while there are countless human thinking

July 27 [Sat], 2013, 18:01
Bofu is murder and arson put too happy, as if suddenly bubble burst in general, earth a flash. Then prepare to be the Bofu Spitfire Shique have endless void Lane - following Avatar world is like a pot of boiling water in general, There are plenty of loopholes in the outbreak Fortunately, while there are countless human thinking and green paper Tablets in constantly compensate with this big loophole. "Babbling? After all, is the new blockbuster shot ah, constantly thinking of someone in supporting this world seems completely impossible collapse ah. 'Science fiction' blockbuster, '3 D 'God films, hum" moment Bofu has itself into a human form, looking faintly 说给自己听 world below. Avatar is finally in the world did not spend much time watching Bofu enormous world began to sigh: "It's not seen for some time, this huge gear hub gears of the world. Hong Jun did not think you had divergent three thousand The world now has a cross to the front of me. "Sure enough, in front of another prehistoric Bofu World, but now he is when you want to enter the First World War by the Hong Jun Gods evolution of one of the world's three thousand. Three thousand world, big and small, there is a offshoot of the trunk, and now this is obviously a small world where big trunk. Bofu years never be able to show their magical powers, and weekdays are mostly stuck on hold magical powers flexor dare open, even if it is possible to modify the rules nor the world to enjoy the facilities, have long been Biede ruthless. It was finally have met you can enjoy the magical powers of the world to display their really good luck, Bofu happily into this world - no trace of obstacles. Aura has just entered the world of this cheerful, Bofu came a big mouth breathing, "really good, Guwahati ha ha can easily bones," he began to upgrade their Yaoqi. Before he put Yaoqi mention how it suddenly a flash of magic that is not in Bofu body. An information Bofu caught off guard flew away "Hey how's going on? I do not remember how to be what kind of body under this kind of thing? Looks beyond this thing besides messaging absolutely no other performance ah no wonder I never pay more Note the spiritual power of this thing? was Nuwa damn all to forget how I finished it under "Bofu alarmed, and he was finally remembered the first time from the prehistoric past when the World, Nuwa to him break into a magic "Huh? Gesha ah I'm nervous I did not Nuwa and sky on what must be done responsibly thing afraid Niaoa Anyway, this is what's now the world?" Bofu to yourself cheer Road. His concept of God swept the earth and the sky, this is not a small world, is also a huge flat world. Bofu now has absolutely no scruples at all - probably also want to know anyway, know that he came back, it was broken broken jar fell better. "Yeah, there is also the heaven above thing., Good fun, it seems that what is in the open what the General Assembly, or to Chou Chou lively good." Bofu Zhangshenerqi, fly directly to heaven. Flying through the air, he suddenly remembered three sisters seem though Xiao went into Gods, but it seems to come with an attachment also switched heaven under his turn to fly the world's South Island Bringing department - where the popularity of its Yu Taizhou too far. Along the way, he also wanted to make a female immortal hero who refused to give up on him a little,Christian Louboutin Evening, much deliberation, or settle a libertine debauchery posing another way to make them give up hope - however Bofu totally did not expect this is not where several among women, to the right path ahead beloved evil wind calamity clouds he drove all the way to the South looking maneuvering Ministry Chau, the road to see a few big cities are all Chinese writing. He heads off the clouds in the city by one asked, but now Datang world. That glorious Tang Huang Li Shimin swept Kuni, dominating the world, people live peace but a few years only. Bofu hear so spectacular, immediately at full speed, high-speed flying Chang'an. He can not wait to go investigate the bustling city of Tang era the world of the service industry it. Changan mostly from its own emperor dragon breath, Datang just founding, extremely powerful dragon breath,Oakley Radar, immortal demon generation are difficult to free flight over in Chang'an. Bofu naturally looked down not to what Long gas - is innate but also for his former ancestral dragon killed, and now have nothing to fear human emperor. However, the end can not get Chang'an chaos, Bofu or outside the city with a legerdemain fell to earth, honestly pay money into the gates of Chang'an. For seeing modern luxury metropolis Bofu speaking, in addition to covering a wide Chang'an fact, nothing outside, but Don was already the world's first metropolis. Bofu straight Changle Square, and now still early, the museum has not yet opened the brothel Chu. Bofu found a large three-storey restaurant and sat down, and called a big table wine and dine their condolences slowly eating the planet in Avatar Dapanduola tongue and stomach injuries. While Bofu eating and drinking in the city of Chang'an wait brothel door when it is in heaven held a "Safety Day Conference", you have to ask that Pohou not in Wang Mang usurped the Han had already been knocked out when the pressure in the five mortal Yamashita do? Why now before opening this "AN-day Conference"? Is the "day in heaven, underground year," come up with something. Monkeys in heaven five hundred days before being shot down, the affairs of arrangements and preparations for the banquet took five hundred days - mainly reactive and brightest bureaucratic wrangling Syria matters anyway Buddha gods of heaven and the West have plenty of time. Then a meeting now estimated to open three days - that is, on the ground three years, and then on the ground of monkeys has been released from prison almost a speaking Emperor once said: "Please Buddha Shaodai day, until we An open day complete Xianhua Fruit Conference. "But if the bureaucracy is to be discounted, but the Buddha has long been looking to see the Ministry of Road South Island upload to control this little world of opportunity, there is no way what so impatient. So one could also say that the Jade Emperor, only to be the Buddha himself could not stay left on their own, then afterwards as long as you can send a re-gift thank Cheguo this favor, but since the Buddha also became a fine monkey exactly Antiy congress lively. Zhongjie Changran hi will, I saw a group of fairy Queen Mother cited, Regard, Miki, beautiful drifts dance before the Buddhas, salute, saying: "before being Yaohou peach disturbed for a while, this chain Monte Tathagata Dafa stubborn monkey, happy 'Antiy Assembly', nothing can be grateful, this is what I relieve myself pro pick a few pieces of peach big strain dedication. "Buddha praying to thank the Queen Mother finished. Queen Mother and the Xian Ji, fairies sing sing, dance, dance. Full will Qunxian, praise and reward both. Queen Mother is the Xianji fairy dance, toasted, a little while, then suddenly smell: birthday went to. See Emperor Libi, see also Tathagata, Shenxie said: "Beginning smelled the Yaohou be directed to Tusita Laojun Palace smithery, that will come to peace, he was against the unexpected. Volt dry Tathagata good this strange, banquet Feng Xie, therefore people coming. better not have anything to offer, especially with Rosie Yaocao, Pitt lotus saver offer. "Tathagata readily and gratefully acknowledged. Block birthday was still walking pass springs. I saw barefoot to another. Emperor fontanelle Libi to bend forward,Coach Online Store, but also thanks to the Buddha said: "deeply mana, yielding Yaohou. Nothing can watch King, has a special cross-pears two, fire a few pieces of jujube dedication." Tathagata known thanks. Jiao Nuo, Kassapa, the offering of each thing, one by one away, before Xie Yan Emperor direction. Congregation of drunkenness. While saying such nonsense of the Immortals, the void came a demon force fluctuations. Within only a few large banquet few feel this could be their magical powers, I saw the Buddha and the Jade Emperor frowned is opening directly on the Queen Mother quietly said: "wanted to talk about the thousands of years gone, and now suddenly appeared, From this side of heaven and earth to have a major event. "Nanjixianweng and seat illustrates several marching origin are taught secretly scared and gnashing of teeth. Several cross-sectional teach marching but each reacted differently, and that the sky Goddess demur, not pushed in front of feast and the Jade Emperor, the Buddha say hello then quickly out of the Jade Pool. Buddhism, Guanyin is also looking great changes, and sons Yang Jian, Rebels, Li Jing Morohito is loud sigh: "Heaven and earth have great things carry on."
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