Is Spring soon! 

2008年03月09日(日) 10時45分
Hello Everyone!
how are you?
Is Spring soon! well, not exactly here in canada...
we are in a big snowstorm now. xD
When Spring comes, it's time to change!
So I decided to cut my hair... But now...
They are too short!!! T_T ahhh... my dear long hair...
ahaha but is ok, hair can grown back!

so, the Song of the day
Infection by my favorite singer: Chihiro Onitsuka


2008年02月26日(火) 11時38分
Wah... I need some rest...
*searching hopelessly an actress for my film (for my cinema class)!* ...

song of the day
Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica
Originally by Metallica.


2008年02月20日(水) 18時07分
Tire...tsukareta... too many homework!
hehe but today,
I will not go to the school because I will visit a Cegep for one day.
(In Quebec, Cegep is the last year of high school
and the first year of university, so we only have 3years of university,
and you need it if you want to go to university) but...
in Cegep, you're already chose in what program you want to go.
I will take Art and Literature.
ones of the three schools of which I must choose.

What do you want to study later?

song of the day!
Drinking by Jasmine Rodgers (from the band Boa)
with Steve Rogers (her Brother, also in the band)

in this video, They sing with their father, Paul Rogers!

*for the information, Steve and Jasmine are half-japanese,
the band boa sing the song Duvet, the opening of the
best-Anime Serial Experimental Lain!*

night... ooo night! 

2008年02月18日(月) 11時27分
I am bored... Can't wait for summer's vacation!
I like walking in the night, it's a little lonely... but is refreshing!
this picture is a place around my district

The song of the day
La Chanson Des Vieux Amants by Jacques Brel

~I like this song~
Jacques Brel is certainly one of the best French singer.

new discovery 

2008年02月17日(日) 14時33分
Hello everyone, how are you?
I still don’t have a computer…
so I use my brother's computer...
So, my life is boring as always…. Yare yare…
I need some change! Some excitement!
Well, how was you st-valentin guys?
I hope you receive some chocolat. in America,
it is to the boy to offer chocolate to the girl…
I envy you so much!
I was hoping to receive chocolat! (;_;) ahah
This week, I finished reading again The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho! I love this novel! And now,
I started to read The Trial (Der Prozess) by Franz Kafka.

Ahh! I discovered a new singer yesterday!
And this singer is a big revelation for me!
The singer is Tinna Tinh, a vietnamese singer.
Her real name is Tinna Dihova; she is part Czech (mother)
and Vietnamese (father). She sing vietnamese rock,
and this was a big revelation for me because is
the first time I heard a original rock song in vietnamese!
And her voice is so wonderful!
I hope that you will like her song although it is in Vietnamese

Tinna - tra lai cho toi (return it to me)

Tinna - Vong Xoay


2008年02月06日(水) 4時29分
ミンアーさん こんちわ!
sorry for this long hiatsu....
my laptop (portable computer) is broke...

じゃ、see you later! バイバイ!


another day~ 

2008年01月16日(水) 14時44分
I am tire! Tsukaretayo...
Maa, yesterday, I had my first class of Japanese level 2a.
The new sensei, Michi-sensei. Michi is not written with the
kanji road [道] but with the kanji Beauty[美] and the kanji
thousand [千], so her name is: 美千 pronounce Michi.
Hehe she especially told us that! ahh… in this new class,
we would start learn kanji…muzukashiiyo!!! demo omoshiroi

Today, it was a so-so. My first class was Music! Ya!
I spent all the time in the little classroom with the piano!
With this, I slept one another hour! Ahahah. But I also
practiced piano ne! I started practicing
Merry-go-round of life”, Howl’s Moving Castle Movie’s
Theme by Joe Hisaishi.
After this, second class was Math class… boku wa suugaku
ga kirai! Ahaha
And I had a Test… iiyyaaa!!! T_T I did not study at all!

and I said to my teacher (in French, but I would translate
it in English-Japanese xD)
Boku: Sensei, I don’t want to do the exam!( ̄へ ̄)
Teacher: hee? Nande?
Boku: Because I will fail it if I do it.
Boku: hai, mocchiron!
Teacher: ….

Ahaha but I finally did it…
math teacher is so scary! ☆⌒(>。≪)イタイ
After math class, is time to eat! Ohh today we had salmon!
It’s was ok! Not so good, not so bad. When I finished eating,
I returned to the piano class. Some student was already
there… I was hoping to be alone~

Well, it was funny too, so it’s correct.
After lunch’s time, my third class was English.
Vocabulary test! It’s was easy as always~
When the test was finished, English Teacher Nembavlaskis
say to some student “Please put your name on the paper so
I can know who’s fail, ahahah!” (^∇^) and we spoke about
the U.S.A government and who would be the next president:
Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton? It’s was very interesting!
And finally, the last class: Economy education! Well… nothing
to say there~

Ah…ima…totemo tsukaretayo… netai… (´〜`) むにゃむにゃI
just finish a big work for French class... tsukarrree…nemasu...
Oyasumi Nasai, minna-san.

my first entry! 

2008年01月14日(月) 9時33分
( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ
whoaa... I finally post my first entry in this Japanese blog!
It was so difficult to make this blog! But well, it's finished now!

Saturday, I went to Mylene-neechan’s birthday
オメデトウ ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!
with Kenny, Stephanie and Andrew! I call her nee-chan
because I consider her like my sister =].

For her birthday, we went to eat in one of the best Japanese
restaurant in Montreal: Sakura Gardens.

Ahh…totemo…Oishiiyo! \(^ω^)ノ

Kenny and I both ate a Ten Zaru
(cold soba with tempura).
It was so good! But it will be better
if we were in summer.
The others ate a Miso Ramen.

For the dessert, we ate a Maccha-Cheesecake! Ahh… watashi wa maccha ga
sukidesu!!! =3

jaa, I have
to go, *will
have a big
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:yozora
  • アイコン画像 性別:男性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1991年6月3日
  • アイコン画像 現住所:国外
  • アイコン画像 職業:小中高生
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
My nickname is Yozora.
I live in Canada,
Watashi wa nihongo wo
nihon ga sukidesukara.
I am very interest in
East Asia culture.

I am not very good in
Japanese; I can just read
Katakana and Hiragana!
I play piano but I would
soon learn violin.
I am rather lazy
and calms.
I like art, music,
watching movie
and reading.
i can speak french,
english and vietnamese.

Favorite Singer/Band
Chihiro Onitsuka
Bump Of Chicken
Pierre Lapointe
Florence K
Shiina Ringo
Boa (the England band
with Jasmine Rodger)
Tinna Tinh
Quang Le
Ngoc Ha
Jacques Brel
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