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Cry, the pain to heart's content uggs on sale and quickly cry once, those not happy that the affairs all cry out, I wait you in the down stairs."Say, he starts to carry a flank to pack the pocket of clothes and turns round to push door to go out and got rid of to walk to round in two attendants that the side joins a crowd for fun in the door and stood in the blurred shadow of hotel doorway quietly and touched make moves machine, and Zhang Qian copy Bao since the telephone gruel, after hanging up a telephone, and then wait more than 10 minutes, Liu Mei Er just from in slowly came out, droop wear head way:"I cry like ……" Wang Si Yu smiled to smile, light tone way:"Mei son, learn strong, the elder brother has already walked behind your back the most difficult walk of a road, connect down, Be about to depend yourself."Liu Mei Er makes an effort a location to nod, the hands hold Sai, the lips wriggle several bottoms, thin if visit silk tunnel:"Could you carry on the back me again to come out this lane son?"Wang Si Yu's point nods, turned round to squat down body and clapped to clap hands a way:"Come, Mei son!"Liu Mei Er hesitated a short moment, then soft body Fu go up.Wang Si Yu carries her to quietly go straight up to go, Liu Mei Er covers up the whole face between Wang Si Yu's head neck, the hands encircle at his before the chest, the tears again rushes toward Su but under, unexpectedly beat wet Wang Si Yu's shirt, lane son after, Wang Si Yu startledly discover, probably is to cry too wearily, the campus queen on the back little younger sister Shi unexpectedly already asleep, he then didn't stop a step, have been carrying her to go to go forward, dusky street in the light, this figure that layer after layer is pulled thin long.The night is gradually deep, disturbingly noisy of the city be finally returned to silent, on empty Lin Yin Lu, Wang Si Yu raised to wiped sweat, slow-moving but firmly go straight up to go ……chapter 35 transfer Tuesday evening, living room inside, Wang Si Yu Qiao wear the cross-legged sit on the sofa, Liu Mei Er chokes small pretty the waist stand on three meters outside, 2 people in the center across a tea side-table, the big eye stares a small eye and not and mutually lets the ground square off with each other, lead for a long time, Liu Mei Er just hum a , the bitterness wears a small face way:"You so hasty kick out me?You whether feel that I am at the Ai matter of home, I can close door, can't bother yours ……""is not that you imagine in of so."Wang Si Yu cans not help smiling and smiles to raise finger to point a sofa, light tone way:"Mei son comes over to sit."Liu Mei Er hesitated under, still keep walking to come over, sit to Wang Si Yu, fumingly track:"Anyway I am to don't want to go to school.""That doesn't become, you will regret of, believe me, anyway must also finish reading university."Smell Liu Mei Er's body upload to light You joss-stick, some souls of Wang Si Yu don't guard to give up, but he be still wrinkly the eyebrows patiently explain and convince a way.Liu Mei Er's hands hold Sai side, quietly sit for a long time, just turned a head to hope Wang Si Yu's one eye, silently track:"That ……can I also come back again hereafter?""Ability certainly, that key you take well, over the weekend and the holidayses can come back, tomorrow I then to you go together with to start machine and have what difficult, can contact with elder brother at any time."Wang Si Yu resolutely way.Liu Mei Er Jue wore mouth to think a long time and had to lightly location nod, shriveled small mouth way:"That is all right, just, I have a few conditions."Wang Si Yu becomes overdo and hoped Liu Mei Er to smile to smile, from the dress Dou in touched a smoke, profoundly absorbed an one mouthful after ordering up, vomited a light smoke turn, turned body, leisurely tunnel:"Mei son, being the person can not be too greed, I can promise you three conditions, only have three, you can think like say again."Liu Mei Er'H'm' a , slanting head, bye begin to point to start deliberating, thought a long time, she sighed tone, Ai track:"Are not threes enough!"Wang Si Yu Hey Hey the ground smiled to smile and stretched hand to once touch cup from the tea side-table and drank an one mouthful, title way:"Said to see."After haggling after several rounds, Liu Mei Er finally the Jue wear a small mouth and unwillingly agreed Wang Si Yu's suggestion and promised to again return to China west the university study, as a repay, Wang Si Yu also pass her a Lan son exchange plan, and some unequal treaties, Liu Mei Er this just happy, leap to jump to run bedroom once.Wang Si Yu is also long long the ground urged an one breath and quickly started to stand from the sofa, interest blunt blunt the ground walked into den and touched make moves machine, give China west vice-president of school Liu of the university beat telephone, please him to help arrangement next, in order to can make Liu Mei Er return to this time, no longer appear the condition in last time, vice-president of school Liu satisfyingly promises down, and mean to visit relatives from work, Wang Si Yu this just trust.Second world noon, the weather is very good, under the bright and beautiful sunlight, document elsewhere finish managing in hand, and the Xiao hat male beat to receive and early and early left to save a Wei big hospital and came to hand a machine store inside first and picked a style of vogue cellular phone for Liu Mei Er and bought ambulatory card and returned to in home, Liu Mei Er has already tidied up, in addition to clothes, she also moves that orchid grass to doorway.Accompany Liu Mei Er door, 2 people beat a car to arrive at big south of China door, after getting off, the path goes straight into campus and went to the office of vice-president of school Liu in the administration building, after knocking to open the door, vice-president of school Liu smiled to sing the ground let 2 people to the sofa and made tea, he and 2 Wang Si Yus for a long time didn't see, this time sky south china sea north the ground chatted a short while.

This period, Liu Mei Er ugg roseberry boots has been honestly sitting on the sofa and embrace that arethusa in hand, the droop wears a head, a speech not deliver, the emotion is to fall low very much, make Wang Si Yu also has some and walks absolute being, until vice-president of school Liu remind he three times, Wang Si Yu just touch the cigarette that the nose smile and smile, stretch hand and answer the other party and throw and come over.Administration building, Wang Si Yu didn't walk far, but in a corner that hides in the distance stand for a long time, when Liu Mei Er embracing flower pot heel at vice-president of school Liu disappear in the view after death outside, Wang Si Yu's in the mind unexpectedly livings a kind of disappointed if the felling for losing, however he still keeps inwardly having some to rejoice and tells the truth and descends this decision and speaks to him, in fact also very difficult, however O.K., he suppressed the desire in the heart on the whole and did correct choice.Just after returning to a house, Wang Si Yu hopes empty house of, always felt little some what, he pushes away Liu Mei Er once lived of room, sat in seat of honor a short while in the bed, thoroughly bored, the underneath touched a chopper and touched sharp knife blade from the pillow and thought of the beginning of Liu Mei Er of that affair that late take place, the unbearable Hey Hey ground of Wang Si Yu smiled.After two days, save department chief Ping of the Wei organization department organization staff to take an investigation set to arrive at to save Wei Du to check room, to Wang Si Yu carry on alone investigation, in order to in advance getting a notice, this place from up arrive a bottom to prepare all fuller, so investigate to carry on very smoothly, the investigation set is very quick Wang Si Yu comrade political mature, work actively, be good at united comrade, live style virtuous etc. conclusion, this investigation material already with maximum limit outstanding Wang Si Yu's work result, he describes Gao is greatly whole, let him all feel a bit deelpy ashamed by himself.Time leads very quickly and turned an eye to is April, the weather a day one world is warm, continue inside the jade state City rain three days of hair hair light drizzle, light and soft fine drizzle such as smoke fog, confusing and aery, let the world of eye bottom become as well really as well Huan, deliver not truely more, Wang Si Yu carries cup, quietly the Mo signs before the window and hope an opposite powder color wall up, climbing a mountain a tiger that originally withered tree branch has already hanged full lately green, is climbing silently and upward.This is Friday's afternoon, at after half month of endless after waiting for, announced to finally come down, Wang Si Yu is adjusted to province Ji Wei, allow to save a Wei Ji of Ji to check to inspect five room a director, positive place class staff, after knowing news, Wang Si Yu didn't express one excessive of concussion and excitement, because is as early as several days ago, he already from what Zhong the good, get accurate news, and the others are also as early as yesterday, all have already sent out a congratulation to him in succession, speak from a certain meaning, save Wei big hospital inside, also really hide not to live what too big secret.Save Ji Wei office building also at save a big hospital of Wei in, the distance saves Wei office mansion more far, that is a gray small building of five story highs, is more opposite than other places, not only the location is strange, at ordinary times to the officials whom there handle affairs very few, not only is to break taboo, more is afraid influence, easily result in be entrusted the misunderstanding of drinking the tea by Ji, be seen spread to go, will result in very and bad influence, therefore though in a big hospital, Wang Si Yu have never been there at a time, and Ji Wei's staff also not too acquaint with and remember medium impression the deepest of, only was sent second steel group to check two people of the Wei work set of Ji of case last time, an among those are dead, it is said that that that Humpty Dumpty also is subjected to a punishment, be adjusted other parts of country to go.Save Ji Wei organization and province to inspect hall to match an office to transact and practice a set of work organization, two systems of organization names and implement the discipline check and government administration of party to inspect two working talents and be responsible for completely to Wei in the province;The province inspects hall to still belong to a provincial government sequence, the administration inspects a work to be responsible for the provincial government and accepts a provincial government leadership.Saving Wei organization, province in Ji to inspect hall administration to draw up(contain to station province to keep Ji to check to inspect organization to draw up) is 237, the organization leaves to retire staff's staff member's administration to draw up 6, organization work frequently personnel's business draw up 28, in addition to save Wei Wei often, Ji in addition to Wei secretary, another have province to inspect hall of the head of department is a , 3 deputy commissioners;(among them, head of department and 2 deputy commissioners allow to save Ji Wei often at the same time Wei)Positive vice- director(department chief) job count 52.

(contain an organization ugg roxy short boots party the Wei is full-time pair the secretary is a , pair hall class Ji check the specialist is 6)It inside establish the organization difference as office, inspect comprehensive room, investigate a laboratory, publicity education room, party breeze Lian government construction room, rectify section and profession unhealthy tendency room, enforce the law to inspect room, policy laws room and petition room and Ji to check to inspect 1-5 rooms, cases to take up 18 rooms(hall, place) like room,etcs and organization party Wei.Among them, Ji checks to inspect 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 rooms to be responsible for respectively inspect a cent of check to take care of a region, section and its leadership the staff carry through to carry out a party of route, policy, policy and nation law, laws, decide, orderany and the circumstance of the democracy concentration system, and take part in cent to take care of the leadership actors of one troupe democracy life of region, section meeting;The survey controls the party breeze Lian government that the cent takes care of a region, section to constuct a circumstance;Guide the case checking that the cent takes care of a region, section.Ji whom Wang Si Yu is going to checks to inspect five rooms and exclusively is responsible for city, province tube the Ji's case and other directs of disobeying of staff inspect important typical model of object to disobey checking of Ji's case a work, and other 4 inspect room to compare and stretcheses longer, tube scope also more wide, the position that inspects a room director of Wang Si Yu also particularly and heavily, but same of truth, handle a case the opportunity of giving offense to the person also opposite and a little more more, Wang Si Yu of ex- several terms seem to be all to decline must what good end, five individual medium have 2 be devaluated, 1 wears the stripe.This and the staff of organization department has obvious differentiation and save Wei organization the department comes out of staff, great majority person all with the wind and with the current, walk on the official career the breeze living water to rise, after all somebody else that is the place that promotes a staff, with large circle of friends, the most easy Zan next person vein resources, but Ji Wei is just contrary, is be responsible for an officials draw down come of place, time handle a case a carelessly, will pull out turnip to take out mire, see knock down a , in fact but give offense to one, drive autumn after calculate the example of Zhang all like that.Wang Si Yu doesn't know he or she can at Ji Wei foolish how long, he also wants to understand now, this matter not return oneself's tube, also not return illusory organization up the tube, whole say "hello" with the burnt big Mi, although it is said don't know that surname burnt south station which Jin take wrong, a strength ground behind the scenes operates himself/herself, but this pouring is also a good matter, as long as being a promoted, Wang Si Yu is lazy to take care of again, time is getting longer, true facts nature meeting oneself jump out.These day, Liu Mei Er once didn't once come back, don't also beat to conduct electricity words, Wang Si Yu delivered a few messages for her, she also didn't reply, this makes Wang Si Yu is very angry, that is small conscienceless, see to is to give° oneself to forget, however what to rejoice BE, he has new amusement in the evening, is playing the time of Dou landlord, a call'the in a dream has you'of the female net friend seduce him on your own initiative, 2 people soon chat very hotly, every evening on the net elder brother's younger sister's flirtation, pour also row send many lonesome.From the window last time to the back of the office desk, drank tea and drinks to read a short while newspaper, Wang Si Yu raises to see form, already quickly till 3:00, carry cup to walk into small board room, lunch of time, beam laurel secretary Lee of the Zhi Be beautiful to tell him, the Du checks room to open a farewell party and sends off for Wang Si Yu, so he just ghostwrited to write a draft, chase to the with gratitude of leadership, to the comrades passion, check room to the Du the outlook ocean ocean in the future spread ground to write 3,000 words and intend on meeting to read out, but enter board room and sit on chairman's on the stage, fully etc. ten how many minutes, have never also seen someone come in, Wang Si Yu cans not help wrinkly the eyebrows in mind keep making to whisper and all say that the person walks the tea is cool, oneself can't mix so miserably?Sat for several minutes again, Wang Si Yu takes draft and come out board room and goes to other a few offices and turns and turns, but detection in addition to several section staffs for turning on duty hurtle him the Xi Xi keep smiling, others unexpectedly like without basis disappear generally, all don't know and run to where go to, Wang Si Yu then turns round and returns to office and just pushed away door and right against the face sends out'Peng'of a ring, the champagne sprays and splash but, face of his head full is a foam, Wang Si Yu raises a hand and puts on and put on on the face of dripping wet, while opening an eye but see stand in the house full person, public all looking at him and put a cachinnation, but the beam laurel Zhi sits upright after his office desk and puts in hand.Make one tube felt-tipped pen, smile to sing ground to hope him.Wang Si Yu unexpectedly will appear this act, just some Zhangs two monks could not touch a brains, the He Yan flies but an once robbed the draft in the his hand, loudly read a way:"Respects of beam director, the Du checks room of each colleagues ……"

companion wears to publically coax ugg ultimate bind laughter, Wang Si Yu also cannot helped but following to smile and started robbing draft, but drive flank of the section staffs hinder and move not get, the He Yan flies but under the public escort, simply give°ed the draft to finish reading, later on the beam laurel Zhi takes the lead to applause and immediately bursts into thunderous applause in office and hopes before fixing attention on a smiling face piece, Wang Si Yu also cans not helps tiny change countenance, by this time, those stings head that didn't like most formely, have a liking for to go now, all particularly easy on the eyes some.The Xiao hat male pulls he sits to in the sofa, Zhu Jian Chang passes over here a smoke, three personal beginnings in a soft voice fall into conversation, the person in the house is too many, the beam laurel Zhi opened a window, Wang Si Yu or have some deeply however the spirit comes and quickly raises to untie a few shirt Nius to button up and once touches a piece of newspaper, lightly get up to, very after being public and being indiscriminately coaxing ground to make a short while, then invite very in the evening dinner party, then sparse pull ground to spread after.After getting off work, it is public to directly go a hotel, this wine drinks very darkly of, no longer than more than a hour, many people drink many, in a daze, Wang Si Yu unexpectedly hears someone blare to swallow ground to cry, he quickly walks over there, claps the shoulders of the other party and feels attracted tunnel:"Brothers, future square long."Trillion officer of Chiu but an once pulled him, hand he returns to original seat, light tone way:"The director don't take care of him, that boy haded no future most , was brokenhearted to all cry endlessly each time of, we immediately after drink, the brothers wishes you to rise steadily, Peng distance ten thousand insides ……" connects down, in the middle of mixing mentally dense Dun, Wang Si Yu sees public to lift cup of uprising, then oneself one cup cup the ground drink, have no excessive long, cannot support, finally be flown by the He Yan back to get on the car, he shakes to drive a window and just lightly opens mouth, wine water then sprays to flow out from the larynx but, always vomit 23 minutes, just feel stomach inside comfortable many, just overwhelmed with work of, what all can not remember clearly Chu.The small car opens into the television station family members' building, had been stopping till bottom in the unit door, the He Yan flies then to wear Wang Si Yu to come out and send to his family, Wang Si Yu simply pushes away him and shake to sway ground to take the key opens the door, but always also beats not to open, the He Yan flies just thinking to come over a help, but be again pushed away by Wang Si Yu.The He Yan flies just a headache, the door Tu ground opened, the most beautiful Gao Tiao girl opened door, the Qiao livings a ground of station at the door and is covered with a bathrobe on her body, dripping wet of black-haired become bright, cover with to spread at pure white like the shoulders of fat, the snow-white skin sways person's eyes a burst of battlefield faint, when the He Yan flew to just want to talk but that girl quickly pulled into Wang Si Yu, the vision not and kindly stared his one eye, 'bang'the ground closed the door.The He Yan flew to get a fright and turned round to keep on walking, small area, he is still a bit blurred, this beautiful girl's lookinging at to pour is familiar looking and have grow once acquainted with of felling, but have already done not recall where once saw.Wang Si Yu was handed into a house by the girl, eyes had already canned not open, stumble the ground enter a bedroom and embrace a girl and very heavily keep on pouring and press on girl, the Zhang Zhu mouth comes to kiss and goes in person on the girl's face, that hand also at drill into Liu Mei Er's bathrobe in, crisp slip and get fed up with in that Jiao of breast up touch to knead and go, unclearly whisper a way in mouth:Flying up a to put on on"the Mei son, the Mei son, comes and makes the elder brother close in person ……" Liu Mei Er's face is red and dizzy, abashed and angered, is sparing no effort a flounder, but that disgusting big hand explore to go downward, exactly and exactly, the big of Liu Mei Er breathes heavily thick spirit, soft of the body twist around, but always flounce not get, blared ground to call several voice, suddenly one Zhan, the hands fiercely catch Wang Si Yu's wrist and hum the way of Ji Ji:"Don't , will break of ……" however that big hand but don't come to a stop, remained be making an effort to grasp Nao, Liu Mei Er whole body soft, a burst of battlefield has fever and also gradually loses energy on the hand, just in fear uneasy, gradually despair, Wang Si Yu's hand suddenly stopped down, body also the Jiang lived.Liu Mei Er meticulously below takes out from the bathrobe that hand, but discover Wang Si Yu on the body unexpectedly Han Chang ground dozen shouted, she breath a sigh of relief on the whole and lightly pushes Wang Si Yu in the past and kneels on the bed and took the pillow made an effort failed 45 times on Wang Si Yu's head, the Jue wore a small mouth Chen strange way:

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