iM bACk... 

August 01 [Mon], 2005, 2:38
ummm im back again...!!!

since im writing mixi diary in JP, i thought i should restart writing mah diary in Eng... mah eng skill is gettin so baaaaaad now...

my life... has been almost da same. i finallie finished summer skoo almost 2 weeks ago. wizout goin to skoo, i hab nth to do durin summer daaaaah im supposed to b in JP now...!!! wellz... too bad it takes a month to apply for new visa... buh i guess itz better than missin whole fall semester just cuz i wont b able to get mah new visa till skoo starts...{グズン}

last nite, went to Forbidden City @ Hollywood. there was LRG presented party at there, n i went wiz mah bf there were sooooo much of ppl... it was alrite...though i didn bring any of mah friendz since they r bak in their country now. @ dance floor, at first, there were only few pplz dancing, buh later on, da floor was PACKED i dunno y JP clubberz dun dance much compared to American pplz... i hope there will b more pplz dancing @ CRASH next time~~~ ohhhhh itz next THURSDAY... so soon so soon...

todai, imma go shoppin around Melrose wiz mah b im so so so so freakin BROKE... i wanna work buh im afraid to get caught cuz im out of status now... if i'd get caught, i would b forced to go bak to JP n never b able to come bak 2 LA LOLz.... それはやばいね!!!
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