education is to climb a mountain

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 13:15
Conveniently located in Guizhou province from the hinterland, beautiful natural scenery, internally set of waterfalls, rivers, canyons, caves and forests as a whole, very suitable for mountain sports. The race track will be through Weng'an County town, monkey Conference venue area, occupied a national scenic area, Jiang Zhu Jiashan, hole river waterfalls national forest park and other places, participants will also be able to thrill in fierce mountain outdoor games to enjoy from the natural scenery.womens nike air max 1 The pure oxygen source, health "city tens of thousands of times the content of negative oxygen ions, is definitely a great oxygen bar. "Li Tiancai from senior citizens ' work Committee of Wuhan City team excited to introduce road while walking for the elderly," we, the retirement liberation fitness in the Park every day, to come here to experience in mountaineering, absorbed the energy of nature. ”

According to Weng'an County style radio and television tourist Secretary He Duan introduced, Weng ' an will to the game for opportunity, full using unique of natural ecological resources, to development mountain outdoor movement initiative into to local economic social development among; according to "leisure, and experience, and race" Trinity of development mode, will Weng ' an build became to mountain outdoor movement experience for brand, to athletic sports, and masses sports for based, both leisure holiday for features of integrated body "let life full of law move, let natural gives life"-- In this beautiful place, blend in the murmuring flowing water, the 5th China Mulan mountain climbing Festival started yesterday, more than 3,000 participants from the three towns of Wuhan hiking enthusiasts enjoy the joy of mountaineering.

Hiking path to absorb energy to purify the soul yesterday, "Pali Willow Brook". Inseparable, making people here with the most relaxed state of mind to feel the charm of nature, of absorbing nature of Po Tin Wah, air force 1 low uk along with returning to real life with a positive attitude.Sophomore Li Huixia from the Wuhan Institute of physical education is to climb a mountain. She explained: "This hike is very meaningful to students, first can exercise the strength, but the most important is to get closer to nature, relax, let your spirit be nature's purification. "Her companion says," mountaineering is not what ' conquest ', it is important to teach, informative and at the same time to broaden our horizons, enhance learning, stimulates the positive energy of life ".Marching on the road, one from Henan, Zhao surname youth running around on two of the children cried "Wolf, run" provoked a kid yelling "run come", and laugh all the way forward.Many climbers with mooncakes mount Hua Haifeng, standing in a high place, looking around the lush green mountains, breathing the fresh air of nature, plus tasting them, do.Government paid for the masses to enjoy "climbing Festival this year, each station will not be less than 2000 people participated. "City outdoor sports Association General Secretary Yang road," this activity, we also got swimmers, shuttlecock Association and other associations to help ad-bus steering wheel came from the wuhanshiqu of the masses, can be said to be government money, benefit the masses. ”
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