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September 22 [Sun], 2013, 13:14
Zhihou, a Northern Club bosses also confirmed this on the phone, he explained that the Chinese Football Association National Award and turf management award and other prizes for comments on September 16 was closed. He said, don't know what Chinese football association established the national award in the first place is, "to play for your country, is the bounden duty of professional players and end up, any players and clubs must be obeyed. I feel that if the national team to play in womens nike air max 1 the World Cup, and entered the top 16 or top 8, this collective can achieve national award for contribution to the national team. Club Award for contribution to the establishment of a national may be how far in the future to support the national team take this hope clubs recruited players. ”

For many years, font size when teams recruited players at all levels, had a great deal of resistance, even to the font size of the team's performance. Before Yu Hongchen, Vice-President of the Chinese Football Association in charge of the national team, as well as team leader Cao Jingwei, many times with a number of clubs to talk about really miserable. The Chinese Football Association has said that national interests above everything else, you must first ensure the interests of the national air force 1 low uk team. It is regrettable that, so that argument does not impress all of the clubs. An additional "national award", that is such an honor, to let the Club time to release.As for the "turf management" award is based on 2013 year established clubs venues to frequent issues. Because most clubs just to rent the arena, used exclusively by all parties in charge of the site, which resulted in some venues or concert as "alopecia areata" or traps because of golf events, the home team has a bad effect of application of techniques and tactics. Chinese football association hopes that through such awards, clubs, associations, sports turf maintenance has never been better.

New two awards may not be in the Super League awards ceremony presented, but at the end of the summary of the League prizes as the October competition carried out by the General Assembly, the Chinese football association leadership will also formally announced the Division of, Yu Hongchen will no longer head the national team, Party Secretary Wei Jixiang foot control center will be in charge of the national team leadership."6·15 massacre" occurs, Yu Hongchen will no longer be in charge of the national team rumours spread like wildfire, and some even said it would be removed from the Chinese Football Association. In fact, for a long time, Zhang Jian as home football team did not specifically discuss the Division of labour. Before the National Games, football team finally began to consider the issue of Division of labour, and following the games, access to post related leadership recognition. Redistributing of the football team will be officially fulfil after the conclusion of the new round of appointments. Yu Hongchen concern it will no longer be in charge of the State Department, but equally important, he will continue to be in charge of Professional Football League.
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