Nie words shopkeeper name is set to hide

December 30 [Sun], 2012, 18:28
The two the dust paid employment costs! After a lame old man where heart towards him to see that lame old man, Nie words more certain, is that he's right Canada Goose Lite Jackets Sale! "Dear Lord, I Yinsailaisi, thank you hired me with my family, I express my sincere thanks to you." Yinselaisi face old, wearing a worn commoner exposed skin outside like withered like old bark. Also lame leg, looks not really worth the compliment. Yinselaisi have a family, thought about it. This is also consistent with the reasonable. "There is a shop, give you the management, about how to run the shop, I tell you in detail." Nie the words to Yinselaisi nod, he was thinking of how to maximize Yinselaisi diplomacy Value of skills. Temporarily let him manage pharmacy. The shop to Yinsailaisi management, Nie words, or rather at ease, not embezzlement the credibility over edge clerk basically, not to mention Yinsailaisi credibility of bad. Nie words to the shop repair network, so that the bird is not left egg all finished pharmaceutical sent over here to sell, another put up a recruitment advertising, recruiting pharmacists interested contact like all kinds. Want to pharmacy developed. Alone a future YaoWang is not enough, have to a large number of mid-level pharmacists Caixing. Thought for a name, called the Star pharmacies Women's Camp Down Hooded, not very special, but also easy to remember. Let Yinsailaisi began selling black phenolic pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations, in order not to reveal their identity, Nie words shopkeeper name is set to hide. Each black phenolic Pharmacy price of raw materials for the twenty coppers each black phenolic Pharmacy sells for sixty coppers, of each black phenols pharmaceutical formulations sells for thirty pieces of silver, the acquisition price than the market price much higher. In particular, the price of the recipe, simply high outrageous, Nie words ready to hang up the high price of these things first here, those who love it or leave the Great Society, the next period of time black phenolic Pharmacy price will not drop, high-priced to sell and how much, and so price stability. Again all selling too late. All the arrangements in place and looked at the shops, the store was empty. After pharmaceutical use more it fills up the entire pharmacy can truly operate. Pharmacists level is too low, even recruit the few, it is estimated that the level is not high, so do not worry too much, Nie words heels walked out. "Hey, here how to open a pharmacy?" When three players from passing near Nie words found in pharmacies, in tennis it, after all, more than a broken building, the sudden appearance of a fine new building, how can we not Remarkably? "We used to look at it." That three players went to side over, looked up and found the the NIE words from the inside out. "Hey, brother, pharmacies when opened? Greeted Nie Introduction called very forthright soldiers, sturdy body, about nine meters look, speak loud voice surprise Nie Introduction glance at very forthright. hint of a chuckle: "I was passing by, come take a look at net. Not know open when the original, thank you. Tuoba we go in and see, there is no health capsules, magic bottle sold NIE does not seem very forthright words on the Road, after all, the pharmacy is not open. New recommended shop. Should be no goods now. "A somewhat lazy voice over. Look very forthright Nie words looked at the back of the young man, a Paladin, he looks handsome to describe, but it was a bit raunchy, a bit lazy, Tuoba, the name a bit familiar look, looked, that the called Tuoba not acquaintances. Nie words walked toward the outside, very forthright with the wrong shoulder while. Xueping, magic bottle what pharmacies open ah, but still in such a remote location. Estimated that business was not good enough Arcane Mage Road very forthright another two people to enter the pharmacy. "Grass, black phenolic Pharmacy, recipe! "Haohei sell so expensive! "Nie words Abashiri street, pass over very forthright rough voice from behind. They did not expect even here in black phenol Pharmacy sell hot recently, all the Great Society desires not have a black phenolic pharmaceutical formulations, even here sell alone. certainly not easy to know the store owner. Nie words heard very forthright voice, footsteps paused, smiled, walking away. and has players found being sold here black phenolic Pharmacy. believing the news will soon spread. needed the black phenolic Pharmacy guild know will certainly take a look, if the shortage of black phenolic Pharmacy, maybe even buy some black phenolic pharmaceutical market has been extremely rare, and more Needless to say black phenolic pharmaceutical formulations, presumably there will certainly be a lot of people are interested. "Nie words, you now what? "Tangyao to Nie words Ann a message." In Carol City, with feather blue brush strange brush how well? "I have now six fast calendar name out how to upgrade the speed is good, right? . Tangyao slightly proud of the authentic. He is now more and more mature use of magic words to provide them with more suitable for a few early brush strange coordinates. He pins Association upgrade soon. But if Nie words told Tang Yao, he has nine, do not know Tangyao will react. "Nie words Heshou Road, leveling speed, has been regarded as a first-class, and only slightly slower than the brush Soss valley werewolf elite players." I met Chen Po guy mouth spray manure. Even want to talk to that I singled out, the results are a Sunburst to seconds. Want blue feather, Yao Yao put me off, he did not look in the mirror who he is, the team no one is willing to care for him, and even drinking water, they also stood by my side. Chen Po-face make life difficult for league membership. "Tang Yao delightfully authentic. Chen Po to the second, and brought him out of the team, presumably extremely proud Tangyao heart. Tang Yao one-by-fire, the bonus damage of the fire department, to the present, all the Association elite regiment in the fire department injury most players, but also so that an equipment to Chen Po-how may be able to support a record Sunburst Tangyao As a thief, even when Geng Tangyao trying out smoothly a note Sunburst, he can be really fail if Nie shot that Tangyao fundamentally impossible to cast Sunburst. "you have to be careful point, Chen Po is a very vengeful person. He want to get back the face. You will certainly find trouble. "Nie words worried Chen Po will find someone blocking Tangyao, after all, Chen Po is not open-minded person." Afraid of him, big deal to call back several times. "Tangyao his strength very confident. Rhodium is so Taitailielie to Nie words remind him of Rhodium certainly would not pay attention to incident remembered of past life Tangyao encountered in the bar. Nie words nose an acid. brothers, if in this life there are people dare to hurt you, I let him pay several times, several times the cost, regardless of the game, or reality! Nie words took a deep breath, calm down mood. "careful no harm. "Do you want to keep up with the leveling? The team several beautiful misses How about you, "I have something, you own leveling it with you leveling too slow." Nie words casually Road. Amount a few levels up?. The Tang Yao surprised a moment, he suddenly found that he had forgotten to ask Nie Yan grade. "I was a little more than nine, do not tell other people say, lest too ostentatious. "Road Nie words, not conceal grade his brother." My grass, so fast, how do you practice? "I am doing security side of things with your leveling. "Road Nie words, he will have to pick up an order of chapter, ready to come back one way or another the Tang Yao leveling, Nie words have many mage leveling, leveling should be fast." That we can work hand in hand. "Tang Yao excitement authentic, do not know Nie words is how to practice, the leveling speed fierce ah. Nie words and Yi Yao and chatted for a while after this hang up the voice, to prepare some consumables, toward the transfer point walked. Nie words carefully measure the difficulty of some access to the order of the chapters, and the attributes of each order of the chapters, and finally determine the goals, the sixth chapter of the order of the chapters, Freedom Chapter! compared to the courage of the chapter, Freedom Chapter for thieves to use. Nie words to the delivery point. walked into Chuansong Zhen. system: you decide to send death domain door black mother Sri Lanka? The transmission is a special transmission. need costs force silver.! Nie words point to determine, and then open your eyes, pleasant to the eye of the desolate and empty, overcast days Ting Lan cold wind blows, this is a lifeless and desolate land, the wreckage of the old war machine and a large number of bones, leaving it in the sand being vaguely tell their history was the battlefield of ancient times, the hustle and bustle of the past already subsided. now here is a nobody involved in the death domain in the map of Atlantis on, black slightly Sri Lanka in the north of Greenland empire, the legendary entrance into the underground city of the inlet side of a group of large angel guarded. while the other side is a group of demons, completely cut off on both sides of the world. period of rule, occurs numerous times of war, hundreds of millions of creatures to die in here Women's Canada Goose Camrose. presence of death domain door black Holmes is a legend. while the official chapter of the Freedom in the door of the death domain a corner of the black Williams triggered a major earthquake of players. countless team into numerous than occurred here, and make it into a real place of death. orderly Chapter wide volume total of six chapters, after three months if they have not found the players officially will be announced as soon as they are located, such as the order of six chapters all appear under a piece of information opens so for Nie words, he was only three time of the month, if not collected within three months to six the order of the chapters, he would have to talk to other players, join the scramble order of chapter. Anyway, the first chapter say it to get freedom. Nie words thought. touch monthly pass standings burst. snail pain Ziyaliezui sun gives me strength, I burst back. madness seeking monthly!! (continued) as more information on how funeral , landing in order to facilitate access, keep in mind bxwx novel your support is our biggest motivation!
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