I came to realize that... 

December 23 [Wed], 2009, 18:06
(ショック) (ラブ) wow i guess im really that bored so i made a Wretch account.
It's been a while since I have updated my blog haha
Well so far everything is going ok I guess.
I came to realize that I feel such a mean person. (BOO)
I mean back in highschool I really wasnt.
I used to be shy back in the days and not be able to speak wat's on my mind
but now as I grow up I can do it now.
But I feel like ... I'm losing a lot of friends because of this.
Why? I dont know ...
Is it because people cant handle the truth ...
I should start being nicer to people now ... (げっ)
I mean I dont think Im a super mean person but ....{ごめんなさい)
it makes me sad sometimes. (ごめんなさい)
Maybe its because back in highschool and including my past, I got hurt so much that I just can't take it anymore.
I got taken advantage of and used and I hate that feeling.
I don't want to be a bitch.
I want people to like me ... (Hello Workム)
Thats the only thing that I actually just wants ....

I'm confusing myself ugghh .....
I feel such an insecure person. (ごめんなさい)
I wish sometimes people can get me.
I have two best friends yes but ... I dont think they fully know who I am ...
Whatever I guess I am being emo again.
I just hate being alone and feeling lonely.
I feel like theres something missing on me. (ショック)

Nothing really happened today except the fact i called out one of my friends friend a liar.
I cant believe he will lie a lot so much about himself ... and its ridiculous ...
I dont care how insecure you are, just be yourself u know ...
Whats the point of lying if u know ur gonna get caught .....

This is what I'm talking about though.
Once I speak what's on my mind, and peopel dont like it
they immediately put a distant on me.
I don't know anymore quiet honestly.
I will go to sleep now.
And damn haha it's really cold ....{ Hello Workッピー)
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