Fashion forward: clothing temperament, to reflect the "constitution"?

March 14 [Thu], 2013, 13:06

Fashion forward: clothing temperament, to reflect the "constitution"?

Smooth and slick sanguine

Comes sanguine, the brains of most people think he / she must be smooth and slick "socialite". Yes, they are very warm and energetic suitable for brightly colored and patterned printing equipment. Diane von Furstenberg false quarterly series, let arbitrary sway filled with Burberry Womens Causual Shirts island-style printing element. Whether it is palm green, sea blue, cotton can always come in handy a variety of fresh and bright colors, the degree of Tory Burch pretend you let the gorgeous blossoming and blooming summer flowers in full bloom in the cotton skirt elegant, dazzling under the sun abnormal, vibrant, never fade.

The Burberry Prosum2012 the spring and summer men like the sanguine boys Declaration of Independence, bold prints and collage collision color, people feel a dressing attitude no doubt. The Prada boys overhangs so, as has just returned from a the grass party or the Burberry outlet golf tournament, vibrant and modern dynamic, unlike printing synthetic fabrics kind of people feel bad frivolous air, only natural fibers of cotton to wear clothing real sanguine tide refined luxury taste and unique style.