in my mind you I was very proud

September 18 [Wed], 2013, 18:18
" New Year's Day , your grandfather 's secretary gave me a call and let me put your winter vacation time to send my brother and sister used to live for some time. ( Read the novel to the vertex novel network ) " Although it is not pretending to say SHEN care, but to hear this news, my heart just like a sudden it into the ice , like tens of degrees below zero , the kind of biting cold cold chills own . But SHEN is suddenly laughed , " style big enough , my mother how to say ? " But do not indulge in such talk , I saw SHEN snapped gave myself a mouth son , "Well, this story I did not count well, Dad you do not answer , I do not know how you say Dad , look at your dad meant to be fiercely rejected , can not know what the reason . " listening to their son was very bland tone , as well as any change in their feelings do not come out of the psychological, intoxicated even have some doubts in the end he was nervous too coarse or that he really can not put this thing to heart , "I played a few times phone , but have been rejected , and I know even if I 'm afraid to go hard with you they will not let you into the door . fair to say I have some can not accept this fact, but I have no way to change , small waves , you will do not think I'm a wimp , in fact, these days my heart has always been in have this feeling, I'm sorry your father had a feeling . " SHEN shook his head, " Dad, I think you are so there is no remorse the slightest reason , in my mind you I was very proud of you , you alone hold up to such a big family has to be very difficult , for you all these years we gave up a lot of opportunities , which I also look in the eye , and I understand your father . " intoxicated at this time has also been speechless, man to give up hope , such as iron , because grieved , and today his son turned up to enlighten yourself this father , speaking his father do this really is not an ordinary one fails. Thought for a moment , SHEN still went to the front of his safe , do not know from that place out of touch a key , in that the password above twisting a few times, then twist the key and I heard a very dull sound , safe door slowly opened, SHEN took out a small key , opened the inner door , from the inside out, two bank cards. "What is this ? " Indulge some gas laughed and said: " how you are ready to begin the palm house , now you I pay me yet ? " "Thousands have Allmart as they have , at least up to the people's farm at no obsequious , and fill the scene or, to say that we are pro- father , unlike so many others worse layer , but also care about what you and me . " the two bank cards into his father's hand inside , " a two hundred thousand , a five hundred thousand , the father you first took it, " " excluded , small waves , it seems that I really do not see through you, I say you in the end is not my son ? " " If Dad do not worry if you go test test do not know yet ? " SHEN somewhat jokingly , said: " If the place is really nothing spending , Dad gave grandparents they buy something back it up , whatever the outcome is the capital city , it seems there is only this year My dad you can return home New Year , I feel some deserted it , " his son two people talking in the room for a very , very long period of time , until getting dark inside the house fast sight, intoxicated just came out, the hemp foot long been positive and Shen Shen nan wanted to run two people can not run , and was intoxicated to the arrest of the one behind. You want to fill it looked rushed two children, indulge one 's grabbed two of them , and shut the door after pulling them directly on the two arrived at his room inside . Looked a little bleak , said: "You two have heard ? Originally, I would like to wait and see , but you know is good ." "Dad, why is this in the end ? Why do so, and to throw his brother alone out, I do not understand what is the reason ? I'm going to see my brother , my brother is now the mood is certainly quite good, even we do brother and sister listened to feel very uncomfortable, not to mention that he himself does . " Shen nan wearer rid of , but did not indulge hands down. "Come back ." Intoxicated voices hoarse , may also be because the afternoon when not smoke too much sake, "Let the little waves good to be quiet , and now do not bother him, although he showed was very calm, but I can feel out his inner struggle . " " actually speaking , what are you most three children which made ​​me feel assured that small waves , he is more calm than the two of you are more mature , but do not know what it was like in a the reason, he always performs very silent, very lonely , even when my father are not to be what the reason . " Shen positive thought for a moment , a little look a gift horse , said: " Dad , it will not be because of my mother sake ? " which erupted not only indulge a bit surprised , even next to Shen nan is surprised to see his brother , and later still intoxicated opening , said: " We should not , even you do not know your mother's situation, he is how know , say your grandfather and grandmother told him they would not have this thing . " " But . " Shen being looked at his sister , a bite , said:" but I know he has a mother's picture, I also see him late at night to steal secretly watching photos, meditation for a long period of time , that when I say a little one-sided , but the small waves is denied , Dad and sister, the two of you know , Konami 's room without his permission generally is not allowing people to close, as well as that of his safe keys in our house who " Shen nan Resentment over there looking at his brother , watching the Shen is also filled owed ​​, this either to now this time he was definitely put this on the bottom of my heart as a secret . I saw Shen Nan tall lifts his foot , Shen is although you can get out , but just put his head a turn, a bitter bite . "Well, you two do not trouble, to accompany a good two days to accompany his brother ." SHEN lonely sitting in the corner position inside, two hands deep in her hair , the hearts of puzzled, anger , upset, emotional suffering depression , etc. all of a sudden have swarmed the heart , inadvertently lengthy strands of hair fell down , and the faint traces of blood also stayed along the mouth slowly . At this moment, though SHEN 's mind there is a trace level you want to settle down his own thoughts , but this time his mind has been completely out of control , wait a few years of loneliness and expectations , and sent the final layer of the windows paper directly to the people when he was thrust out, no matter how mature even SHEN matter how strong , but he is also in this area , after all, only a child 's psychological . Suddenly, SHEN felt his whole body writhed some signs of blood , his head began to trance , usually hidden in the heart of some of the scenes have begun protruding in front of their own flashed out. And this time the sweet potatoes have been lying on the floor and potatoes seemed to feel out what , as are slowly straightened his body , and then went SHEN 's side, with the head of a head, with claws claws . If SHEN master now in the side , then certainly to understand some of the little guy obsessed , nerves have begun to become somewhat normal , If we hurry , then we will definitely save some , if then at night for some time , I am afraid it really no Huitianzhili . At this time , I saw SHEN left hand as if suddenly furious , like branching off a burst of light flashed , the whole hand is wrapped inside, flame and red to yellow , and from yellow to blue , and finally and blue to red and back again , but with the light color changes , light is gradually narrowing , and finally the rest of the grain size . And SHEN mutation occurred in their own hands when they are between the head becomes suddenly wake up some slack and some curious to see changes in their own hands , knowing that the last time the light disappeared , facing Dhammakaya glass lighting, SHEN they clearly see the location of their palm vaguely flashed a Hongzhi . Etc. SHEN re- done after the whole process back to thinking about things , could not help being behind wet sweat to collapse , if not his palm mutation appears , then, by the circumstances of their own time to develop, afraid that they remain unchanged dementia will become a fool , that would be the results you want it ? In that case his father and brother and sister will be a feeling of what it looks like , and his grandfather and grandmother what will happen ? I kept thinking , SHEN and suddenly felt a burst of joy, could not help his palm again to stretch out blankly a moment , and then said to himself : " blessing in disguise blessing in disguise yourselves today there is such an opportunity does not mean that there is such a blessing after . " I kept thinking, SHEN help stood up , went to the bedside of the position , open the window a slightest gap , cold wind sailed over, SHEN could not help a shiver . SHEN this time only to find themselves basically have upper and lower body soaked , but he did not notice nothing , thought here SHEN quickly put the window to shut. Went above his chair , opened the drawer and pulls out a box from the inside unopened cigarette lighter to give yourself to find a point , and a bitter taste to go immediately fills the whole mouth , but fortunately he is not first cigarette , before they also secretly smoked two . But after two suck , SHEN only to find his room but it is simply not an ashtray to his room many are books of literature , there is no suitable material as ashtrays , thought for a moment , SHEN quietly opened the door upon her cigarette holder , Yet when he had just opened the door , they saw long been standing in the doorway of his father , and his brother and sister also have the slightest room door lights revealed out. Dad is a look of surprise looking at myself, loving voice also carries with depression , said: "how do you smoke cigarettes opened up ." Then, one gave robbed over . SHEN scratched his head , "I feel that some hold , then came up with an ashtray came , you did not wanted to be caught Dad ." Said late on after Dad smiled, "Do not worry Dad, I okay , again not the first time the draw , before taking advantage of the time you do not pay attention took two . " " You boy ah " intoxicated looked at his son's look , as well as listen to his voice and tone , knew he had survived the period of the most uncomfortable time , although the heart may also need some time to rest up, but he knows he has been out of the way , thought for a moment , looked around intoxicated , the soot bomb not far from the ashtray inside, they arrived and gave SHEN cigarette , " cut down a little bit older this thing on your own brother and sister are also no good ." SHEN took ashtrays, revealing the slightest peep of a light two room door, slightly laughed, cigarette stubbed out in the ashtray inside, but readily put ashtrays into his room inside . "Dad, I Canada Goose Men's Westmount Parka take a bath, just stuffy inside the house for some time , who are all Canada Goose Alberta Vest sweat , you and your brothers and sisters to bed earlier these days , right Dad you did not properly rested ." This time, Shen and Shen nan 's room is also opened , two people are dressed in pajamas, smiling walked over, four people tightly hug , Shen Shen nan was there two people a brother who started to feel it all are wet, without a dry place , but this time SHEN also loosened the embrace , laughing went to the toilet . Looked into the bathroom SHEN , Shen and Shen Nan are two people one hand , the hands are wet perspiration, two people are looking to his father, " how could a brother so much sweat ? Like just fished from the water inside the same . " intoxicated face painful watching the direction of the bathroom , " small waves are a people never give vent to his feelings , his pain , it was only one person he knew , but he is also a strong , well , you also break it, " said late after intoxicated look lonely went into his room. Throughout a night time , possibly out of SHEN , the other three people no one to sleep well, three of them went SHEN individual turns of the door, and even the location of the bed to see if he will have other What unexpected circumstances , but this evening is especially strange , SHEN actually did not like the past as tightly closed door of his house . Morning four o'clock, SHEN always Canada Goose Men's Ontario go workout until he walked out of the house, intoxicated, Shen Shen Nan three people being there for each other laughing up, Shen and Shen Nan are two basically wide open at this time do not open their eyes , it is entirely relying on their feelings Moxiang own bed , even the cover is already forgotten , but fortunately Chenzui finally helped them one . SHEN morning came back after it 's no exception to the usual wake them up .
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