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September 05 [Thu], 2013, 18:34
Qing Emperor discussion groups: 157 221 297, Notes young Emperor reborn. So completely controlled the spider's body, gold three bloodthirsty vines directly to large spider trapped in the ground, tied ado. By this time, Kim never far beneath the bitter with God over, right on the back of a large spider. Big spiders more than four meters long, seven meters wide has reached eight, each leg has fifty-six meters long, standing on its body, as if standing in a three-story small building 56 meters. Controls Wudu North Face Outlet Sale beads fall into their own hands, gold three soul, all focused on this pretty outrageous Wudu beads. This thing is so big spider variation to such a degree, or else, it should be is the size of one meter fills a big spider, so the mountain among the top five, all of a meter in size. And this big spider swallow this because Wudu beads, actually it grow to such a big head, the strength has become so powerful, not even the bloodthirsty vines can not suppress it. Now this Wudu beads, as your own path by a large spider beads refining, which makes gold three but do not know how to do. To snatch big spider natal yuan beads, it is equal to its fate, losing your own path and beads, big spiders also can not live anymore. So much a spider, it is Kim Sam it is reluctant to die, most importantly, gold three is also very sad such a powerful spider provider. Those of ordinary grimace spider silk, there are one hundred kilograms of tension, and this large spider silk, is Kim Sam also need to be fully in order to pull off, while the full one gold and three pull weigh? Jīng refining of gold three previous large satisfactory state of gas, or some divine kilograms, kilograms to pull off a spider god. This shows that the tension with spider silk has five tons. A thin gossamer there are five tons of pulling force. This spider, if made into clothes. Is not that a natural treasure clothing? Even if the use of such material refining magic, it is not worse. Such spirits insects, not to mention the earth, among the rare desert this aura, even gold three can remember "," the heaven, nor is the Spirit who has such insects. Heaven, and only some of the major forces, some of these spiders have the ability to captivity. And to have this great qualification spider spiders are even scarcer. To know. But this earth Dharma Ending Age, such an environment, but also to practice evolved to such a degree that has been described, this big spider qualifications, how in the world of insects metamorphosis. Do not want to kill the giant spider, it can only try to control it. Kim Sam thought of the control chip, do not hurry to go there anyway, now the land of treasure, and now leave that big spider stocking good here. So when the control chip somehow. Again to close this great spider too late. Although gold three memories, but also on the control of insects reveal spiritual approach can those normally required for Yu beast magic. Those without magic can control insects reveal spiritual approach. Generally in the spirit of insects or reveal just born, or have not the time to let them hatch identify the main. In this way they reveal and flexibility adult worms useless, in order to reveal the spiritual control of adult insects. Rely on magic to control. This controller chip with almost no difference, not even as useful for the control chip. Yu animal magic. By magic, to force the beast to the Executive Director of the Spirit insect orders. And the control chip. But with the use to identify the main way to control insects as they reveal the spirit, can control the insects they reveal spiritual consciousness. Kim now three divine spells can be controlled using the Send big spider, but he can not always control such a large spider. But he wants to control such a large spider into the mountain, past the golden ants bite territory is still possible. As long as he took the giant spider in the past on it, but now he still wants to go look at the big spider Dong Fu, now getting late, so I really do not have time on a trip that ants Ridge. Gold three completely release bloodthirsty vine, so bloodthirsty vines wrapped up the whole big spider, so that, even if the gold three .. "" to send the lifting of divine spells, but also be able to control a large spider, do not let it attack themselves. Haemophilus rattan cane into a blood sè A completely the big spider's body wrapped up. Kim Sam obviously felt great fear of spiders, see this, gold three hearts of a move. Previously, Kim Sam has also been felt too big spider fear bloodthirsty vines, vines can not be clearly bloodthirsty threat for large spiders, big spiders, what causes this fear bloodthirsty vine? Thought for a moment, this occurs when the vines are bloodthirsty Vaillant filling time. That time is bloodthirsty vines are fully pushed when the body bloodthirsty sacred trees, is this big spider fear is not bloodthirsty vines, but bloodthirsty sacred trees? With this in mind, a hint of gold-third of the idea of ​​God, so that a portion of bloodthirsty bloodthirsty vines were sacred trees. Sure enough, gold three soul can clearly perceive, a large spider on the bloodthirsty myrtle fear. Kim Sam lifted Send divine and found a large spider actually still so quietly lying on the ground does not move. At this time, gold with God knows, he is now doing all of this, are superfluous. If he took out into the spider forest bloodthirsty sacred trees, which may have long conquered large spiders. It seems his previous guesses are correct, past the first hurdle is to get the treasure bloodthirsty sacred trees. With it, the second hurdle should be able to pass, even if these large spiders, bloodthirsty sacred trees can be completely suppressed. And with bloodthirsty sacred trees, nature can get this from the big spider Wudu beads. But gold three, the bloodthirsty vines more useful than the bloodthirsty shenmu, so he subconsciously believes that by the second hurdle is needed is bloodthirsty vines, while the bloodthirsty shenmu ignored. In principle, bloodthirsty shenmu though dead, but it is Livigno Parka UK a much higher level than the bloodthirsty vine, so bloodthirsty vines not suppress a big spider, but was perfect Shenmu bloodthirsty repression. Kim Sam saw a cave on the cliff, soul again OBE, send divine launch, control the big "Green Emperor reborn three hundred and eighth chapter dark hole" spider, toward the distant cave shè out a cobweb. Big spider huge body, slid down that huge cave spider among. Big big spider's body, in this cave silent walking, wide cave passage. Make big spider so small exception. This cave is too great, as long as someone on the outside to the cliff below. As long as I looked up to discover this huge cave. Moreover, outside of the cave there is a greater shrouded in cobwebs. This makes it all the more conspicuous the cave entrance. Because it certainly can not hide the cave, so when Huang Chao, only a small grove on the outside, placed so much grimace spider. As long as no one passes through this corner of the grove, it is impossible to find here in this huge cave. Kim three large spider sitting in the back, a large spider walking silent, it's back with a layer of thin hair, gold three sitting, feel the slightest vibration. All the way forward, is actually very comfortable. Kim Sam looked at things inside the cave, there is nothing to fear big spider, so it is very brisk walk. But gold three different, who knows this cave to what kind of danger? Wide channel a person walking on the inside gives a feeling of empty hole, plus you may encounter danger at any time, so gold three also nervous feeling. Channel is very long, and in tens of meters away, began to appear either side of the two channels. Two channel looks are one hundred ten meters in length. Do not know what are the leading place. The only thing is Kim Sam some relaxation, as if here and there is no danger. This way, his soul enveloped around over one hundred meters range, did not find any creature. As he sat on a large spider. Big spider did not trigger any organ. Encounter two front channels Nanzuonvyou, gold three heart after dark Nianleyiju. Is selected on the left of the crossing point, carefully walked past. "Green Emperor rebirth" This channel obvious traces of a large spider walking regularly. Because gold three soul can clearly see that the ground spider walked scratches. So he was very wise choice on the left. The cave is really great, even if it is these fork, its height and width is 20 meters looks like. Such a big channel, gold three can imagine, when the activities of people in this place certainly a lot, for fear that Huang Chao sent a long operating here. One hundred ten meters of the channel, even if gold three make big spider shuffles along, did not spend much time can give finish it. After a little turned a corner, but it is Kim Sam suddenly froze in place click on. Empty, big, wide, some of the faint light through the cave, there is a golden three moments such a kind of feeling. Kim Sam even Tremblant Jacket suspect, that the ancients before these mountains is not trying to completely emptied. That huge space, but have been close to one hundred meters of height, length and width of 2,300 meters, but there is a way, just look at that huge space, give Kim Sam a very depressing feeling. Because this space like this mountain will collapse down any general. Should we do so, even if it is Kim Sam has nine lives, and certainly not enough. Because the relationship between light and gold three did not see the inside there is nothing to be able to hear a few tens of meters, the sound of water came surging, apparently connectivity of a cave underground river. But think of this mountain of water-rich, so an underground river is also normal. Behind the rolling hills, mountain landscape, most of them can not be blocked out by endless mountains mountains. This is to lower the water flow in the big mountains forming an underground river too easy. This place is like a gold thirty-one kinds dug that feeling, and the fact that it really is so afraid, to see what has been dug out of the huge space, gold three little toothache. So big a place, God knows those ancients how much time digging here. "Entertainment show" Kim Sam walked down the big spider, careful exploration around the side. "Pop!" Several more gently footsteps, but it is giving a very loud feeling. The ground is far from smooth gold three imagined, above some small gravel covered with dust, even if it is light-weight gold three kung fu walk on luck, but also a lot of dust from the storm, while on the ground, leaving only one shallow footprints. Huge space Central basically can not see any thing, so is Kim Sam walked along the edge, just over ten meters distance, the gold three stopped and there actually is a very flat Shimen. "Rushing Wow!" Golden three handy just shook, but it is not that Shimen actually very easy to pushed open, and in Shimen open at the moment, a soft light, but also from that little Among the sarcophagus through out. Let the whole sarcophagus simple gold three have some silent, a stone bed, a stone table, only this has been. Stone bed without any thing to be that stone table stood a few looks very beautiful stone, exudes a hint of light, the light among the sarcophagus, which is provided by a few stones. But gold three can be seen, this a few stones, most will be gems, it is not a glowing pearl, as to why the light, this also needs careful study. Since they do not know what to use, gold three will be disregarded, and in addition to these things, the sarcophagus may really clean up. Kim Sam make big spider stopped, an obvious small portal in depth cave not far. Gold three recovered consciousness, so bloodthirsty bloodthirsty shenmu rattan exudes atmosphere, pressing big spider, he himself went into the rotten wooden door which. Gold three open doors carefully, and went inside. Looked at only two meters high wooden doors, that big spider fan should not be able to enter this portal. Walked inside, found on the ground dust all over, seems to have no one comes a long way. But inside the furnishings, but lived like a man, which is a small sarcophagus, the front side of the cliff with a few tables and chairs to rot and bookcases, but there was also some of the saucer. As for the book should be placed above the bookcase, but now they only see a bunch of plaster. Kim Sam stepped forward, lifted the cup and saucer, see if there is any evidence used to live here is the reason why those things. Kim Sam picked up a cup, the cup firing very rough, a look that is folk secretly fired kilns, so shoddy something, not many survived, because no one will care about it, specifically to protect it, so they destroyed too quickly. Gold three launch time backtracking to watch in the end who is here pain free eggs, dug such a huge cave. Soon, Kim Sam mouth fell open to surprise. He saw what? A head tall gold sè apes, living here, they will use the tools and know how to work, most of the works in this cave, which is actually done. Just a gold three recognized them, those golden sè apes, which he boar and wolf Valley Ridge seen golden ape. After he got bloodthirsty vines, wolf valley golden ape had disappeared. Up to now, gold ternary find that among the mountain too many strange things. Kim Sam put down the cup, he observed four, and finally, in another fork being, once again found a room. This room is furnished jīng cause, which things did not actually covered with dust, which makes this sarcophagus, is everywhere apparent elegance. Wall Shochiku Merlin four gentlemen of the ink, but also well-preserved. Some pictures, the screen clean, Shochiku Merlin painted vivid, extraordinary pen force. Compared to other pieces of this piece are strange Plum, plum painting looked back, and sure enough gimmicks, behind actually have a dark cave. (To be continued.)
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