Return to reason!

August 02 [Fri], 2013, 16:38
Return to reason!

I saw eight serpent had just left the place was actually bright red underground magma layer, in eight serpent left, the surface layer of magma suddenly lit a huge seal matrix, releasing a stream of bright seal matrix white light, white light flashing, the self seal matrix simultaneously raised eight colored light beam, the beam from the previous unlock eight serpent seal eight beam exactly the same location is also generally arranged Fuji!

Eight beam sky, ripped through the top of the crypt, seven more consecutive penetrating above the crypt, the transmission of Fuji mountain!

That at this time, to go out to chase Zhu Geda's eight serpent suddenly folded back!

Eight serpent broke into eight beam anxious exception among the mountains of meat you want to use it to the トゥミ アウトレット general body of the seal matrix of underground again gland, but it was too late, in its body just will cover half of the seal matrix When half-face seal beneath the array beam emitted five suddenly seemed exhausted energy in general, began to disappear from the bottom, completely out of the seal matrix, towards Mount Fuji outside shot to!

Boom - five light beam from the seal matrix of the moment, underground magma layer suddenly suddenly burst open, rolling lava to blowout swarmed through the air, directly to the eight serpent that huge body to lift a somersault, lift to the side!

Like a fountain spewing magma general, a white light group from magma slowly rising!

Rising magma column to see purple, white light group, eight serpent Youjingyounu, mixed like the crazy, eight Qi Shi, overwhelming ニューバランス スニーカー magic bombardment group in white light on top, you トゥミ 財布 want to press it Next!

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