January 08 [Thu], 2009, 14:39
it turns out i can't go to school for two more weeks.
half of me is throwing a party and half of me is depressed. /
i don't want to go to school.
but i do want to see my friends.
and james... he's so cute.

i've been sleeping a lot, as usual... allison is a sloth, yes?
i met a cute chinese boy who likes dramas yesterday.. i'm excited to get to know him better...

on another note, after two years of suffering through an unrequited love, i'm finally over the dumb guy. やった!! i can't believe i really liked him. he's really just a huge jerk. he uses people and really doesn't care about them in the least. i think i'll just stick with my cute chinese guy and dramas.

did you hear gackt's new single, GHOST???? its so not gackt-y! it's very techno-y! i was surprised. i think it will take a bit getting used to.

the pv wasn't cool, it was just mostly an ad for this new drama/movie... but at least he can dance now.

on friday i have to meet with a private tutor... for five hours.. i'm nervous...

i have a 4.1 gpa and out of all the non-honors kids, i rank number one. including the honors kids and the extra points that are available to them and not me, i'm 22. i thought that was pretty dang good.

well, i hope you all have a good night.
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