Afternoon, police bought lunch to the elderly to eat

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 15:48
Afternoon, police bought lunch to the elderly to eat, and then used the police car he rushed Jiangning finally found his place in 17:00. Neighborsnike lunareclipse +2 breathe for sale see the police car to open the front door, Bianxiang elderly hello "Lao Du, you got lost in it". The neighbor said the elderly usually live alone, like walking, on lost Gesanchaiwu, has no less than 100 times.
To get 50,000 yuan relocation compensation, Ma Qin (a pseudonym), who lives in Jianye District, and her husband, Yang Jun (a pseudonym) divorced. When she was ready to remarry, but found that Yang Jun and the "Little Three" secretly married. Just 50,000 yuan of money in order to earn more, but now they lose the marriage, Bakin little crash.

Bakin and Yang Jun, married 10 years, have an 8-year-old son, days, though not very rich, but also plausible. In the summer of 2010, the old house facing demolition, the couple discuss how to multisection money. "I heard a friend say, if we divorce, a account, the compensation can be a little more." Said Yang Jun inadvertently a the Bakin listening to a burst tempted. "If I can be more than a penny, fake divorce." Although the word "divorce" did not sound good to spread out, but Bakin feel good feelings she and her husband, another son, should not be an accident. Subsequently, they handed down the divorce proceedings, the son followed the piano too. Sure enough, in the subsequent demolition, whatever they wanted to get a compensation of 50,000 yuan.

Since then, a family of three living together, life seems to have no change. Ma Qinti a hurry to remarry, but her husband said to her: "can not be too hasty to know if the person to be demolished, and maybe put money away." Bakin strongly believe that her husband's words, they did not mention.

To the end of last year, the divorce has been more than a year, Bakin little anxious. Yang Jun is willing to follow her remarried and Bakin found the husband home at night getting late, always says he's busy working overtime. Until the time she saw her husband's steamy text messages immediately in mind the numbers down. Bakin then played in the past with their own mobile phone, the other called Xiaoping, said Yang Jun's wife, the two have been married a few months licensing.
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The dismount piano quit find YANG out, to three people face says clearly. Just met the Bakin want to freak, Xiaoping, is a small three. Xiaoping, but not to be outdone, took out a marriage license. Ma Qin gas, however, the three individuals to the sandbar judicial request mediation. Xiaoping, the presence of the mediator's face told Bakin, Yang Jun and their own contacts for three years, and now two official marriage certificate, they are the ones legally married couples. Bakin what? However, only a divorce certificate only. The presence of the mediator's surface, Yang Jun also remarried and Bakin impossible.

Pull off the face of her husband's, Bakin also disheartened, she said it would not only hope for an early and the husband or Xiaoping quarrel, to resolve disputes between them, but Ma Qinjian decision to raise his son. "Anyway, his son followed my life, I want to take good care of him." Bakin said.
Once the office workers, now diverted to the babysitter, and this may make people feel incredible. Yesterday Provincial Federation of Advanced Technology Centre Home Economics training courses for graduation ceremony, the reporter saw a "quasi-domestic members. This training senior class had 54 students passed the examinations will be held "three cards" issued by the government departments and industry associations posts, a housekeeper held "three cards" posts, also rare in the country. Yangtze Evening News reporter Yang Yan

Demand big fancy domestic industry prospects, female white-collar "diverted" nanny

The 39-year-old Cao Qiulu can be said is a "quasi" domestic workers, while in the previous, she is an authentic white-collar workers. Cao Qiulu told reporters she was the school administration and English, human resources and trade work to do in the country for seven years, South Africa and Southeast Asia have also been there for some time, do the work associated with international trade, after done years of full-time mother. Her from a friend last year, it learned that Zhang Xiaohua housekeeping to understand the experience of veterans do it step by step from ordinary domestic members, the heart admire, and it will generate the idea in domestic industry. nike roshe run premium for saleDo housekeeping, time flexibility, both serve others, and can also take care of their families and children. "
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