England Adopted A Measure To Environmental Protection Positively Through Bring A Enhancement Of Climate Change Cost  

July 30 [Fri], 2010, 11:15

Recently, the British government proposed to add the cost of British climate change technique. In the previous budget, through tax changes, the British Prime Minister thought that for the manufacture of wind turbines and solar panels in the United Kingdom, the basic material cost of photoelectricity and glass industry will increase.To Criticize the New Fairy thomas sabo of Hollywood Stars

The proposal was put forward for the purpose of saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emission. Several Helpful Tips for You to Choose Remarkable cheap bridesmaid dresses In the UK, flat glass and glass fiber industry to produce goods that can enter the field of low-power or generate green electricity and renewable energy. Go thomas sabo charms which Kylie Minogue Choose most Without these products, the target of achieving emissions-reduction for UK is impossible.At present, the United Kingdom`s emissions-reduction targets is lively discussed in Copenhagen.

However, the previous budget merely increased the cost of manufacturing these products in the United Kingdom. In other countries, the cost of similar materials is much cheaper than Britain. However, this proposal eventually help British government claim to the outside that they have already reduced amount of carbon pollution emission. In fact, the United Kingdom, all of the flat glass and glass fiber enterprises must pay tax on climate change. The reason is that if all the taxes were paid by energy-intensive industries (EIT), all enterprises would go bankrupt. Therefore, in the energy-saving emission reduction projects which the government agree, glass and other energy-intensive enterprises will have a discount of 80% of tax.

Glass industry years has been committed to the energy conservation and emission reduction targets. In 2004, after examination, the expected goals turn into actually complete task. So, the glass industry purchases carbon credit limit, shift the capital into other markets. Take this opportunity to gain cash surplus so as to meet the goals of energy conservation and gas emission reduction on the prerequisite of no violation to the laws.

Despite of the financial crisis, still the flat glass industry must invest a large amount of money to meet the needs of creating new coated glass used in construction, and keep in line with the new requirements to adapt to climate change. Now, they are putting into the field of low-carbon glass used in solar energy. The Christmas gift of the budget is to lower tax reduction from 80 percent to 65 percent. This is, obviously, not done from the aspect of Britain`s employment or ultimate carbon emission reduction target.

This means that all the glass enterprises in Britain have to seek 2,225,000.00 pound tax revenue in the aspect of the entire glass industry every year. As a main manufacturer affecting the climate change, the flat glass and glass fiber enterprises have to obtain another 1,000 thousand pounds of capitals every year. The change coincides with the increase of British Insurers. If the British industry adopt these costs, then the British people will have to spend more money to pay for the installation of the products which were encouraged to use by the government.

If the British consumer does not want to buy these products under the United Kingdom price, then more import goods will inevitablely infux into the British market, so it will also lead to more carbon emissions. But if it only change the carbon emission produced abroad, then how can this country claim itself to be more environmental friendly?