empty boat to participate in the auction

May 17 [Fri], 2013, 14:55
Shu Yu was going to auction, contrary to expectation change to temporary air craft fairs, did not expect the understanding of some urgent to get their knowledge. Space is all combat air craft professionals and enthusiasts dream, thunder is rising more and more rare, a long and minute statement. Use of space technology, the use of tactical strategy...... The thunder unreservedly heaped on, everyone can eat with appetite, often white is said: "too young to become a leading military leaders, thunder by really extraordinary talent." He faced Shu Yu one mouthful a brother, but in the presence of others,Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, but always with the feeling of distance. This is a SS level evolution in self-esteem, moreover, he is not like it looks so young...... "Pa Pa Pa",Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, gentle applause came from the side, the thunder come to the realization that they are a bit too excited, feel shy to shut his mouth. He turned to look at the next, nodded "Mr. Wang northwest Wang 1918." He will be the one to introduce to you Mr. Wang Yi is responsible for the "people of God sent to the keyway group business day, God is Qiwei group general manager in the east of the Milky way." The man of about forty years old, stature is not high, but very capable. He was a vigorous effort, one's eyes brimming with radiating vigour eyes, very hearty laughter "often white adults, Hory adults, can meet here, is my king one's honor! Thunderbolt adult, you just ideas about space is very good! In fact, the application of space technology, is also the focus of research and development we Qiwei God group the next step. This time, we arrange the air craft fairs outside. Also submitted an empty boat as auction auction to the stars, have the honor to be used!" The tone of his voice speak in measured tones, rich sense of color. The thunder eyes twinkle, asked "empty boat to participate in the auction? Combat air ship? The auction house received the stars?" Wang Yi is confident nod "yes, the stars are fighting ship, auction for a detailed assessment, confirm our empty boat has the qualification to participate in the auction!" Even Shu Yu and often white. Also rise out of some interest. This auction is large, the power to see in Xing Yundan and Chen Wansheng's face, submit the auction. Looking for material for a novel that I read through the stars auction screening. Participate in the auction will be empty boat, is out of the ordinary characteristics! Lenovo to just thunder explanation and the words of Wang Yi, "Shu Yu asked the ship company auction. Space technology has been implemented?" Wang Yi "is full of confidence, the airship is our Qiwei space for God Craft Research Institute has elaborately developed the first product, has been fully implemented in space technology,Nike Air Jordan 11 UK Sale, defense and attack are very good!" The thunder was very interested in the auction time is "empty boat......" Wang Yi said "the afternoon of the third day of the field, near the finale of position. Welcome you to visit!" He blinked his eyes, "if willing to join in to buy down, we also welcome the main guardian of the reading text!" His words aroused everyone's laughter, Wang Yi this is with Shu Yu and often white Hello, did not stay too long. To pay tribute to the two again, quickly left the. Often the white Shu Yu to raise your eyebrows "you look on the empty boat >
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