we want to really let the day the door will disappear

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 10:59
Zheng wind and Chen hear Han Xiaoyu discourse, two pairs of eyes open wide, mouth Zhang big enough to plug a duck, his face filled with shock, filled with incredible, not to say that since the days of the door will will perish, they are smart people, I can see the opponents Ping Jiating definitely not ye stars, but they are shocked at the the CIEL clubs have forces throughout the Golden Triangle region CIEL will? That was the warlord chaos, who are all CIEL will? This ... how is this possible? Could it be that in the leaves and stars disappear within six months, you do these things you? See two surprised expression, Han Xiaoyu was very satisfied nodded Although the Golden Triangle the Truman and evening dragon to help the forces, but they are also clings to the edge of the CIEL will say that there is CIEL will The site is not cheating. Two presumably do not know one thing, the day the door will, ye stars eyeliner, and the status of this eyeliner definitely not low, I guess, those who seize last night, and now has been ye stars to rescued! "ranging from the two recovered from the shock, Han Xiaoyu spoke, but he still did not say a word, is that he send someone to kill ye stars of things, and now are also did not return a message, indicating that mafia guys certainly have died in the hands of the leaves and stars, there is no need to emphasize that. "What? Within the ghost? Canada Goose Lodge...... You so you know?" Chen Chi said in disbelief. "Oh, I just guess!" Han Xiaoyu smiled slightly, although he guessed within the ghosts, but it can not determine which one. "Guess? That Hanxiong and how I believe we are not within the ghost?" Chen Chi was asked, puzzled Canada Goose Trillium Parka Outlet. "If they are to within a ghost, and surely will not be together at the end of the meeting to discuss how to find another way out after the day the door will perish?" Han Xiaoyu was a faint smile, a pair of original lazy eye was shot dazzling naked, see Chen Zheng wind its cold sweat fly from him, how did he know? "The two do not be surprised if Mr. Han even it eyesight, they do not in this trail mix, the situation today, I think as long as it is a head so that people can tell the day the door will be a spent force, fundamental CIEL will not be the opponent, even if Ping Jiating old fox really find what background Canada Goose Elijah Outlet, but the use of it, we are all smart people do not need to accompany Ping Jiating to die together? last night's action , two presumably also send people to participate in, ye stars is an important friend and brother who, last night seemed to die a lot of people, do you think he will let you what? So, Jia Rulei door, is the best way Today, only Kaminarimon to exterminate CIEL will enjoy a lifetime of wealth and status, to two! "Han Xiaoyu smiled slightly, full discourse to confuse. Zheng the wind and Chen its mutual silent for a moment, while nodded his head in the know of the powerful forces of CIEL will, it seems, this is their best option. See two men nodded Han Xiaoyu's face once again bursting out with a faint smile, gently spit a smoke ring, this light, said: "Since the two agreed that I'll take two went to see a person "Who?" Zheng-wind and Chen Chi at the same time opening asked. "The Miss Lei Jiada and Lei Tingting!" Han Xiaoyu faint Then Zheng wind and Chen Chi is looking for a change ... Shining Star, Luo Jian Yang and Han Qiang save back, ye stars turn two sent medical convalescence, he remained in the shining star, mercilessly slept, in this sense, direct sleep seven p.m. him up, hastily eaten dinner, took库夫卡斯基 and Zhang Wei-wen, TANG Ye Jian came shining star in the basement. As the headquarters of the CIEL will now shining star is no longer open for business, all the shining star of the elite forces stationed inside the basement, are ye stars transformed into a great training ground, the area much more than a thousand square meters in the basement, were filled with a dense mass of people, everyone dressed in black will CIEL clubs to develop the service, the position of the collar embroidered with a silver star, everyone back carrying a three feet long machete, the hands of everyone who holds a dark submachine gun, everyone who strapped explosives to everyone's eyes, filled with a farewell look, they are know, tonight's a war, and dangerous, so many people to be able to see tomorrow the sun may not be a few, but they do not have a slightest Ju Yi, and more without the slightest regret for CIEL will be dedicated to them honor, this is the kind of faith, one full of belief in heaven and earth ... see the whole body is full of the intention to kill everyone, ye stars nodded with satisfaction, this is the most elite troops in his hands, this is his hands most powerful force, which has not a bunch of only mentioning the knife grappling bully, this is a group of elite and special forces of resistance level. "Brothers, are you ready?" See a gaze firm eyes, ye stars spoke directly. "Ready!" The audience five hundred people at the same time Houchu, the roar vibration entire basement, as if thunderings, either around the walls of steel reinforcement, the entire building may have to be 被震 collapse. "Very good, very good, this is my CIEL will Kenjiro are brothers, tonight, in the final battle of the static mirage, tonight, we want to really let the day the door will disappear from this world, you able to do it? "ye stars, nodded with satisfaction, but also spoke and said, not loud, but clear pass into the ears of everyone. "... All they at the same time to blast out a huge roar let 库夫卡斯基 binaural also a burst of Mongolia, Zhang Wei Wen and Tang Kin, Anthony, had already used his hands to his ears, they can not withstand such destruction . "Dominate Jinghai, CIEL Quartet, brothers, out!" Ye stars feel the intense war everyone scattered body, did not say anything directly issued a command, he got the news from Zhao desert that has been Tianmen will tonight CIEL moving offensive, and he finally decided to spend the last weapons to kill Tianmenhui at all costs, even if so attracted on top of the storm, and he did not want that thing last night, and then on He wants to use their own strength to tell everyone, him, ye stars, not the slaughter of the cattle and sheep, and even the country, nor can influence his fate, more can not be given the life and death of his brother, the whole CIEL will be as a rising stars, thrown off the surface layer of the veil in tonight thorough shine Quartet ...
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