According to the relevant legal documents

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 13:09
2013 Asia basketball challenge last night in the first round, Korea Ulsan Hyundai teams with 64:45 defeats the Iran star team. In addition to the game was quite surprised, the Korea national team coach who is also coach of national champion football team should have only one. This year the Philippines in the Asian Championships, Korea meet Rick Chinese men's basketball team, and eventually beat Chinese Taipei in the final three or four teams, successfully won a basketball ticket to the World Cup next year. Korea team coach you Tae Hoon superhero alter ego is what Korea KBL Championship – Ulsan Hyundai coach of the team. Dang this times Asia furniture Cup game list announced Hou, after control Asia Kam game list found, the to China of Ulsan modern team in the only veteran Liang Dong root a name participate in has Asia Kam game of ringers, this let reporter some accident, once think you Tae Hoon learn no with all main players Qian last night guangsha and Emilio Park building of game near end Qian, reporter in venues within met one Ulsan modern team of officials, will for list a thing to he verify. nike roshe run sverige The official told a press conference, the China Team Ulsan Hyundai is the lineup without reservations. And Dang reporter asked he why champion team only a name national champion Shi, the officials introduced said, actually 15th, Wen Taiyong is very excellent of players, he hit has Asia Kam game Qian of Jones Cup, last didn't lane WINS Asia Kam game lineup, purely is for height aspects of causes only was Li Chengjun replaces off, so team last on only Liang Donggen a people participate in has Asia Kam game.

Reporters at the post-match News Conference and put this issue behind coach gives you Tae Hoon. In this regard, you Tae Hoon answered very simply: "Yes, Visalia team did only Liang Donggen a list of the persons named in the Asian Championships, because I chose none but the best player on our team, other locations were the best players on the other team. "Ulsan modern expensive for Korea League, the head coach of the team is also the head coach of the national team, was only 1 player national team. This kind of thing in China would be difficult. Whether Army Day reign, or rate of Yao Shanghai win, then later King in the Guangdong team, whenever the CBA championship team is always big talents of China ... Super foreign aid as a CBA game, Marbury has been the focus of the last few seasons of basketball in China. Such an income of money a company, but now is probably because of the arrears once again lose their own homes. United States media recently reported that due to defaulting Bank loans, the Beijing men's basketball headed star will likely lose his United States second homes.

According to the relevant legal documents submitted by the Bank show that the properties involved are located in Marbury a mansion in hometown New York. In 2006, the star point guard had cost more than 1 million dollars to buy the homes, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Since March 2010, Marbury never returned the money to the Bank, to date, his Bill has been in arrears up to $ 844,000. nike free run 3 dam Because arrears for too long, the banks had to be issued to the horses, Bree "ultimatum": "now either pay their arrears or immediately moved out of the House. "However, Marbury was entirely disagree, and Marbury's lawyers had no response. In this case, Marbury Bank reserves the right to request the Court to auction the property. Upon Marbury was not the first time that such a thing happened last April, Marbury had defaulted on 3.1 million dollars for a long time not, causing him to a home in Los Angeles was auctioned by the Court. So it seems that this back to his mansion in New York, estimates that it is very difficult to stay.
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