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September 07 [Fri], 2012, 16:26
Latest Home Appliances Connecting To The World Wide Web

If robots are starting to be used right in our homes, smart technology is about to equip home appliances soon. During the last Consumer Electronic Show, technical companies and manufacturers are saying that it about time that every home appliances in the home should be equipped with smart technology.

The trade show featured and promoted gadgets with extensive technology such as sending text messages features Cheap Pandora Jewelry in washing machines as well as in communicating with your own smartphones. Refrigerators will be playing music from the internet while kitchen ovens will be downloading recipes and teach you how to cook.

With home appliances starting to be connected on the world wide web it looks like no gadget is not too small get hookup on the web. And if you haven known, even bathroom scales are now hooked up on wifi connections. So if youe trying to lose weight and want to be reminded if your putting on weight just have your scale connected to your wifi and it will give you a rundown how much weight youe losing or gaining.

Lately LG, Panasonic and Samsung are developing household appliances to be link up on the internet with different goals in mind.

The latest refrigerator from Samsung which is about to go on sale this coming May will feature a touchscreen that is interfaced with its ice dispenser. The touchscreen display will be run by apps from Samsung app ecosystem which had been used mainly on TVs. The web link program will allow owners of this new refrigerator model to read news, make what to do list and shopping list plus getting recipes from Epicurious and post it to Twitter. The refrigerator will also be equipped with two speakers and a photo card reader which are inserted under the ice dispenser to Pandora Charms Discount allow users stream Pandora music as well as in loading their own digital photos on the screen. But these features are ocation specific?meaning people who are in the kitchen and looking at the refrigerator are the only ones who can use it. The refrigerator has no video apps with it.

LG on the other hand is promoting that all home appliances should not only bring internet features to touchscreens but they should be able to talk to each other and to the owner. Just like your oven sending you a message that your dish is about to be cooked when you get too busy doing other things and forget about it. LGs goal is to make home appliances to be able to communicate with their owners through text messaging, phone apps and other types of alert that would make life simpler and better.

During the recent Consumer Electric Show LG displayed its array of internet ?enable home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and ovens. These products will be out in the market late this year with limited alert features for a start and as time goes by new features will be added.
LGs latest refrigerator is equipped to Cheap Pandora Beads know what food you are storing and when it will go bad but for this to happen owners should tell their refrigerator what type of food they are storing inside their ref and enter the expiration dates.

Smart washing machines will be able to connect to the internet and will tell you when is the best time to do your laundry to save money on your electricity bill.

Panasonic on the other hand is promoting energy savings that is integrated with internet ?enabled appliances.

Although it looks like that every home appliance in the future will be connected with each other to maximize their performance others are not really impressed with the idea since it is no longer a new concept. The idea was already seen on an animated TV series about a futuristic family.
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