Heterogeneous play ~ field group brush strange Knight  

March 31 [Wed], 2010, 16:52
I am a fifth arrondissement of winter and Spring Valley players, always insist on treating natural routes, but recently for copy abhorrence resolutely embarked on the field brush strange way · · · is a copy of the source of gold coins, to keep the family (a stack of trumpet), had started in the field of road, brush up on the revenue.

  First of all to introduce myself: talent: deep protection, treatment was not interrupted.

  Equipment: a treatment plates (I only have this equiped · · ·) weapon: one handed weapons by injury.

  Perhaps we will be very strange, why am I a Knight to wearing treatment equipment with defensive talent in the wild brush blame? in contrast to the treatment and protection, perhaps you will understand. (I've been playing with the treatment of native wild weird) 1, numerical method of injury: treatment of talent, for an additional method of injury numerical addition from the intelligence and the numeric only poor District 20 per cent. Protection, the law of the injured from endurance, as high as 30%.

  Observant players may will see a huge wow gold difference between a normal player, intellectual value generally do not exceed your stamina, or both phases are more or less the same, we go to the foot of the gap of some 100 point of injury.

  For example, with treatment plates used in the treatment of talent, only 900 of the injury, with protection, you can have more than 1000 + of the method.

  The original 1800 of Saint Flash can achieve 2100, light operation can also be reached 6000 +.

  2. treatment of critical bonus: treatment of talented Knights are aware, the law only 150% of the critical injuries. 2000-Saint Flash critical, can only achieve around 3000.

  However, in the protection, treatment of critical additional 30% bonus gifts, devotion aura, treatment with extra bonus (talent points out), protection of critical almost achieved double the critical effects.

  I am a 2100 of Saint, in the critical, is 4200 outcomes. (Already passed through the field test ~) 3, attacks: treatment of talent in the trial after the shock to drive off, you can only give extra flat cut. And defense talent has hammer of Justice, reverse wound shield, and so on extra damage means, a series of skills, skills have cooling and you are ready for the next series of concatenate.

  In this continuous combat, group of strange brush wild, three talent in the fastest. Retribution for a strange (15 or so) and is not appropriate, injury means single, sacred storm there side up to 4 monster, punishment Knight's recovery instruments were also relatively backward (because partial physical damage, numerical low by injury).

  4. back to blue: three gifts are very dependent on Mana, this is the Knight of a sad, but the Group of the brush-protection of blue efficiency is highest! best wishes and back injury in asylum of the shield, you can let the Knight in a very short time, recovery up to 16 per cent of maximum power, and every 8 seconds. More than four-point range, no worries! is defensive talent method field group hurt the Knights brush advantage, if any of your friends can add QQ19869178, we explore.

  Finally the Sun today about an hour of income: 8 pieces green (benfu enchant workers 5-10 Gold collection equipment), card retaliation, cloth n (I have a tailor trumpet, trumpet and a enchant · · · · · · ·) have taken one hour salesman, also have hundreds of cheap wow gold .

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