Collecting series of classic jewelry for your woman extra points 

December 31 [Thu], 2009, 9:55

The face of gold jewelry a woman fall in love with Zhang Yang, dazzling diamonds, crystal the wealth and modest gems, each woman could not hide his little greedy,
Tiffany 1837 the greed from the pursuit of beauty, so, no matter how vain are all is innocent. Cinderella's legendary long as you have moving dress, luxury jewelry, fairy tale story of Cinderella, the prince encounter is entirely possible in real life interpretation. 20,30,40 20-year-old woman could be makeup, not something modified, they show off a youthful character of the United States; 30-year-old woman who likes jewelry embellished with stately charm of their noble and mature; 40-year-old woman was is an absolute advocate of luxury, large diamond exaggerated gems, best embodies their values. Marilyn Monroe Jewelry language is a woman's best friend, while women have thus become the slaves of jewelry. A woman's secret is the relationship between a woman and interesting jewelry, jewelry in China and the United States a woman can manifest also know that a woman's secret heart. Jewelry Woman "jewelry a woman" is a compliment is always a woman, but a model for everyone in mind is Maggie Cheung. Diamond Light pollution is not representative of what is too heavy, and therefore not committed to life, Do not encroach on diamonds. I love the jewelry I love jewelry, because I am only an ordinary woman apart from the crowd. Even if the maintenance of kin, such as diamonds, diamonds are still to be carefully maintained, in order to make it shine unabated. As the Diamond acid, heat, so when it is encountered when the acidic substances or sweat, will not cause any organic changes or corrosion, and high out of precious stones, pearls a lot of tough degree,
Tiffany 1837 Necklacesit is not easily damaged or scratched. As the diamond highly lipophilic, so cleaning and maintenance, we should pay special attention to this point. 1. When the diamonds are the impact of external fat, lose its luster, just put a neutral detergent diamonds and warm water, soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub, then dry with soft dry cloth and immediately be able to restore dazzling luster. 2. Ornaments to wear for some time, if the grease thick that he can not be cleaned can be sent back to the original purchase of stores, professional cleaning equipment. K Kim will take care of your gold jewelry K swim, take a bath do? K-gold jewelry you have regular contact with perfume, hair gel do? These reasons are likely to affect the K gold surface luster. Many people think that K gold than gold, high hardness, will definitely wear resistance, dry, in fact, K gold jewelry also requires careful maintenance for Oh! 1. Avoid direct with perfume, hair spray, high-volatile substances. 2. Do not let K gold jewelry contact chemicals, such as cleaning agents, nail polish and so on. 3. Swimming remember remove jewelry, in order to avoid exposure to water or water that may arise after the surface chemical changes. 4. Wearing gold after the K Ruoyin stains and dust contaminated by lost luster, as long as the K gold placed a neutral detergent diluted with warm water in the soaking and cleaning, and then can be removed for drying. 5. Frequently used flannel wipe can maintain K gold surface sheen. Maintenance and other jewelry jewelry color the same, only in the wear under the care of those who carefully in order to make a beautiful gem is always blooming glory.
tiffany 1837 bracelets1. With hot water or mild soap graze gem. 2. Some of the more fragile stones should not use the sonic cleaner or high temperature washing. 3. The color lighter colored gemstone, it should always clean and in order to maintain a sense of clear and transparent.
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