A few slices of yellow leaves float switch down, they tell you

July 06 [Sat], 2013, 14:29

The mood seems eager to feel the world is still in general, so it goes エアジョーダンバッシュ like when the bus came, so all of the intolerant have vanished, but soon found that just a "habit" misunderstanding Bale. Thick darkness will come, in addition to hurry hurry strangers, and I stood side by side, only silent trees. A few slices of yellow leaves float switch down, they tell you, the sound of autumn leaves came with. To wait for the car finally came, hurried ground vehicles, is probably the last train, the empty compartment, scattered a few people, very quiet. The street rush, mist neon beginning it back in the car window quickly passing away.

Just open the window, the cold wind to invade the posture, wrapped in dust blowing. I have a sideways, I do not know where's the one leaves the wind brought in from the window, a roundabout, and was thrown out of the window lonely, disappeared. At that time, Mr. Feng just read an essay written in 1929, the "big books", where there is a saying: "spring fed from the window of a white peach petals and landed on my ナイキ フリー ラン 2 manuscript paper, which is clearly From my family's yard white peach trees blown down, but who knows what it would have been born in the branches of which one to spend it? ...... Who eleven investigating its source, so that they return to their calyx it? doubt and sorrow again attacked my heart. "Where is the President still encounter these circumstances, I do not know what emotion will be issued to students.

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