few months my hidden good have not dared to move around

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 16:38
Ouyang fitness had intended to spend a month at the beach the back but north of the army of martial law they did not know what the situation therefore only prolong it was not on board over the years. These years Liaoning political the ruined seaside poor many poor people the courage to take the risk did not take long Ouyang raised to four hundred people. Ouyang 6 war experience and waterborne suitable combination of training these people training, although strict but as long as these people have to eat them, they behave very positive. Pharmacists and Cao filial piety before next auxiliary increasingly think and Ouyang appropriate than Dengxianzhibei of. The end of all of a sudden the news: the Khitan emperor foreign crusades seven thousands of troops are Jurchen killing defeated the entire Great Liao shaken up the Liaodong way shocks Judah! The pharmacists and Cao Hyo heard this before have they still do not know Ouyang relationship so afraid of fitness and Jurchen Jurchen will hit southern Liaoning of fear. Will work together to see the immediate supervisor pharmacists said: "the Jurchen so the momentum I'm afraid the future will hit the Liaonan to maybe better to think of ways to withdraw it toward the south. Manpower to be able to live in the south to our boats now!" The Ouyang suitable for a laugh but not mean. Soon Liu Bypass came counterparts a messenger Chuan Yang Qi, then he does not rush back to gain a foothold, good rooted at the beach. Asked Ouyang appropriate maritime matters do how the ". Ouyang appropriate messengers said: "Tell Qi Liao South Island between nothing forces me tenable only money silver is not quite enough." That messenger Road: Seven general has account of our ministry the our military victory over Yanmenguan to, North of businessman trend as I went bee honey as possible if not enough money silver lent to business people in the first instance. specific matters can be entrusted Zhaolv Min Liu referral agency. "Ouyang applicable laughed:" youngest is a shrewdness this rancid The ideas also want! "In fact, Yang Ying Qi This is a stupid idea! Simply conform to people "move. Since two years glass house goods sold Liao many local businessmen have been aware of the existence of a Han Ministry forces. Fold Kazuhiko red things Ning Jiangzhou protection businessman Yang Ying Qi managed to to let Liu from and others make the Han the Ministry gained popular support in the North businessman businessman circles widely publicized. The merchants Jurchen barbaric this Liaojun defeated Han Ministry is very worried about this situation became their new hope Taobao Lynx Taobao Mall Taobao Women winter jacket www.taobar8. So long before the arrival of the messenger Yang Ying Qi Ouyang appropriate we received the request Zhao concept. Zhao Guanxi hope Taobao Women Lynx Taobao Mall, Taobao Women winter jacket www.taobar8 able to introduce several businessmen friends to Ouyang general understanding. Ouyang appropriate Liuli house in the hands of not only the the cargo capital more coveted political capital! Two days later, Zhao concept to seek them out and him up there Ouyang fitness has seen a Koryo drug dealers - fold Kazuhiko red wedding when he had come to the ceremony spot trade goods as a gift can be considered quite eye businesses. The time the Nuzhen and Han Ministry are also in the ascendant drug dealers name is Li phase Long road just to go test the waters planted a foreshadowing. The Golden Army smell victory over Lee Sang Long the smell feel that the northeast military and political structure will greatly changed quickly contact Han Ministry of the collar on Zhao concept of drug see hope Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx the winter jacket www.taobar8 made by Han Ministry Jurchen as own patron. The Northern Line the war Lee Sang Long dare light she besought Zhao concept to take him to see Ouyang appropriate. Lee Sang-Long presented two boxes of ginseng ship food curry favor with the Ouyang appropriate: "Ouyang generals to southern Liaoning But a few months from Liaodong to Korea sea thieves will be cleared for one. Visible Ouyang, General revered Suozhi." Fitness laugh Ouyang said: "You little chaos handful! few months my hidden good have not dared to move around pirates let the Khitan people know I'm here I also used to live it?" but his face wreathed in smiles, but it is still very good enough. Lee Sang Long face is not red smiles: General Ouyang adequate out of the kiosk will be town was sea a thousand miles a flat rather that more is great. "Ouyang fitness waved and said:" Do not get me these virtual text we came straight talk to see I wanted to ask me what's going on it? "Lee Sang Long Road: the Ouyang generals" just want to see the majesty no other. "visual Zhao concept Zhao concept busy chimed Road:" If we can get a piece of paper Ouyang General word was the interview that Lee Husband profited on overjoyed. "Lee Sang Long Road: that had profited wedding, although I have to but unfortunately there is no opportunity Qinling profited the teachings. returned to Korea after tossing and turning often cited as his life of regret." Ouyang fitness heart Road : "Ying Qi on Korea seems to be quite interested in this thing got to do!" sidewalk: "I look everywhere mess you Esen not run to meet my big brother thing will settle down to say, but I can not let you run or labor for a trip like this you send a few smart, competent, well-informed concept with Zhao went to see the seven generals if he agreed that you sent will contact centered in the Han Ministry Permanent Mission as how? " Lee Sang Long Zhao, Liu two and Han, cooperation with the Ministry knew much remorse he had no pre-and Han Department of establishing a similar relationship. Then listen to the Ouyang appropriate filed overjoyed again and again thanks. Ouyang fitness and concept Zhao said: "I'm here to buy boats forage directly from the Han village supply too much inconvenience want to apply to your home to borrow some money and grain." Zhao view: "where to put it on by my house from the Han village into colored glaze The product had never been broken tea book salt drug was only sent part. now my family also owed a lot of debt here. "Ouyang appropriate shook his head and said:" We do not mix a single a single normalized. Han Village To things still not wanting this time I was to borrow by you the number plus one percent interest in the future you will never regret about if your family is dysfunctional joint Liujia other businessmen raised by your name to the future Han Ministry of Qianliang place naturally according to interest rate return of the credit I wanted you to trust. "Zhao outlook busy:" Nature this General Ouyang, you do not come forward so that the Khitan people know we two will naturally Qianliang affairs properly when two years ago he in the Yang Ying Qi, Ouyang appropriate front there are a few rival attitude when they have been submissive dare not violate. Lee Sang Long listen Ouyang appropriate money thinking that this is a chance to curry favor with Chinese Ministry must not let go of it, said: "Korea I thinking of ways given to ensure Ouyang generals side Qianliang intact." Ouyang appropriate shook his head: "I'm here things few people know temporarily also do not want publicity. say fourth if not see Zhao concept the dough see also you have to to celebrate on the wedding of my eldest brother and I definitely will not let you know the stronghold of my Ministry . "Ouyang appropriate only Zhao, Liu, Ouyang three of several high-level know now prevent Liao soldiers to attack hidden in here quite secretive outsider. He Zhao, Liu two they know is to center the supply of money and grain. Lee Sang Long said: "General of the things villain must dare leak a half minutes! Everything running in the name of the villain Women's Canada Goose Constable Parka!." Ouyang applicable muses: "Well That being the case Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket, you and share my costs here two into how to make specific Liu seven to go into the details with you. remember just help my future there must be quoted. Zhao Li both in unison praised Ouyang appropriate to leave both of them to drink I Han grudges book The interest rates have remained% two drinks Liu and send them away. He met the the Yang Ying Qi messenger when pharmacists and Cao Hyo evaded see Zhao Guan Lee Sang Long made two same seats. During the meeting Canada Goose Palliser Cheap, high Tsao dare a word, but a few words but hear clearly until then the two people know the origins of Ouyang fitness is bigger than you think! The head is actually Daikin General Megatron northeast is the last two years! Remembered that he remembered he practiced military judge unto skills hearts awe emboldened to spend money like water. Zhao concept of the four or five years ago, Ouyang fitness was a teenager, Lee Sang Long have is the tyrannical party even high pharmacist in his eyes, be regarded as a personal matter. Now looking at these people in front of their own, all of them instill obedience hearts is fun. : "Sooner or later I want to within sight of the sea awe Ouyang appropriate three words!"
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