the giant king turned out to be a super evolution

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 11:07
Qibao wonderful tree holders bones of the dead king was deeply awed by, motionless, the piece of tall golden figure. Desolate ancient battlefield, like gold casting from a bone body, bursting out hundreds of millions of Road glorious, shining golden exceptionally brilliant, like ten million stars cohesion to with the whole piece of ancient battlefields are infected with a layer of holy glory. Ten parties are silent! The whole piece eastern geographical seemed aphonia, and 10 million kindling biological prostrate on the ground. Even though separated by thousands of miles away, but many fire biological sensed for the first time this unique super evolution king supreme coercion. Even though some of the city's master ---- powerful upper also feel fear. Real golden skull centuries never appeared in the eastern region, so powerful fire king was born, how can so many positions of power in panic. The powerful yellow diamond king, but the mainland the external geographical Super evolution by which the most terrifying one exists, in order to become more powerful, would certainly have been wantonly killing, kill with the strong order to PBE. Yes, the whole body is like gold yellow diamond king is cast from natural expeditions, they are destined to kill the deepest to the mainland, they have a broader sky. Peripheral regions, just as they grow, and where the power savings, precisely because of this, is a serious threat for the other fire creatures. "Roar ......" Xiao Chen was promoted into the yellow diamond second order, and feel the surging power, could not help but sky and uttered a roar Xiao, powerful fire bright, bursting out ten million Avision, the bone of his body shrouded account the whole person, such as a blazing sun. All directions followed sounded a roar whistling along with shouts and all fires biological terrorist spirit volatility shock sky, the whole piece of the eastern region in Thriller. Like in cheers. Like celebrating an unlimited potential, are growing ground fire king reveal Tau Kok. Even though handheld Qibao wonderful tree to the same order of the bones of the dead king. Also bursts palpitations to feel. Until this make him feel extremely uncomfortable coercion gradually receded. He slowly relaxed. Dazzling golden convergence. Xiao morning quintana golden. Sheng gas is no longer so pressing Snowsuit. The powerful breath all restrained. However, this intrinsic but more to make him more than a one enigmatic feeling. The "Congratulations super evolution king completed a transformation." Handheld Qibao wonderful tree bones of the dead king congratulate Road. If you need help today courtesy of a helping hand. Future. Bound to helping. "The Avicennia the king see xiaochen did not become due Bridging arrogant. Calm down. Since not Boqingguayi the bidding. Then do not worry as prey. "Yellow diamond really extraordinary ......" Here, in front of Xiao morning, he quickly complete a change of bone, discard the bones of the dead into the ground with Broken Sword Wang left yellow diamond bone body The active joints stood up. Although it is not like like xiaochen so quintana gold casting, but faint golden light shine looks abnormal extraordinary. "Although for bone rarely can thus become a real super evolution, but that does not is not a special case, I wish you good luck, and hope with yellow diamond bone body hopes of finding a Supreme Avenue, after independent evolutionary . "" easier said than done, the external geographical diamond kindling biological uncommon, are generally born, there is little halfway metamorphosis into super evolution. "This really is a thing, but he has contented, with a yellow diamond bone body and combat effectiveness will exponentially increase, coupled with the hands of colorful light shining Baoshu, almost in the same order, etc. If the invincible. Xiaochen not far picked up ground on the Broken Sword, colorful light suddenly his gold bone body infected with a little bit of God-hui. "I view the colorful Broken Sword with your hands Baoshu seems homologous, whether this is the case?" Xiao Chen began to beat about the bush, you want to understand how this treasure. Bones of the dead king ...... perhaps should be a yellow diamond king, he nodded his head and said: "Indeed homologous, this is with me with a broken sword king originally friends, because both treasure and enemies. yellow diamond king traveled Broken Sword Wang common, in the ruins of the eastern region, inadvertently discovered the these cases treasures, had one a just, but the broken sword king but want pocketed yellow diamond king secretly shot hurt nearly harm his life, and thus against each other. "So is not the main thing, accidents get ......" Xiao Chen finally determined, the Broken Sword Wang immediate yellow diamond skull is not quasi Taoist. Hear these words, yellow diamond king hesitantly. "What's up?" Xiao Chen asked. "I'm not sure that is not the main thing was found that both incidents were treasures, Broken Sword king and I have a feeling snake pegged always felt secretly have a pair of eyes watching us, but searching out that ruins, but what did not found. Later, for some time, I often peep was feeling, until I had a yellow diamond grade the strength of feeling kind of cold gaze to disappear ... very scary, that time, I often have the feeling of horror. "after yellow diamond king say past, the kind of cold and feeling as if once again bubbling to the heart, he vigorously shook his head, said:" It was really evil ... "Xiao morning, a cold heart, which will not be quasi Taoist haunt it? However, he did not have nothing to worry about, even though quasi mentioning Taoist no true Xingshenjumie the, I am afraid that the state is also very bad, at least do nothing Broken Sword Wang and yellow diamond skull, or could never watched the treasures taken away . That being the case, you should set up an ambush, the potential threat is removed. Xiaochen Si cord for a moment, in the hands of the Broken Sword thrown a yellow diamond skull, said: "for you, but you If have previously been spying feeling after immediately told me ... I can help you completely solve the troubles. "heard xiaochen so, yellow diamond skull suddenly feeling of gift very hot, alarmed Road:" really ... a dangerous strong in spying? me ... not to the Broken Sword out what the enemy is most terrible? Hidden secretly viperous rival the most horrible. He was afraid to own xiaochen as bait, say whatever they refused to accept this gift. "Otherwise ... the colorful Broken Sword to me, I give you these Baoshu, we exchanged weapons to alliance." He has been very desirable that the broken sword, but he was Broken Sword Hsian tyrants live. Final yellow diamond king to put forward such a proposal, which makes Xiao morning feeling quite speechless. Feelings he really that bifurcation Qibao wonderful tree as Unwrap hit the stick with, the the Broken Sword affordable all-conquering in their eyes no one. "......" Xiao Chen looked at him speechless. This makes yellow diamond king, embarrassed, and feel that they got a great deal. Xiao Chen did not say anything, directly Broken Sword throw him, then took the intact Qibao wonderful tree. He issued through the trace kindling soul force, want to brush few colorful SG Road, but ... but no brush. He tried again and the yellow diamond king Broken Sword, the results did not issue the same due Lingbao Vaillant At this point he finally understood that the two treasure looks like a problem, it would appear the next Qibao wonderful tree really only T-| a. Xiaochen Xing cause seem to lack, directly thrown into the ring space. The Broken Sword Wang Pimie real yellow diamond king was born, is a major event in the area. But a few days of work, has spread to a major city, almost all the positions of power to know. Purple diamond skull kill broken wolf frightened mother, a grandfather, Broken Sword Wang really were destroyed, his mind mixed upper certainly not playing this geographical idea, but the event attracted a giant city of Santo how to do? That only Paolu. There is no doubt that the parties are concerned about the movement of the area, the golden skull born, the master of those giant city will certainly have a sense of threat. In the SPL, the defenders of the fire in the city of breaking the military about the outcome when biological reported that the two yellow diamond king is close to here. SPL heard this message, then jumped up on bailing, but ultimately endure and live, and ran to the gates up secretly watch results secretly praised Brave, but fortunately did not run, or shame. "Big brother magic Wei guise Yong crown death world, unique in the world, ah, the millennium a strong Purple east Yaoqi the sky ..." SPL meal pat more nauseating how nauseating. He then Xiao Chen Shui yellow diamond king greatly compliment some earthy yellow diamond king really stammered some, when even he did not dare. Xiaochen feel the fortresses of broken Army, 贪狼 and the lack of a real master, they put a yellow diamond skull invited back, you want to grow, there must be a top-level strong charge. "Big Brother is not the first retreat ah ......" into the Santo House, began his escape advocate SPL, said: "Big Brother you off Broken Sword Wang, that the giant city of Santo definitely will come looking for us trouble. we are doing now if sitting in a crater at risk of H into slag. "by Broken Sword Wang strength can infer the masters of the eastern giant city how tough, at least the strength of the third-order yellow diamond. "No harm, I will not fight fire front door, and I am ready to go to the eastern part of those fortresses around cruise cruise will certainly ran my yellow diamond super evolution king to Giant City owners want dispatched." Brother, you want to play? "SPL frightened, dry turned a broken sword the king, do not also want to do off the giant city master it? That one but the eastern geographical several master lead Quartet city, the hands of a master weight. Giant City the Beastmaster City, battle city synthesis of the eastern region of the three giant city, the combination of a large number of tyrannical kindling biological, want carcasses off Giant City master easier said than done. "I am part, they do not mess with me, I have absolutely no shot." Heard Xiao morning so says SPL and is secretly Fufei: fork! Giant king's men Broken Sword king went out, they went to other people's sites to stroll, which is also its part ...... final xiaochen left the city of breaking the military, parting the occasion to help the SPL well as friendship sits here yellow Diamond skull, said: "Ordinarily I appear in the eastern patch of geographical, they only think of a way to get rid of me, came here to you without trouble, but you have to pay attention to the situation of the war, if there is a change to be able to act with discretion." "understand that we will for the first time on foot." SPL speak pops patting purple diamond sternum, do not know who thought how important the commitment to do it, but the face Hearts not jump say things on foot. Timid bastard, xiaochen kick kick him to fly, then patted the shoulder the earthy yellow diamond skull, said: "the situation is not right, do not hang on this city." "Do not worry, I am ready to on foot. "honest people simply. Fork! Xiao Chen walked away, these two guys seems not optimistic about his, ah, not anything ready fled. Xiao morning alone on the road, all the way eastbound toward the geographical ruled by giant city forward. The reason why he adventure challenge stronger, because he was eager to become stronger, and then fulfill Kyushu. Both now and become what it was like, but he has, after all, living in Kyushu, hearts desire to return to a patch of earth. Just ethnic group is the same, have entered into Kyushu, the young king of all ethnic groups in all of the powerful exception terrible Air Max 2012 Mens Shoes, if there is no corresponding strength, back only suffered setback. Achieve second-order yellow diamond, has been very strong, but Xiao morning or worry about a lack of strength, feel promoted into the yellow diamond to third-order perhaps before most insurance. A yellow diamond skull alone walking in the eastern region, more dazzling how dazzling other fire creatures are white, he is the only gold Guangcan, are truly striking? To know these years, only one broken sword the king collected a yellow diamond bone body, but this counterfeit yellow diamond king recently has been to do away. Right now, the golden skull there is no doubt that of being the master of the carcass off the Broken Sword Wang Xiao Chen appeared in the eastern region triggered a commotion. The weak fire creatures involuntarily kneel worship, powerful positions of hearts Baby's Canada Goose, uneasy, and send people to pay close attention to his whereabouts. Happens xiaochen always marching to the more kindling biological total hang around in the city between last is ascribed to enter some big city shopping tour. So through the streets, suddenly causing a panic. So, Xiao morning daily will patronize fortresses, those masters feel fear, the secret prayer Fiends hurry to leave, and even some of the city's main in xiaochen into the city, directly hasty retreat and abandon the city away. This is the yellow diamond king terrorist coercion, although only one person only, but along the way, so that the area is a tension. The news passed out the first time, here the eastern geographical pinnacle strong watching. A geographical newly minted king, inevitable with the former king of the ultimate World War I, the birth of the yellow diamond king, to attract the eyes of all the strong, and this definitely will lead to a match-ups. The flap edge ... "owl wings, flew from Giant City Night Magic City. Five hundred years ago, the night magic city appeared a guise strong, called Night Magic, then unifies the eastern region, and then to kill the continent depths. Whenever there have been peerless master of the city, the Santo name will then named inherited. However, five hundred years later, today's night magic Santo apparently not as disdain for the strength of the eastern region. After it received the owl came the information, bite the bullet and find a yellow diamond king stroll in their own city. The giant yellow diamond king of the king's message is spread throughout the eastern region for the first time. Place in the night magic outside the city's ancient battlefield, scheduled for three days later. This is definitely a big event in the continent external geographical. A match-ups have been inevitable. But before the war, Xiao Chen has been bad news, the giant king turned out to be a super evolution! But not the Color Diamonds bone organisms.
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