Zhanliterally opened his mouth.g Xiao-fu

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 18:35
She this time, is to give the old man to the 70th birthday wish.

Because there are precious gifts to bring over, Zhang Xiaonan the carry three bodyguards, Showtime, and also with her coming. Old man birthday, granddaughter must congratulate the scene.
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Zhang Xiaonan again Zhang Xiao-fu, Li Chang called the last meal. Or in the old place.

After dinner did not go to bars to sit, we are chatting to Zhang Xiaonan's suite, three bodyguards set a suite of two rooms on both sides.

Zhang Xiaonan this topic soon to go to Beijing purposes.

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"Father's 70th birthday. Show and do a relatively large, we do children, are wondering what gifts to get him." Zhang Xiaonan 往沙发上一 comfortably rely.

"My sister to get what?"

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"Is beginning to buy it on the porcelain blue and white."

"Wow, a big mine." Zhanliterally opened his mouth.g Xiao-fu

"Xiao-fu, Li Chang, told me to go around? Life worship to the Father." Zhang Xiaonan saved a mind, so that my brothers and sisters can have more contact with some useful friends, Xiaofu should be no problem, the university has many friends the family is also considered a little influence, has this relationship, contacts already have a very good foundation. Lee Chang more difficult task, working in a bar, some ordinary people are exposed, his career will not be much help.
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