many beautiful sky

July 09 [Sat], 2011, 12:14
fris, the outside world really wonderful, wonderful beauty in the road of life, I was you and wonderful to work with me because like it ~ ~ feelings Huaxiangniaoyu, long as the river San-ching, Qingping world, all aspire to . want to view Lushan Lushan Waterfall heaven water, rapids roar like thunder, blue mist Zi Yan frame rainbow, Fei Liu Qi Diego under the peaks, many beautiful sky, me a dream in this tour . Untitled buzz from the bead curtain into, beautiful environment, competition in Wonderland, Lang far to accompany Lady, Jade Pool Paradise inadvertently asked. Juelian Red good article Essay, classic log article, journal essays, Essay enjoy reading stories online! ; 2008-2009 . Hong Jin article Network All rights reserved Disclaimer He said I gave him a look full of despair and disappointment gave him. I know I'm my own willful immaturity is proud of me. But that heart has always belonged to him, he could not bear forever. inscription remember when we know the in 2007. At that time, I just go online, only know how to chat, how to play with my space. You somehow appeared in my Q, I somehow been dragged into the group where you are. Until you draw in the group to talk about than the noisy gestures I know you're there. We are familiar with each other slowly, and slowly slowly we can talk about anything I rely on you become the object, I remember you and your girlfri just broke up, I vaguely remember that woman was you called Meier, We seem to have been the beginning of the topic of women around the name Meier. I unknowingly used the initiative to care about you, you used to me, in front of you, that when you call me simple-minded. Later, I found myself increasingly in love with you. As long as the woman who called Meier appeared in the group, and you said I would never-ing, so that women feel that having an affair between us. I really did not expect to achieve the purpose, and that woman have taken the bait really think we have any relationship, the woman started to increase,
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