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July 23 [Mon], 2012, 7:28
I have narrowed down my purchase of my first recumbent to the Sun EZ sport CX $899.00 or the Burley Koosah $809.00 ( on sale ) I rode both and they felt pretty? The Burley dealer claims that the Koosah is far superior (frame, components, etc ) to the EZ sport CX. I don't know adequate close to bikes to evaluator this accurately. Note* I want to use it for 20-30 mile rides with a very occasional longer ride. I too would similar to add panniers and perhaps a fairing down the road. Anyone who has had either bike or can share any information, either positive or negative please help before I make a big mi$take. I don't know which is the Best bike. AX of ez-sport Sun limited, bought my EZ Sport about six weeks ago and love the bike. It was easy to get secondhand to and gratifying to ride. I do 20 to 35 miles a drive several multiplication a workweek and passion every infinitesimal of it. Whatever you buy, you will love it. I have the Burley Koosah and the Jet Creek. They are 3081612 same except for some better components on the Jett Creek. It's easy to go with the low bottom bracket. It is not the quickest bike, but good and elusive for throbbing about town, gravel, grass, pot holes, I do not think you can habiliment it out. The JC is besides Mess grows free download the cycle of the class on the bended rider site. The seat is like a motorcycle seat but could be a little larger. I tried them both today and the burley was a bit smoother I thought. Last year I bought an EZ-sport CX. I wealthy person been very well-chosen with it.

It doesn't look at all similar the wheel I bought because of the accessorizing I wealthy person done. In the past year, I've added Aerospokes, clipless pedals, RANS seat and complete before recently a Windwrap Panel, I can highly recommend.

Besides the fact that it looks very nice, it is very effective both for protection as well as aerodynamics. Loose maths worksheets deduction regrouping They are plainly besides easy to install. pepmaxine,I also have the EZ-sport CX with a Mueller Windwrap full fairing.

I bought it in Aug 2006 and rich person nigh 2400 miles on it. As comfortable as the Sun seat is, I was surprised you put on a RANS seat.

Is it much better than the Sun seat? When I bought My EZ Sport AX I weighed 285 lbs. Now I weigh 235, and the bike stood up to it well.

free fico score all 3 offices volition be my 3rd year, and I still passion it.

I was gravely reasoning roughly upgrading to a circuit Easy. $2200 and the component level is about the same. Also, they have odd tire sizes which are hard to find.

So, POPULATION 436 FREE DOWNLOAD upgraded the components of the sport instead. New wheels, rear derailleur, cassette, chain, trays, tires and pedals. This bicycle very responds good to upgrades. You too volition curiosity why you e'er rode anyting else. bk pepmaxine,Did you have to make any modification to the EZ sport or the RANS seat to use it on the bike? I observation after approximately 30 or 40 miles I get recumbutt a little. Does the RANS seat help with this or did you have this problem at all? About how much does the RANS seat cost? Lamentable for all the questions, but you rich person me interested in some Itunes 12 loose songs add-on to my wheel as well.

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