airflow fury and rage

May 21 [Tue], 2013, 15:11
Crack to dragon's eye pupil suddenly enlarged several times, is full of horror God s è, want to escape, but found out that, the body can not move a very small amount! Nangong if head, a gold s è fingers slowly suspended out, numerous gold s è light fell down, the terrible smell, it is coming from the finger! At this moment, cleft to dragon afraid, live for thousands of years, following the bloodthirsty beast side, this is the first time so afraid. Even the original seal was the time, he never so afraid! "This R ì is over all the time!" Nangong if indifferent said, God of war to his finger, only three roots, before with bloodthirsty beast wasting a root. Now lost a, his registration cards, only one, with the increase of Nangong fix, if encounter the enemy is also more and more powerful. Gold finger will become his life insurance means, but with a little time, so he cannot but not to, also do not want to use. This time if not crack to dragon too powerful, have no alternative against one's will, he will never do such a. Is old strange and Dan Johnson is also very surprised, looking at the sudden change, but the old man wept bitterly. In a moment, and his lips trembling, Zheng Zheng Leng is over there. At the same time, Xie Yiran, just entered into the space, have not had time to catch herself,Nike Air Jordan 3, we feel a heavy if Taishan huge pressure coming. Could not help but is stuffy to hum a, immediately fell on the ground,Nike Air Jordan 14, his struggling with. The air, the gold s è fingers off slowly, gradually enlarged apart, surprisingly, originally connected to the crack to dragon body blood s è band, also in this moment, quietly. Like never before, cleft to Dragon s è big change, the blood s è Guanghua, is thousands of miles away from the bloodthirsty beast, with supreme powers, to his blood pool of perfusion. Just eaten Nangong if a gold finger bloodthirsty beast, nature is forget the horrible smell, make a prompt decision, to recover the blood pool force. Of course, also sent a source of strength to dragon crack, crack to dragon foot be confound at, originally thought he cut off all means of retreat, even the source of power is lost, and what is to resist? Fear, cleft to dragon immediately into the huge dragon, stretching to Baizhang length, flying volley, but seem to be some s è Li in perilla. Consider, the air that a soaring to more than 10 feet length of the huge gold s è fingers, suddenly pressed down toward his huge bulk. Zhang ten length of the gold finger, than the crack to dragon nearly Baizhang length,Coach Kristin, is perhaps not what, but that a deep in my heart is trembling, unable to hide. "Bang -" golden finger with incomparable wildly fierce momentum, severely bombardment in the crack to dragon that huge dragon body! The light was burst open, a dazzling gold s è light came bursting, airflow fury and rage, the whole space, together with the seal is living apart. If Nangong is suddenly collapsed in the knowledge of God, but it is a little dry, contact, will Xie Yiran income to the chaos space. >
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