The scenes are always in my quiet moments

October 10 [Thu], 2013, 18:14
Later, however, leaving the old city walls at the moldering it. But in my childhood impression, moldering wall is impregnable. Even in those war years, suffered a bombardment of the walls, the whole body burnt beyond recognition, but the north a wall, but not thus wantonly splash. It is lucky to have survived, it seems that it is the most solid walls of the most solid part. I think it's probably not going to disappear again, it should be the same with the Earth in the strike. But I was wrong, and now it is gone, all traces belonging to the old city walls, all but vanished. This is how sad and mbt outlet sad ah! Now this city, in addition to high-rise buildings, asphalt road, is artificial garden, they squeezed into the city, wantonly spread, like a robber, took the ancient city original appearance, stole my childhood Caixia . I could along the river path, touched the wall of moldering wall, trace the footsteps of the past, chewing my eternal childhood, with their frank and cordial handshake see each other again. Here, I saw my grandmother in the side walls, the support from hanging clothes rod rack case; saw my crab and shrimp fishing in the river, angling a little turtle; saw my big yellow dog house, along moldering wall, secretly follow me, send me to school, and quietly go home the entire process.

This is often the scenes. The scenes are always in my quiet moments, with memories suddenly came to me like an old friend as honestly meet, cordial conversation. When it came, I would go to the river walk, to touch the walls of the old wall, but to look at the flowers blooming and green moss. However, at this moment, but I can not find the path of the river, but also faceless it; impregnable moldering it. I was wrong, wrong. Moldering ah, it is not impregnable ah. Their quick success when those vandals eyes, fierce and cruel look to it, I know that in a moment being, it will be mercilessly pulled down. It seems the fall of just how easy ah. it fell. It departed. Truck took it, and took my heart. miss it - the old city walls of moldering wall, occupying part of my life. day, I still walk in the house by the river. Riverside land has been increased a lot, repair bridges, paved cement, and many of the vehicles crossed from here, the dust floating in the air, floated into the River House. Government river flows south to go. Not the gurgling sound of mbt sapatu damen water, but desolately, sewer effluent is discharged into the river sounds. clear rivers that past, are now beyond recognition. I remember the walls moldering wall, the wall of trees, flowers, and green moss are, and my grandmother, you gone, all gone?
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