ And then he did not speak out to the open car. This road is not leading to her home, but some familiar with! Oh ~ ~ ~ she thought suddenly of a shy this road is the gat
herve leger saleeway to the apartment of their first apartment together.
Time flies four times unknowingly passed. Four years for a woman is not a short period of time. Lan according to their most valuable to the four most gold to the one of the most Jianghao Yu told she would not fall in love with the beginning of her man.
Now she feels very satisfied with life in the company was doing better and better is now the manager of planning department. She is the assistant secretary had to do the work but because of the relationship between two people she was transferred to the Planning Departmen
herve leger bandage dresst offered hope when her office is planning major work to do in that position so she is more room for development.
Arrived in a small planning department staff, but also start with the basics. And then through the efforts of four years is a step by step, relying on her efforts to come up. So more of a sense of achievement to stay in her body now she has a lot of confidence.
The only regret is that she was four years in exchange for Jiang Haoyu time not to love.
Recently the mother has repeatedly urged her to get married. I say this all the small Lan, 27 years old you d
herve leger strapless dresso not look to marry the. Taking advantage of now to find a good young fast. Listen to Mom's busy working out personal problems you can not disregard Yeah. After all, we rely on a man's woman! This is called the mother said yesterday.
Yes she is 27 years old this year, a lifetime of hard to be like this forever? She always is to get married since that he can not marry her But why torture yourself in love should not love it?ommodate
She did not know where to go can not let her mother worry about her, but she was too deeply in love with Jiang Haoyu she knows her heart can not accommodate the other man.
Sound of water bath to stop the Jiang Haoyu only bare the body surrounded by a white towel key seat. See done at the bedside by Lan do not know what did not find him out.
By Lan in mind? He sat down beside her natural ring with a strong arm around her.

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