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August 07 [Wed], 2013, 18:36
() The less one day next week one more day 'this force? Fran? 'Leimiliya keen to capture the source of this force. 'Adhering look like a' thought here, Leimiliya strange look to quiet down the mystery man. 'Ha ha ha really was her that she really was Leimiliya' although very calm on the surface, but the mystery of the human heart but in the crazy smile, Fran duo ecstasy that even the dew comes out of the power of breath are ignored. 'Sure enough flesh incarnation will be thrown into the Chinese market this is the right choice ha ha ha ha ha Penglai drug sister Rest assured, I will wait for you to come back' thought here, the mysterious man appeared calm face had a smile and looks just an ordinary smile, but I do not know why they felt let Leimiliya Xinchan. But I can not let her know about the identity of the trail, or else fails, let her doubts to himself after rì trouble. "Leimiliya do?" Thought here, the mysterious man calm himself with Leimiliya name, "Oh, really interesting, was originally just wanted to look at the vampire's body structure S-class, and now may be able to from your body to get the power of fate, let me break the shackles of curse it. "acting to play all, let this little vampire desire me as a madman forces it will pull out his chest red sè guns, then squeeze crushing. Internal forces spear pierced him that he had been sealed with his own strength, or in the spear pierced him Leimiliya let guns blew up. Mysterious hear people say, Leimiliya eyes a shrink, he just came for me in order to break the curse? Or a curse? Could it be left to the previous generation of the Son of God's curse? Order of the shadow eyes flashed understood, and the curse so dark all the world are stuck in a strong limit, can no longer be thought as the year of the emperor's powerful, even to the realm of fairy-inch hard when they enter, sometimes there will be some extreme crazy, but even so do not attempt to harm Missy "Come on, Leimiliya ska Leite let you look at my full bar" mystery man mad laughing, and then around the void suddenly appeared a white sè of beads, sè exudes pure white light. Desperate fantasy Leimiliya a squint eyes after seeing the body taut. "Oh," the muffled laughter, the beads inside white sè suddenly appeared a crystal clear like the energy group. What is that? This is Leimiliya and commitment shadow hearts with doubt. And the Order of the shadow in Leimiliya dignified eyes, not into the mysterious energy group in the human body. "Ha ha ha" mystery man in the mad laughing, with his laughter, his power too crazy broke out, the whole world seems to be trembling. "What" they are shocked, because this force turned out to be B + (SS +)-level intensity, "Ha ha ha" mystery man in the smile, though the flesh incarnation split out from the body, about the strength of the body 80%, but he, as a veteran of the SS (B) level, even 80% of the forces that have SS (B) level, but nothing a little bit weak, capabilities, in addition to not into the true body outside with the body not too Big difference, and because it is the soul spare, you can also rely on the soul energy to absorb short-term strong, now has SS + (B +) grade intensity level beyond the body two small cards too though because the body, resulting in flesh incarnation Only playing with the body parts of dead just a moment, white sè's death went to the Leimiliya front, holding out his hand to Leimiliya arrested while on the earth will be too late to dodge debris Order of Shadow locked. "Go away," Leimiliya Yinya dark bite, behind the bat wings greatly open, the forces of terror broke out, with the momentum of an avalanche of people rushed to the mystery, even the Chinese market, in this force under all of them have been turned. Meanwhile Leimiliya fell backwards, because she is very clear, although such power is pretty good, but to prevent a strong level of B + is also a little tender, at most, to obstruct it. The results did not surprise Leimiliya's surprise, the mysterious man is just a film, it will Leimiliya attacks hit casual and intangible. "Well?" Leimiliya moment, then face sè pale. The earth shook violently, a giant wall appeared in Leimiliya behind the Leimiliya retreat completely blocked, so no time to stop Leimiliya posted on the walls, and then mysterious man appears In Leimiliya front, in the eyes of Leimiliya unwilling to Leimiliya stretched out his hand. "No" Order of Shadow saw this scene, eyes reduced to the extreme, his mouth shouted. Comprehension of the cultivation of the road, mainly to refining the heart, and said to understand the point is to cut off his obsession, have to say that the initial comprehension of God really is a real talent, if it can cut all his obsession, you can skip that mess bottleneck direct practice to become a true sage (B + grade, which is the SS + grade), and cut off his own obsession that understand that is to give up some of the beliefs and adhere to, However, if we give up all his beliefs and adhere to, then (please imagine a person want nothing, do nothing, nothing to think about it) will become one had plenty of life and soul, without any self-consciousness of the people Shadow reason why you can even order in a few years time you can reach the other law-abiding genius practicing at least several hundred years before they can reach saver territory, precisely because he only insisted that only a few of the world hate, desire for power and the love for Leimiliya rest when a person obsession disappears, all consciousness is concentrated in only a few obsession on, then that person on the obsession with those few dedication will reach an appalling proportions, which is why self-cultivation practice the harder the longer it causes. Sounds simple, but done and must be cut by hand, not by any external force. The Order of the shadow of all obsessions are his hands cut off, in the tragic decade of life in the community, and there is nothing he fetters only relevant, that the father had completely mad, and it was he personally cut broken. The Order of the shadow of the vast majority do not, it should be said that almost all of the obsession are concentrated in the right Leimiliya in love, if he cut off the rest of unnecessary obsession, then he can become immortal. His love for Leimiliya had no words to describe, even God can not stop, already gone beyond the "infatuation" "paranoid" concept. Now, to threaten the enemy of his love is too strong, and he, too weak how to do? Burning burning burning their beliefs own life his soul all their own consciousness "ah ah ah ah ah" pubic office gold sè saver exudes incomparable sparkle, gold sè flame burning on it up the forces of terror storm broke out, broke through the earth directly blockade space in sorrow and trembling. "What" mystery man slightly surprised a moment, then sè became pale face, turned his head to look to the Order of the shadow, because he does not care for the little guy had actually broke out near the SS (B) level of power, "Are you crazy burning saver yet "discourse is indeed questionable positive tone,North Face Gore Tex, he did not know why that man should so crazy. "Order of the Shadow Hanguangmen out" mystery man did not answer the words, burning all his juvenile immediately wielding their swords natal France, a pair of black and white swords burst shè out from the void, instead of the blue sword is Order of Shadow Hold. Each sword has its own natal repair method sword, but only one, but it is unique in the order of two shadow natal France swords although the intensity weaker, but the use of it can greatly natal France swords strengthen their ability to attack, bearing shadow Today, the name of which is the use of a sword in the name. "Road Law cloned" a person with the same order of shadow shadow side in order, while the Han Guang white sè sword from the hands of the Order of the shadow of his hand. This is the order of the shadow of the Road Law avatar, two-thirds of the power of the owner of the body. Because the combustion saver becomes pure gold sè the four projects look to the mysterious person, body gathered in real dollars each on his sword. "Wan Jian normalization" It is infused with all the power of youth and faith, represents the strongest juvenile High kendo sword skills now as the final moments of life, fire blossoming purple sè sword burst shè out, thinking that White sè figure. "Red sè city that never sleeps" Leimiliya will also make his strongest trick out to sudden and mysterious person has caused tremendous damage, and bound in blood-red giant cross at the bottom. "Bastard" mystery man's face sè become very distorted with rage, they nearly succeeded in the mysterious forces of terror together with the human body, formed a human body wrapped in the mystery stone armor. "Boom" sounds terrible roar, a huge blast wall directly behind the Leimiliya crushing, while Leimiliya also inverted out, fell to the ground, but did not receive any damage, Obviously, all focused on the mysterious attack humans. "Missy" Order of the shadow quickly put away the Road Act spare, went Leimiliya side will Leimiliya propped. "This lady right, how about that guy look" Leimiliya nodded, although only just ten minutes together and fight, but she has recognized the immediate comrades. One more terrorist forces broke out, the smoke blew away, revealing the internal figure. But look a bit miserable indeed bear bet, stone armor shattered, the right side of the body most have lost flesh,North Face Windstopper, leaving only the pale skeleton, covered with irregular cracks, large white blood sè Do money like spray, originally fairly handsome face has been completely disfigured, the wound can be seen faintly beating internal organs. "Damn" mystery man's anger can not be suppressed, if he only just almost jǐng Ti point, if a little more soul energy, but if the world is not if, and now he has no much left battles of force. At this time, the illusion shattered. "So Fast" has been completely disfigured mystery man surprised. Environmental broken, the rest is so visible scene Leimiliya and a teenager in common with a terrorist "monster" confrontation. Leimiliya many not the whole body of the Department, dress also some damage. "Damn," only to retreat, the mysterious man under such a decision, however, and suddenly his face sè drastic change, there has been difficult to conceal the horror memories of the end of the Chen Feng could not stand their hearts of anger. Semi-deified immediately opened his transfiguration skills, demigods again come into the world "boom" an immense forces of terror broke out with the intention to kill, so everything tremble. The sky is crying, the earth in sorrow, and everything was shaking. "Who" Whether anyone look to the source of strength. That was a real intention of killing shrouded figure, because it is too strong, he intended to kill the shadow blurred but still could not hide his strong. Coercion before Chen deliberately cāo vertical wind down just inside the villa distributed between the invisible weakened so much, "the demigods of Granville" There is no completely comes out. At this time, countless animals with a keen sense of the strong dark world are trembling, because this force is too strong, strong enough to exist and the world should not have. Every corner of the dark world in which God, the strong reduction of Granville horror looking at the sky,Men's North Face Waterproof Clearance, and some even can not help but fell to his knees trembled. All mammals forest Ye Hao, Ye Hao air, water, or, all in the huddle in a motionless, looked even have the courage to lose. And ordinary people did not feel as it has far exceeded the limits of their perception, coupled with the dark world of some means, and it did not feel it. This is a possible one moment the entire Asian continent, or even complete destruction of the power of the entire planet. This is half the power of God. Beyond the limits of the demigods;
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