Although I do not know why schools

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( ) Chapter 392 wait any longer night frost is gone, but she did not return Shura Road , but told Liu Yi , she 'll be back , but will try to make Liu Yi fall in love with yourself. Anyway, the night frost finally dead haunt Liu Yi , nor does he care about the woman shouting Hansha , which made Liu Yi much relieved. The next day , the Qing North University also pan fried . School area near the hospital with a typhoon , like, simply appalling even hospital buildings are missing a corner , no one knows how it is, even above also set up a special investigation team to investigate , and finally also failed to investigate out what . Meanwhile, the school 's flagpole was hanging corpse, head and body are parted , or a Russian one time throughout the school panic , I thought haunted , various rumors . Although I do not know why schools everywhere pit , but the identity of the person touches the Russian investigation out soon . Bohle should Sharansky , the famous killer, code polar bear , who carrying a lot of lives this famous killer, but I do not know why the dead in the clearing among North University , also were hanged for public display the message through the press and various media carrier, a time to spread to the whole world go to. A man saw this news online , suddenly hangs mouth slightly smiles . " Polar bear killed ? Interestingly , it seems that this task is worth I'll pick up ." He did not hurry to the next task , but to cook yourself a cup of coffee , and then I called out. "Hallelujah you find what I do want to open up to come finally confess ? " Phone there sounded a joking voice. " If I want to repent , you probably already this pseudo- priest the hell up ." " Talk nonsense , why come to me ? " "I have a task, you have no interest together ? " " No kidding , I long to wash its hands of the "" Oh, Stop it , when the days of the first list , how can you say it did not quit . " " I have not the day the first list , and now the sky is the list first you , rain , " there's people Staveley and said," I now serve God wholeheartedly about daily prayer , give newcomers hosted a wedding or something, just fine . " " Oh ? are you sure about this ? this task indeed it is very interesting that you like the challenge of hunting is not the most exciting thing that? " " interesting ? how interesting law ? ' "before the next task of the polar bear has been cut neck beheaded , have you , do you want to challenge about it ? " " When I work, I contact you . " then , there hang up the phone. Rain sitting in front of the computer , drink a coffee , more leisurely up . Behind him a bookshelf above is not stocked with books , but a row of being frozen out of the skull . "Little brother, I want to eat apples chess " King Lele lying in bed , the name of bottle, some weak weak to Liu Yi said. "Ah, I'll get ." Liu Yi from the side and pulled out a fruit basket Fuji, and handed Wang Lele . Wang Lele recovering from illness , still in recovery, Liu Yi and Murong butterflies every day by her side . This Murong butterflies these days did not how a good rest , which lie next to the bed, sleep is sweet. So Liu Yi softly , lest the Murong butterfly awakened. "That ," Wang Lele pursed mouth , 'I want to eat unpeeled Well "" Well , to give you peeled . " Liu Yi could not help the king Lele nose gently scrape a bit , then pick up the fruit knife, cut to help Wang Lele Apple . While Xiaoping Guo , Liu Yi while preoccupied. Night frost that woman does not know when Shura God will come , do not know that she can no longer care for their women to start with. This woman is too overbearing and unscrupulous , it is not good pondering. Meanwhile themselves the Russians beheaded , do not know can be somewhat awe -day standings people these days anyway Chi Yi Wei who did not relax Dunshou secret , it seems there is nothing suspicious people approaching here. Liu Yi hope next rì child can safely, smoothly . Lin North Face Nuptse Down Clearance Tong seems they know , joined the repair Once upon after vindicated rì often told himself say goodbye it. "Little chess brother ? Small chess brother" Wang Lele Lianhan a few times, Liu Yi That woke up from a cranky middle . "How, Lele ? " "Little chess brother , what are you thinking ? " "No, ah ," " said no , you see, you cut the apple " Liu Yi looked down , boy, it 's only apple cut yourself leaving a stone of the " Keke that what I give you to re- cut a ." said Liu Yi put the stone thrown into the trash, picked up an apple to . Alas, shameful waste ah "little chess brother what he is thinking ? " King Lele could not help but asked curiously. "Where thought nothing " " Lele is also telling what the girls do not want to ? " King Lele blinked her eyes , asked. "Which , how Lele do not talk nonsense ," I do not know things like night frost count , that it should not overbearing woman Murong butterfly and her than it is simply far worse ah , it should Canada Goose Women's Hybridge Lite be that the gap between the Queen and the Princess of the " hee hee , even thought it does not matter , Lele not jealous ." Wang Yi Liu Lele suddenly blinked , " like a little brother so good chess boys , girls around certainly not less ah , we can give Lele leave a position on the line . " Wang Lele did not know was joking or what, began. Liu Yi suddenly startled , almost poking a fruit knife in his fingers . " Lele , do nonsense ah " "Where there is nonsense anyway, ah I despise other boys , accompanied on the first thing hee hee small chess brother , little brother will not hold anything against Lele chess too stupid and too annoying , right ? "King Lele seemingly always been outspoken , she openly said it , it touches on so that Liu Yi flustered up . Liu Yi hastened to open the goodwill of the eye, saw a king Lele . This look does not matter , almost jumped . Friendly : 98 Le me go , when to have such a high value of these two figures again , directly jumped into love , ah in the end is what kind of things , so that the relationship between two people as a qualitative leap ? Words of love, words can not just enter lovemaking Mody ? Austrian times , what they thought , " but the doctor and I said to my brother had not the little chess timely, I'm afraid I could well be firing a fool ah From then on, I Outlet North Face vowed to follow little about the chess brother . " Wang Lele lying in bed, face slightly some redness , seems to be taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep Murong butterfly , big bang for Liu Yi said. "Little Yi brother , hear me say that, would not feel scared ah feel no shame Lele is not shy girl " King Lele see Liu Yi has said nothing , and some asked, worried . " How could it, fool ." Liu Yi rushed to comfort the king Lele , "Do not sell ourselves short , and you are in me location is also very important ." " Hee hee that is best small chess brother , feeding people to eat apples Well ," said with, Wang Lele like a baby . "Well ." Liu Yi cut an apple, pinching with your fingers , and handed Wang Lele . Wang Lele mouth bite the apple , it seems that action big point, does not care to Liu Yi fingers also included in his mouth. Wang Lele blinked , his mouth Liu Yi fingers, looked at him . That way, they have to be more attractive, how tempting Liu Yi seems to feel the rise of the lower body appearance , quickly put your finger from the king 's mouth Lele pulled out . "Little Yi brother , why are you blushing ah ? " "Too hot " , " hot ah ward where air conditioning is not it ." Wang Lele strange. Mom eggs, silly girl , really seek death if she had not recovered from the body is weak , really want to eat directly on the bed looking at her lying in bed, wearing only a hospital gown Lele Wang , Liu Yi on the tolerance could not swallow swallow . This gown was some small thing to wear on the body of the king Lele , chest position is stays high, buttons on both sides of the clothes are a little separated, Liu Yi and even a few buttons from the cracks in the king saw that white creamy Lele Amitabha, sin sin "little brother that that chess " King Lele ate half apple, suddenly some tweaking looked Liu Yi . "How ? " "I, I go to the bathroom ," " ah ? " Liu Yi saw a bottle, there are half a bottle . "Re Renren , bottle hit over there ." "Whining endure for a long time ," Wang Lele thighs clamped together , rubbing back and forth , "fast wait any longer, " "This I take you to wake Kocho "" Do not die Kocho sister finally sleep for a while I do not want to wake her friends, " Wang Lele little flushed , do not know is because of shyness , or because Bieniao Bie . "That's how to do" " the little chess brother, you go with me ," "Ha ? " Liu Yi almost silly, send Wang Lele toilet This is indeed a good task ah "This is , okay ? " "Nothing 's Well well here is a small hospital chess brother I really want to wait any longer, " " Ok , I'll show you . " Liu Yi was no way he crouched beside the bed, " Come, lie come on , " Wang Lele recovering from illness , body bone very weak , but holding back an estimated what it will be very easy to walk , simply carrying good to go . " Ah you know the best of the small chess brother " Wang Yi Liu Lele lying on the body , suddenly, the pressure in the soft peaks above the back of Liu Yi , Liu Yi even feel a two projections mother Wang Lele chest smaller it would not really alone Better Lele Lele Lele as king "little chess brother a little faster ," Wang Lele urged. Liu Yi no alternative but to hold a hand on the back of the soft crisp king Lele hip , one hand raised Wang Lele bottle, then happiness and difficult walked toward the bathroom . And went to the door , I heard the whisper Murong butterfly dream . "Liu Yi bastard kill you " sweat me how so miserable ah
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