he had a profound experience too

September 03 [Tue], 2013, 15:54
() Luo Qing Yan appeared, indeed, the entry to the house overawed. Her unparalleled beauty under yao absolutely brilliant, so that the heart can not help looking into. Compared with Qinruo Yun noble elegant, Luo Qing Yan fed into a sight to behold, no fireworks between ingestion Chu Chen misty feeling. This feeling Dongche heart bone, straight into the soul, let into the unforgettable. Qin Taiguan into smiling at all this, he had expected this result. Qing Yan beauty, already beyond the Expedition Youth mundane, who enter see it, look up all three points. The kind of shock from the soul, into the first time I saw Luo Qin Taiguan Qing Yan, he had a profound experience too. Luo Qing Yan how intelligent, Qin has not yet introduced, but she is just a rough guess on the house into identity. Who fifty years old sitting on the couch, an awesome own brow, middle-aged man into it is clear that thousands of Qin father, Ping Jiang provincial leaders Guoyuan Qiu Guo Shuji. While standing beside Guo Yuanqiu Ci, and who face, elegant entry should be is middle-aged Mei Fu Qin thousand mother, Guo Shuji's wife husband into Xiao Lan. Guo Shuji behind who slim, covered in green chūn exudes vitality pretty little girl is undoubtedly recognize thousands of Qin sister Qiaoxue. As for the rest of the beautiful woman, Luo Qing Yan already heard, super star Tang Anyun is also. Tang Anyun were moving China, good reputation spread far and wide Asian countries to Luo Qing Yan eyeliner, how not to know. Just a moment, Luo Qing Yan into the identity of the house will give touched over and over. In fact, the introduction and subsequent Qin Luo Qing Yan speculated exactly the same. Bijing are their own income, Luo Qing Yan also put away a little momentum. Guo Yuanqiu heart very shocked at this time, he looked at the front of this amazing woman, deep down between competing somewhat faint shudder, this feeling, even in the interview Qinlao, they did not before. And depending on when the woman with their own, did not strive, it seems that their leaders this Ping Jiang province, generally goes with unusual people. This and other psychological qualities of the powerful, Rao is Guo Yuanqiu always been confident, but also can not help but feel ashamed. It seems this time looking for the son, is not unusual income. If he expected good enough, this woman must be transcendent skill. He had heard, the lakes hidden to many other high-income, those into the body comes out of the momentum, the general income simply can not Men's North Face Denali Fleece Clearance afford. Obviously, this should be is in front of one of them, or never let himself give birth to such a state of mind. Luo Qing Yan can be described as an extremely powerful ability to adapt to their future role in the Qin family, she is also put down their posture, Bijing these mundane into the past, she never looked down on. Of course, this is no wonder Luo Qing Yan, Bijing her in that kind of environment, there will inevitably be some arrogance. Qin know this, he had been forced to let Luo Qing Yan came to see their side in, also have this layer of meaning. She lived outside world, xìng child cold, it's time for her to adapt to adapt to this environment, otherwise rì trouble after that then one thing is not one. Qin did not want to see it ruined home, no peace situation. "That's what, Qing Yan, not my dad, my mom say hello?" Qin see the two sides has been in a state of mutual observation, this guy came up half-hearted road. Luo Qing Yan status has been adjusted at this time, she came up two steps, smiling and said: "Mom, Dad, I was Luo Qing Yan!" Luo Qing Yan Qin Taiguan directly into surprised that Ah two large eyeball staring Gu Lulu turned half tender, then flattered steal music up. Have to admit, Qin Qing Yan want to win the big big woman's determination, her parents this soon, but with ulterior motives, this is not casually he called for. She is doing, is to allow all inbound understand her relationship with Qin. This woman is really into the fickle o A! Have also coy extreme, all sorts of refuse; xìng situation at the moment but fiery, thousands of crisp and neat; Qin could not help secretly sigh. Guo Shuji couple in a short while after the trance, but also in a good mood nodded. Although the child in front of the xìng some pride a bit, but who can not see into the next eye she is very distinguished woman, her son can get, that is the past to repair the blessings. Anyway, this kid around all so much, good old saying: lice do not itch. Guo Shuji couple already got used to it. And the next, Luo Qing Yan excellent performance out completely. Her magic pulled out from the body like a painting and a priceless jade, look straight into the Qin Taiguan is transfixed, shame endless. This is indeed the holy doors Qing Yan saint, it can be really deep pockets o A, into the eyes of the loved treasures in everyday things, she sent them ignorant and do not even blink about. This style can be described as unprecedented, no ancient into the former, and no latecomers o A! She first took a Daozi painting and calligraphy to Guo Yuanqiu, followed by a diamond-studded, beautiful workmanship jīng Dragon Jinzan magically into the hands of Xiao Lan, as Qiaoxue, Tang Anyun then each got a superb red Fei bracelets . Looked at the house by her congregation into a moment flatter grin look, Qin be convinced of. If really give her some time, I'm afraid this great woman Qin throne, might really have fall into her hands. This emotional add money to campaign, coupled with her own son could not get into that kind of irresistible charisma, and asked who die prematurely into the next can bear it? Qing Yan can be, let Qin admiration, sigh for the surprise ending. Would have thought that she would need some time to adapt, which wanted its own Qi into worry tender touches it. No wonder, one can promise a large well-organized management of the Holy Door amazing woman, this little scene if it can not cope with, that actually strange. "Snow, Ann cloud two sisters, my sister has long been attracted to you, this rì saw, two sister really is absolutely sèo A tender next!" Watching Luo Qing Yan eloquent, eloquent, the two women instill obedience to clean up the look, Qin Taiguan into knows what happened here did not own. His smile or two, myself upstairs to rest. Originally thought Qing Yan second tender will leave, which wanted Luo Qing Yan did not mean to go, on the contrary she will Qin women all around into the call over. Qin Taiguan into it not understand her intention, this woman is bent into the harem of his own to give to incorporate it. Apart from as far away as the capital of the Qin Ruoyun, almost all women are to enter. Luo Li Ran, Zhongli Yuan, Lehman, Li children, etc., sat a large table full. However, in addition to Luo Li, the rest of her daughters to see Luo Qing Yan, mind naturally into something scared to die prematurely. They thought Qin Ruoyun so tender fairy-like into the matter, in this world, is unique and unparalleled in the next tender, which wanted the race course came out one. How can calm their hearts? Perhaps with Jingtao Gai waves to describe it Men's North Face Nuptse Sale is the most accurate enough.
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