Petit prince ☆ 

July 26 [Sat], 2008, 3:51

Today I received a package from my Norwegian penfriend Marthe
I'd like to post a pic of it, but my Canon doesn't co-operate with my computer at the moment (*´Д`*) 

Also, I went to the local library today! I decided to loan "Little prince" by Saint-Exypéry because we have to read it by september (for school )
It's a fairytale so it's short and easy to read! -nearly finished with it already! -
I also borrowed a book by de Sade, I've only read 12 pages but I can tell it's harder than "Little prince" 「笑」


April 20 [Sun], 2008, 23:39

I haven't written here for such a long time :o

Many things have happened.. like that I went to Japan!
And we won Koolitants with that dance in the pic!! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDD

And I've seen old friends and made new ones! ^^ I know, very interesting!!

I just wanted to let you know I'm alive ahahahah 8D


January 20 [Sun], 2008, 2:37
Today I went to dance practice... I had been absent for 1,5 months and was feeling quite chubby ;__; But after the lesson I was like "A_________A I feel so.. toned?!!"


Last night I watched NLSG with friends and got to bed a bit before six in the morning... ehe

we also went to walk around town... and it was so nice! o.o I want to go later today too~

ps. urski and arska sound so.... finnish !


December 29 [Sat], 2007, 5:53
つまんない !

I'll start singing dice and 9th revolver now [ <-because i don't know the lyrics D:]

let's see two gay~ 

December 17 [Mon], 2007, 0:13
<-who is he? who's jiro wang?! idk actually.. but someone cute ^^

accustic suxx !!! someone buy me an electric guitar for christmas? ^^ please, pretty please !!! [btw btw, agony is so much fun to playyyy !!! although i can't play this one part quick, so i have to play it with 50 % speed 8D anyway it's easy and funfunfun. (at least uru's part, aoi's i haven't tried :x)]


December 08 [Sat], 2007, 4:16

URUHA!!!!!!! you scare me~~~~~~ >_< !! grow your hair back, you look so... un-Uruhaish and unfriendly-like and.. i just have to get used to it.......................... !!!!!!! O_O


December 06 [Thu], 2007, 0:45

Nice to meet you! You can call me "Mushroom" !

the hair is in a ponytail so the rest of the haircut doesn't show ^^' but the hair dresser didn't change much and i like the cut! Now i can wear my fringe like that ^ too, it looks normal !! :D although with out it i look more like an adult, and i like that as well

a little話. 

December 05 [Wed], 2007, 20:57

f: "amm.. suimasen, shitsumon ga arimasu"

n: "yea?"

f: "what does 'waka' mean?"

me: "master ! *feels smart*"

n: "well yea, it can be that or then young lord.."

f: "but what does 'ore no waka' mean?"

n: "haha what?! we don't use that! you've been watching some yaoi?"

f: *blush* eeh.. .

me: -amused grin-

boys don't usually watch yaoi?!:DD

将虎ラブ ^^ 

December 05 [Wed], 2007, 5:40

awwwww ^^^^^^ I wonder where the original came from... i want it !


December 04 [Tue], 2007, 21:13

OH MY GOD !!!!!!! I had such a creepy dream last night !!!!! O_O I can't believe it, it was that I was um... *beeeeeeeeep* with my female friend !! in a lake? o_O and last time I checked, I was hetero......... oh god, why do I have dreams like that??!?!?! scary !
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