the reunion 

2009年09月27日(日) 13時39分

I met Chukyo Ice Hockey's members.

As usual they're friendly even our seniors.
It was my first time to talk with Mr. Yamada (the secondly lefte side)
He was too shy and wouldn't talk with girls when he was colledge student however thet time, I could to talk with him. It was a wonderful time

in Macau 

2009年09月13日(日) 16時09分
I went to Macau on my GW because I watched on TV which Ms Matsushita as a comedian 'Osero' traveled to Macau and I getting to go there.

It was hot day...

This is Mr. Zabiel's born.

we met Tomo's friend...and had sweets in Hong Kong.

I tried to Casino, but I couldn't win.

I moved 

2009年07月29日(水) 9時48分
I moved to Kita-ku.
My room doesn't connect internet. I can't up date with my picture. But soon I'll try to that.

we are frags! 

2009年05月12日(火) 4時57分
We make a gift for my friend's BD, and try to dance with strange hat

It's too HOT!! 

2009年05月11日(月) 21時48分
The short essay bout "what do you think accuracy and fluency when you try to develop student's positive atitude for communication in English in class?"

when we teach English in class, it is the most important thing that students have much confidence for communication. We have to make their atitude bring up possitively, even though they have some mistakes for grammer and they are not fluency.
In class, to develop studen's communication skill, we shouln't make student afraid to speak English and make them be ashame. We recoginaize their effort to try talking with someone, and we don't point out theri grammer mistakes and fluency a lot. If we do so, they feel fright to speak English and they can't talk a lot because they are too aware of the assinment.
In communication's class we need to get students to be fun. We get together AET and JET, and try to talk a lot with students in English. If they have some mistake and stop communicate, teach them so kindly. I make students have confidence to communication.

I was in red in this month 

2009年04月28日(火) 5時08分
In this month I paied for trip and buy a disital camera and suits case and some clothes I have to save money

ready to taravel 

2009年04月27日(月) 1時15分
I will go to Makao during Golden week For the travel I bought a digital camera and suit case today I'm looking foward to the travel, on the other hand, I'm afraid of swine influenza virus

I willl change my life. 

2009年04月26日(日) 13時30分
I have a examination for getting job a few month later
The following is my short essay. would you give me some comments.

[how can we make English reading class more communicative]

WE can make English class more communicative by teaching 4 skills; reading, speaking, listening, and writing, as much as possible. We should concentrate on these 4 skills.
For example, when we read some sentences, first, we make students listen to sentences on CDs, and ask question in English according to the sentences. If the student's level is not high enough, we hove to ask questions in Japanese. Secondly they read the sntences our loudly and check the meaning. During the practice we need to teach pronunciation and intonation. Finally for acquiring grammar and improving expression we will give cheets for practice. In addition we can provide biography and novels concerned with the sentences and topics.
For more communicative English classes, we sould teach not only reading but all f4 skills.

I’m not good at writing English and essay.. I feel like escaping from this situation

So, I'm going to buy a digital camera

I am counting days before my birthday 

2008年02月08日(金) 17時59分
Today was not lucky day... I coudn't engoy spending today I don't know why I couldn't feel good, but I confident I couldn't get very enthousiastic about today So, I went to home early and eat dinner I heard that my coworker got next job, but I already not. I am too insecurel about my future And also I wonder why he got next job so soon is it Japanese conection??


2008年02月01日(金) 4時25分

Today, I changed my Internetline it is comfortable to use interntebecause of HIKRI FIBER
By the way, I am soled on Mariah Carey's song, Hero. when I was junior high school student, I heard the song in English class but I didn't have any feelings. However now when I listen the song again after a long separation, I became to feel about the song's meaning and I'm touched by it.
"HERO lies in you"Why don't you enjoy KARAOKE with me
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