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June 24 [Mon], 2013, 11:54

In June, the city of Portland prevailed in undoing http://www.louishandtaschenonline.com/blog/ proposed FEMA map that had the entire harbor in the highrisk flood zone. Such a designation would have prohibited new construction along the waterfront and stopped reconstruction of any buildings that had 50 percent or more destruction. The buildings inside the flood zone also would have paid greater insurance rates.

FEMA has moved on to mapping other East Coast towns and cities to determine threats from stormrelated floods. Southern Maine towns have hosted facts meetings about FEMA mandated remapping approach, and there continues to become the expected pushback by home owners who locate their shorefront properties are restricted for improvement or which need to carry a costlier flood insurance coverage.

Disasters as current as Hurricane Katrina, too as the unprecedented storms which have clobbered Maine inside the final two decades, louis vuitton kaufen really remind planners and municipal officials of your significance of a sciencebased assessment of what could come about. While elected officials earn points with constituents for turning aside the lengthy arm from the federal government, these similar those who cheer the thwarting of regulations may possibly balk at paying for the repairs of broken piers, streets and waterfront buildings, either directly through taxes or indirectly through higher insurance coverage rates.