Inter Milan serie a bruised face family

November 30 [Sat], 2013, 12:37
Allianz staged some exterminating Pandev an interview with special arrangements on inter's official website, referring to the drawing of lots, he is clearly willing to go lucky again to Germany, "I'd like to pick another Germany team hope Schalke. Of course, other teams are scared of us, inter will not fear any opponent. "Pandev added confidence," claimed the Triple Crown again? Although I know it's hard, but inter are going all out, we believe we can achieve! "Pandev ideas also include Italy famous presenters Bonoris, he said:" I want Inter Milan drew Schalke. Tottenham Hotspur and miner's young players are very scary, Real Madrid is also good. If Inter Milan to Barcelona, it was the worst result and difficult than the encounter between Manchester United and Chelsea. "ETO ' o said:" Barcelona is Real Madrid? I don't care about playing against whom. "Very simply but Moratti said UEFA would put Inter Milan meets the Barca, then he's also expressed his willingness to meet Jose Mourinho, when asked about that possibility, when Moratti said:" I really don't want to face the competition, although the football that would be very interesting, but we all know it's hard. "As far as Inter Milan will meet which team, Moratti said he did not know," always hits a certain team, but I don't want to say in advance to meet an opponent will be more relaxed, because it may hurt the opponent. ”

"We are the best, but we will still insist on hard work, it's like playing against Bayern Munich. After the announcement of the ballot results, Inter Milan's opponent in the final will prepare their own one-fourth, but it's hard to say who is to know whoever is selected would be worse or better than real Madrid Barcelona. "The Lucio said. Indeed, after the magically eliminated Bayern, inter again became that people once feared team last season, when inter were keen to avoid Real Madrid while Barca, other teams are also looking forward to steer clear of Inter nike air max 90 3 consecutive Champions Cup doesn't score, did everything not to break in the first round, the Director reversed, inter's colors this season, Samuel ETO ' o more than Benitez, and Leonardo DiCaprio. A manner of saying, both of whom are around him and rely on him to build team and treated the game. Have to talk about this is the difference between he and Ibouroi, the Gazzetta dello Sport says Carando commented, "opponents saw Samuel ETO ' o, was nervous. See Ibouroi, Lucky Flower ". The quote Samuel ETO ' o game reviews, "MOM, I can't see that black players, only to see a bunch of shadows across the and scores. "Leonardo is right," at this stage, footballers are the most in the world's top strikers. Gomez also entered the 8 ball this season to the point in my career, but he and Samuel ETO ' o there are gaps between. "Side-by-side 8-ball, Samuel ETO ' o and Lionel Messi in the top 8, has been behind Gomez.

Inter Milan serie a bruised face family Annihilators of tight encirclement, its significance by Samuel ETO ' o set out the most appropriate. Not Italy, and now surpass Italy who he Apennine football Savior, against a foreign enemy's weapon. Samuel ETO ' o reaffirmed the aspiration of one day letter to rice coach said after the Italy fans, warm heart, "thank you, first of all, I would like to thank Italy, accept my thanks here. I signed up for a few days, telling those around where I Apennine is a strange view towards people of color. All I can say is that I take pride in defending this country. When we stepped on the Champions League stage, I represent are Inter Milan, is Italy. When we win continental honours, and was pleased not only Inter Milan fans, but all Italy people. Because winning was Italy football, I am honored. I'm very happy to effectiveness in this League, I'm willing to kick in this. "Whether it is the truth, at least for relaxation, his writings do Kung Fu, so sweet, unlike Ibouroi" do not want to stay in a long-term, multiple walk to de-emphasize the "attitude and gives a loose sense of insecurity. A super player for Italy with such emotion, is a broken-down Apennine blessing.
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