But then you do not worry about face to front of the class

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 15:21
years after evaporation, life in the burning, long green water still cling to faint Castle, the world still make Baiyuncanggou together in between, who knows each other in opposite directions along a tortuous journey continues, never thought about when we will meet , never thought of when it would end, looking forward to your hard retreating footsteps, but not like that you can determine the beginning and end ...... Many years ago, you said and I want to go to the end, and I want to perform a perfect and lasting love, then your eyes reveal comforting happiness and warmth, I also believe that commitment is no shelf life, believe it will never expire, but this naive idea put my faith completely destroyed, so that the body without a soul wanders alone in the winter, from the Four Seasons became a cold winter, lonely heart is not broken, there is no energy, just because Life should be journeying rather burn more sinking ever let him mature from a naive heart, even knowing that there is no hope no regrets. really want to know that we love to give you before that almond is intact, containing our fate was already decided: just because it is very rare, only to give it special for you, was also a cold winter, a particularly deserted classroom, I carefully put it in your hands, for fear of falling, a good warm palm of your hand, so I no longer cold. I hope you never see the inside I prayed to the gods left a note, as I have said, if one day we are not together, it will be broken without a trace. Together when the class is always tempted to go back and talk to you, and you just can not help but talk about every day, math problems, though it was reminding me and others topics when you have so very careful, new balance 996 but I still very stingy. remember before classes every afternoon I have for you brew a cup of hot tea, although very common, but it is inside the tea leaf leaf pick me out, when I see you walk into the classroom when I still could not heartbeat, watching you drink tea mouthful, my heart will be excited to come out quickly collapse, the moment class, and the best friend I have you rushing to take water, they always fell on my back , I was very happy because so many of the students in the first time to drink tea boiling blisters often only be you. think of me and you hand in a weekend night picture, I really really miss, because of you, I became the happiest person in the world, eat chicken wings, eat chocolate, you always put the extra parts gave me when I was sick you always gave me pills mashed worried eat large particles uncomfortable, but also the delivery of water in my hands, I know you're scared shy, like me,

But then you do not worry about face to front of the class to take care of my sick, so moved self-evident. entrance later, we heard from a month later again entered the school to see the world from a fraction of that rain sad, because I know each has broken with the desire to go to school, but your heart never been changed, day in the sparse crowd, I am waiting for your presence, though not think you should not occur again, because the two sides have failed the college entrance examination, hopelessness where you appear in front of me, you come up with a gaunt once in parting station gave you plum on my hands, my eyes moist quickly, because you still love me. Ever since I went into college, you have chosen to work, we are not afraid of the cruel reality, strong and unwavering hearts linked together, four years of time passed quickly, we had a painful, and there was laughter, Over tears along the way is not easy, in four years, your daily meticulous care given to me, taught me a lot of things, who knows when I leave school into the community when you chose to leave, because I break your heart, do not shed new balance 420 womens a tear when you leave, but I know your heart in the blood, so many years of feeling so easily abandon not your style, you'll eventually fighting back tears and walked away. from other post, did not meet, did not think of separating from each other after many times chose should not go the way I was able to retain only the nightly drops of tears. Since then I have once again embarked on the road of love, but can not find who that feeling around the circle and let me know that you are my only real worth paying all loving girl, is the only one to make the sad makes me happy Let me obsessed people, but also the only one to give me infinite care of the girl. Although you chose to leave, but I'll wait for you to come back, even if I know the result is not possible, I will still waiting for you, because only you can make me really leave smiling. perhaps the future of the road will be very difficult, but I would choose to accompany me so lonely, even if the head of white hair more and more I have no regrets, even if there is a little bit of hope, and even let me have a chance Look at your face, I would rather pay the years to wait. During this long period of years, although streamer disappeared, but indelible memories of you and me. think and what you say the truth is not a lot, only one:; if life had not met you, I would very young; if life never to miss you, I will be more younger; if this life together with you again, my heart will never change old. "
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