Happy Birthday Bernice! 

2010年01月20日(水) 17時55分
Grrr.... yaplog brought back the adds in the blog! And they totally changed the layout of the site so now I have to try and figure everything out again *le sigh*

My anal pres has been very.... anal (why am I not surprised). It's over the emailer stuff to advertise beginner/intermediate lessons that we're offering. First it was about the cca's logo. Ok, so the logo I stuck in isn't the official logo. I edited the official one to make the word "Obligato" stand out more in the emailer. Aaaand they wanted to change it back to the original. (So I did.)

Now the anal pres is complaining that we didn't take his suggestion to come out with a slogan or something as a one-liner to attract attention. I don't have enough brain cells to think of one, sorry. If he wants it in, tell me the slogan and I'll do it. Just make sure it's attention grabbing since your first try was truly in the realms of crap.

Did I forget to mention that the emailer's supposed to be sent out tonight?

Happy Birthday Bernice!

I think this is the most I've ever spoken in class 

2010年01月14日(木) 22時01分
See title lol. But really, this is the only mod I'm taking which lets me shoot my mouth off without thinking a lot. In other mods I don't even understand enough to talk let alone shoot my mouth. The prof was quite .... Irked though. I think it's cause of the few people who tries to answer his questions? But the way he phrases his questions is weird. Usually by the time my brain finishes processing what he wants he gets too irritated to wait for answers anymore.

And I ate a lot today as well hahaha.

Om nom nom 

2010年01月13日(水) 23時51分
For lunch I had beef stake with a pile of small tomatoes and cucumber as side dishes. Then I went to school, but because it was quite early, I went to buy more food at
mos burger. I bought a yakiniku rice burger and corn soup. Not to mention watermelon soya milk from the mr bean at soe. All of which I ate during class itself.
During break, I went to buy Malteses (is that how you spell it?) and finished the entire packet in class too. I think my prof will remember me as "girl who always eats in my class" properly preceeded by an italiced "the". Mwahaha.

Second week 

2010年01月11日(月) 18時52分
Right... So maybe the gra prof ain't so bad after all. In his lessons at least. His pre sem assignments are still terrible. And my counterpart in the cca called me. During class haiz. To tell me more stuff I have to do again.

There's only one other second year beside me in the group. She's quite pretty and skinnier than me haha! She's shorter than me so I guess that balances things out. At least I don't have classes tomorrow. Can catch up on my sleep. And hopefully my com will have use of the internet again tonight.

GRA Sucks!!!!! 

2010年01月10日(日) 23時51分
Why must that anal prof assign pre-seminar assignments every week! Now I cannot even enjoy my weekends in peace. ARGHS!

At least have a textbook for your class yea? I need something that puts everything in a single space for me to absorb and not having to sieve out what you want me to from your readings. And the readings are damn fucking long and use lots of big words which are highly unnecessary. (Not to mention my sieve has larger holes than the average.)

And his lectures! He doesn't even teach! I don't even know what his damn agenda is and what the main point of his lectures are since all he gives are examples/cases and he doesn't state what the hell he's using them for! ARGHSS

and the poster for my cca? it's here sighs... can't believe I burned a day on this.
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