Barcelona team actually grasp the essentials

November 16 [Sat], 2013, 16:01
Action figures still did not have that respect, looks better than fifa11 convergence point, not the kind of throw open the doors, put in more delicate and soft, as compared to the kind of live 2012 do much better. In defense, sliding quite serious, after all still a little hockey sense, smug, the lack of solid sense, this is the live 8,9 do have to say is good, but the live 2012 skating to mention it, just in a world of ice field.Finally, the reminder : no uninstall fifa11, direct mounting demo.Handle the problem directly in the game folder thrown into a 360 controller analog patch on it.Caton problem, graphics card driver upgrade, the vertical sync open (gamesetting).

As configured not good to say, my amdX3 440 plus wow gold 1g, 1900X1080 maximum effect, anti-aliasing X4, that is not the card .Recently seen many friends that legendary difficulty in Barcelona how the universe, how powerful, how not guard how coquettish moves, how it is controlled Cosmos have tears cow sounded, how they are kept Barcelona injective N times.

In fact, to defend Barcelona team actually grasp the essentials and LB switch players defensive moves and possession of the ball you're Cosmos! You are the master of the game!So agony brother in the eye in the case of this shortcoming video recording.Because brother 's computer when recording video in the game, then select 60 cards meal meal would be, 30 and skipping severe shaking was not,the final choice of 50 recording barely able to adhere to the game after playing.