it is to say out of their own

July 23 [Tue], 2013, 16:16
This is Wu Hung personally selected the location of refining Dan won the day, escape Tissot speeding along the way, do not know how much time, how far away. But one thing can be determined Yang Chen, Wu Xiong will never allow anything to disturb anyone to his refining Dan won the day. Just prohibition, there are at least a dozen layers as much, even Wu Xiong themselves, but also control the escape Tissot, hands constantly hit a one tactic, took nearly an hour's time, only from the outside into the inside circle , protection of the strict, is evident. In this regard it is no surprise Yang Chen, Dan won the day, won the day dare known that immortality has Guards to the extreme, if Wu Xiong put a careless posture, then took his own life is a joke. Tissot escape landing, Wu Xiong Yang Chen from the inside out with, put away the escape Tissot, this also played a tactic, then, the two in front of a dense wood on suddenly appeared between the path through. Wu Xiong led the way, Yang Chen followed them into the jungle. After the jungle, is a sort of a small valley, the valley with plenty of unusual spiritual power. One came in, saw a manor, unusual fine. Manor door, stood dozens of neat looks are slaves of the base building, wearing a uniform to serve, station became two rows, see Wu Hung, is the uniform of gift Shrine. Wu Xiong just very casual waved, pointing to Yang Chen told: "Yang Chen is my little friends invited distinguished guests, without the slightest neglect!" Commanded finished, he took Yang Chen walked into the manor. Manor among the unspeakable refined luxury, just Yang Chen eye clinics of the Department, there are at least three thousand years old trees swaying trees she explains. Construction materials manor, even now see Yang Chen also wished he could put those walls are removed to the roof surface for refining treasure. A Mahayana master, hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation, compared to Yang Chen then hiding the fugitive life of the rich heritage is not doubled twice. Wu Hung is focusing on efficiency, the hacienda, with Yang Chen came directly after refining where Dan won the day. Here, Yang Chen Wu Xiong met several other guests. Expected to do. Wu Xiong is not known to alchemy, so he has to refining Dan won the day, then we need to help several advanced alchemy. Yang Chen saw at least three levels of alchemy teacher Yuan Ying. Zhu Peng, Tang Yi Ya, Hector cloud, three people are famous alchemy teacher, Yang Chen's past, the names of a few people on this outsize. When Yang Chen is still a junior,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, when these three worst is already Mishina alchemy teacher, but most of that Deng Yi Ya, although it is a woman, but already four products alchemy. Hear Wu Xiong introduction, Yang Chen is an alchemy teacher, three alchemy teacher in the eyes, invariably bring a hint of doubt, the same occurs, a little contempt. A Lianqi alchemy teacher, even high the level, but also high where to go? "Yang Chen has to Firelight, the most suitable for refining jade Chi." For three senior alchemy contempt, whether male or Yang Chen Wu, he feels accident. Dan won the day, not a junior Lianqi able to participate in, and Yang Chen, the only reason to participate is that he has to Firelight, and Royal fire means absolutely outstanding, capable of purifying refining jade Chi task. At this point, Wu Xiong did not deliberately overstating the Yang Chen, which makes three senior alchemy disgruntled. Similarly, he did not belittle the Yang Chen, Yang Chen involved just say the reason. For this reason, in the three alchemy teacher's mind, are considered acceptable reason. Although they are each fire repair, there is fire, but no one has to Firelight. "Humph!" Hector cloud Leng Heng, said nothing, but the eyes but does not hide his contempt for Yang Chen. This refining Dan won the day famous in the world of opportunity, a junior ran purely chaos,Oakley Oil Rig clearance, Hector clouds do not think Yang Chen is indispensable figure. "Only you have to do things that others do not try to participate." Relatively speaking, Deng Yi Ya on a lot of caution, there are many words to remind: "Elder Wu missed something, you can not blame us rude!" But, said to be reminded, as it is a warning. As Zhu Peng, but did not say what, Yang Chen a cold cut out, then do not bother sitting there eyes closed. Three different attitude, but Wu Hung is not the slightest indication. Refining Dan won the day, the most important person is the three of them,Outlet Coach Bags, Wu Xiong Yang Chen will never order a Lianqi disciples and their three fell. Bring Yang Chen, but also the beginning of the goal is to be able to enhance the success rate of a little refining, even later on Yang Chen's perception has changed, but it will not change to the original purpose with Yang Chen. Coincidentally, the three senior alchemy defiance, the Yang Chen was as if nothing had happened in general, waltz Wu Xiong sitting on the seat to make their own arrangements, began to look at the other one is not alchemy guy. "Fan Mountains, Yu beast!" Yang Chen's eyes over here to see the rest of that person's face does not look how emerge out of a friendly smile, but it is to say out of their own identity. Yang Chen understand the refining Dan won the day, you need to have a strong Wicked Spirit as Dan Ling, Fan Mountain is to provide assistance in this respect of the players. Directed at the Fan Mountains slightly nod, then Yang Chen directed at a younger line of four people courtesy: "juniors Yang Chen Chunyang Palace, seen several predecessors, please also mention several predecessors lot of points!" This ceremony, let a few people Some good-looking face, the rest of the people do not speak, Deng Yi Ya spoke again, "ah" sound, do not say anything. Yuan Ying dignified four-level master, and even had to be reduced to a junior Lianqi mixing drugs with an estimated either look at the face on the Wu Xiong, Yang Chen, who will be kicked out of the estate directly. "According to Denmark, everything is ready, we look at what you need to prepare things, raise them." Wu Xiong invited to join all the people, his face turned serious. This is a major event related to his soaring, beyond the slightest makes a mistake. "There's nothing else it touches, but in the end this Yang Chen okay? Do not miss the refinery Wu elders of the event, one hundred dead MO Foreclosure!" Hector cloud an opening once again for the Yang Chen: "As far as I knowledge, Chunyang Palace is not what is known in the martial art of alchemy, a junior Lianqi, if only blessed with Firelight, not as an apprentice to me, is also Mishina alchemy saver pinnacle repair, Firelight took his land is! "
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