Leave Rain Forests for Orangutans to Breath

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 13:38

Here is the paradise, nearly 20% known animals and plants of the global live in it, and nearly one-sixth global language and culture exist in it. Fall Brilliance of GHD Straighteners More species and cultures yet not to be discovered quietly live here, as Earth's initial appearance which it is the most simple. Hey! Stop Damage Your Impeccable ghd straighteners uk Paradise rainforest - the Asian-Pacific region's largest rainforest, is so tranquil to be away from hubbub.

Orangutan, next of kin and the beautiful bird of paradise have been living among the trees. They have no idea about evil and haven't realized their home are suffering invasion. Orang-utan is the unique large ape found in Asia, and shares 97% of the DNA with human. It is one of our close relatives. In Malay, orang-utan means "jungle people". These intelligent and shy orange creatures are the world's largest tree-living mammals. They pick fruit among the trees in the daytime and build nests with leaves and branches at night by themselves. Once, appearance of orang-utans cover the Southeast Asia. However, the crazy destruction to forest by human brings out that the amount of orang-utan decreased from 315 thousands at the beginning of 20 century to 27 thousands in 1997.

Now, In order to make way for plantation leading the deforestation of a large number of forests this caused sharp decline in the number of red apes. The latest survey shows that in Borneo there only have 45,000 to 69,000 red apes. In Sumatra, there are only 73,000 left. The UNEP classes orang-utans in Borneo the endangered species. This means that they are facing to every high extinction risk. Orang-utans in Sumatra have been extremely endangered. Now, what is the survival condition of orangutans? After the forests which are for their survival had been replaced by the oil palm plantations, they had no place to find food so that they had to eat oil palm seedlings Though orang-utans are in such a miserable condition, they are regarded as the 'destructive insects' which threaten the profits of oil-palms by businessmen who makes money from oil-palms. Those hungry orang-utans are killed by workers.

According to the data released by "orangutans protection center", only in 2006 1,500 orangutans were killed deliberately by the workers and died tragically from the loss of their homes. In 2008, our investigators compared distribution map of red orangutan in Galiman Island with the forestry map of Indonesia's Sinar Mas Group, and we found that it was not only the Sinar Mas Group`s forestry were overlapped the habitat of orangutans. And deforestation of Sinar Mas Group had already destroyed these habitats. Among Sinar Mas Group's four forests, at least three of them were covered orangutan's habitat, where the original forest had been felled and planted oil palms. Organ-utans living homeland surrounding BUKIT TIGAPULUH national forests park is the sole successful location of introduced project of organ-utans.

Most of time these orang-utans live in the forest near national park, but now this region all the time is under Golden Light Group's eyeing. Destroying forest has ruined the homelands for orang-utans and many precious species and advances these endangered species to be extinct. The original dwellers who live in the rain forest from generation to generation have to uproot their homelands homelessly. Today, Indonesia is the country whose forest disappear in the fastest speed in the world. The tropical rainforest in Indonesia decrease 2% per year which is recorded in the Guinness World Records. These orang-utans and rainforests need a chance to "breathe". Only enough people can't stand for the negtive reactions of destroying forests, the movement strike for forest protection will be advanced more actively.

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