Li Zicheng seeing the hopeless

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 9:25

of thirty-eight.Bowls in hot pursuit, Li Zicheng seeing the hopeless situation, but to bring the gold and silver in the capital of Shaanxi haunt withdrawal. Before leaving this nike kobe 8 cheap
thought with Chen Yuanyuan, Chen Yuanyuan but earnest counsel, said: "If the job status with the king westbound, I'm afraid Wu generals to undefined status and pursued; undefined status it would be better to stay in the capital, but also as a delaying tactic ! "Li Zicheng listened quite true that, on the left Chen Yuanyuan.Unfortunately, there does not know Chen Yuanyuan Wu Sangui stay in the capital, remnants of the troops on hot pursuit Li Zicheng, bent back the beloved woman. Has been tracked Shanxi Jiangzhou, suddenly the capital was to report, saying it was already found in the capital of the Chen Yuanyuan, Wu Sangui overjoyed, and immediately stop the soldiers Jiangzhou, Ms. Chen to pick up speed before sent to Jiangzhou meet.Chen Yuanyuan came Jiangzhou when Sangui ordered his men put up a large multicolored floor before the camp cards, flags flute drum

full array of ten miles, the Sangui dressed in military uniform riding Compliment personally, it's a grand ceremony Never Asia in coming to greet Shengjia.This night will be re-Huan worth original bridal wedding, tent midpoint played a Candle, hang hibiscus accounts, drink reunion wedding of Chen Yuanyuan Wu Sangui clinging regained. Chen Yuanyuan experienced a catastrophe, but also by running around, and looked a bit tired with the state, but more feminine look young and ignorant, let Sangui love and affection was thenike kobe 7 basketball shoes
apex sore. 39 people were killed by the family's grief by his forgotten, wholeheartedly enjoy the charm of Chen Yuanyuan, Li Zicheng term remnants crossed the Yellow River back to Shaanxi.At this time there are also lively capital, Duoergun organizer Malone powerhouse greet Qing Dynasty Shunzhi Emperor through customs, established in Beijing in the Qing imperial court, preparing the overall control of the entire country. In recognition of the power of Sangui switch for troops, the Qing court canonized him as Pingxi and

Shangyin million two Sangui surprisingly accepted without hesitation down. As a result, the original intention for troops help solve the problem completely changed in nature, the letter became a traitor switching delay the enemy nation.Xiang Yu perish cleared off fireworksChongzhen Emperor hanged himself martyred, Fukuo Song Zhu Ming re-established in Nanjing new court. New court knows Sangui hand heavily, decisive, and therefore sent anike kobe 7 cheap
special envoy to Jiangzhou, want to seal Sangui as thistle national companies and shipped meters from the sea three hundred thousand piculs, silver fifty-two thousand reward Wu. Unexpectedly, because he has a glimpse at the Qing Wu Sangui, refused to accept this set of Ming dynasty, he has decided to completely allegiance to the Manchu hands. Chen Yuanyuan Wu Sangui had abandoned clear from the heart back to the Ming advised to make loyalty of the road, but unfortunately Sangui is stubborn, single-minded to follow the Qing court.Shunzhi years (1645), Qing Wu Sangui continue to assist the West to
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