have any contempt of the heart.

September 03 [Tue], 2013, 11:46
Qin Feng came to this world, Actually, I learned what brand surgery, he only occasionally saw people in the streets together bar Jinhua, I feel quite good fun, so it is conveniently slide learned. What else, such as nine p.m. ah, bullfighting ah, Stud, ah, he is not all. It's also rude Ah, he carelessly said: "That bar Jinhua it!" Tian Dongjiang hear in the ear, the music in their hearts. Golden tie with the son, the son of the dead do not know how you died. Yuehua Jian, a sè wearing a red dress, a woman dressed extremely flirtatious curl Nana came. Woman named Li-hua, is the general manager of the Mood for Love entertainment company, this secret underground casinos in charge. In fact, people all know, the Mood for Love K song City earn much money, after all, this year, want to make big money with legitimate means, it is simply a myth. Businessmen, who would say under his own ass without a pool S. The bulk of that is really profitable Lihua this underground casino. This is not heard Tian Dagong son arrived and although Lihua background, but also not neglect to say hello in person. "Tiangong Zi, long time no see ah!" Lihua charming smile, that as flaming lips as if to drip blood, exceptionally xìng sense, sultry. Tian Dongjiang aware Lihua background, although he was the deputy secretary of the city * s son, the Hon Hai Group's boss, but in front of this woman, but he did not dare to have any contempt of the heart. After all, this year, carve afford underground casino, who is a simple figure. He got up to greet and said: "He always, you are too kind!" "Who is this gentleman?" Lihua flirtatious glanced Qin a, smiling inquired, she has just learned that this person from her casino , Howard won four million is huge. Seen up close at the moment, she naturally want to know about, the way to re-investigate the ins and outs of this person investigation. "Qin Feng, one of my friends!" It is natural to introduce Tian Dongjiang Road, just say the word and a friend when is somewhat very reluctantly. Lihua belong to people jīng, Tian Dongjiang voice, so that she realized that the two should not be a friend, Canada Goose Reese Bomber on the contrary, they may be enemies. Let Tiantai Gong as the enemy of the child and wanted this man should not simple. Only in her memory, the upper circles Ning Zhou Qin A man seemingly without, but rather he was busy behind Liu, Lihua actually know. She smiled and nodded with Liu busy, right when greeting. Liu, deputy director of the city's son willing to do his valet, let Lihua determine her guess, not to mention his arms round the country who sè Fantasy beauty, let Lihua quite ashamed of I, it is not the effect . "He Lihua, this is my business card, Qin Gongzi welcome to visit!" She would smile sparkling handed over his business card, Qin understatement received in the past, only symbolic xìng nodded. For this socialite, Qin Taiguan people and not much interest. Moreover Lihua's posture sè with their side of the woman than it is simply not a grade. In Resolute Parka Women Canada Goose other words, even if he has that Zeixin, surrounded by Li Cu Tanzi in this little child, he also have to learn to converge. Qin Li child's performance so extremely satisfied with her Jiaoqu somewhat subconsciously snapping the Qin. Lihua arrogance about the man, although some dissatisfaction, but did not dare to show it. This year has backing characters abound, Qin acted so treat yourself, he will certainly be a heart and lean. "I do not know two son wanted much luck?" Lihua heard two people to play in the tie after the Golden Flower is opening inquired. After all, they play bigger, the more the casino commission obtained. Tian Dongjiang said: "Bottom money once ten thousand, no ceiling, and how?" Qin waved his hand and said: "No problem!" "Qin brother, I assure you bet is that I have here ten million!" Qin Li children know Wind chips around much, she quietly attached to the ear, said Qin. Qin said: "No, four million is enough! Other back winnings brother to buy you a diamond necklace!" "Qin brother, this is what you say, oh, must not lie -" extremely excited Li child heart she break off the cute little lips, with a bit of coquetry taste road. "Columbia is a gentleman, Junzaiyiyan, eight horses GUY!" "Qin brother, not eight horses, is four horses!" Li child whisper reminds us. "Who cares, eight horses more weight!" Qin Taiguan people Hey smile, which is full of forehead black line ...... two sides considered prudent for a license issued only once, hair finished on the exchange. This is to prevent the other hands and feet. Lihua personally to two licensing, both sides put a million in chips bottom of money. There Lihua began licensing, Qin Taiguan people spiritual knowledge of a dynamic, Tian Dongjiang three cards to the best of his eyes. A red A, a spade Q, a box of eight; then view their side, a pair of small three pairs, plus a spade 2. Tian Dongjiang not see the license directly stuffy thousands. Qin Taiguan bottom in his heart, but also to keep up with; two of you come to me, after five consecutive stuffy, Tian Dongjiang see the cards. Have to say, Tian Dongjiang excellent psychological quality, even Qin, nor from his face aware of any clue. This guy is almost no hesitation, pushed five hundred thousand chips directly to the desktop. Qin Taiguan people still do not see a license, his grinning haha ​​laughed: "Tian Dongjiang, your kid can not try to be brave, I'm bored five hundred thousand!" Tian Dongjiang retorted: "I'm not sure Tian Dongjiang never do a thing, it touches You may have to be careful! one million talk! "Qin again without hesitation bored out five hundred thousand, which Ah well aware, natural fear. Tian Dongjiang sharp eyes riveted Qin, some do not understand this guy he never even see a license, where he came emboldened and self-confidence? Tian Dongjiang always cautious, he reckoned his cards is not too big, you can open, three million, already into his bottom line, this is the time to open the card, he again launched a one million, and gestured Qin open card. Qinda Guan Tian Dongjiang people seem to like to tease, this Hell slowly turned a spade of the first two, and then pulls out a three of hearts, finally, Tian Dongjiang other people's Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket attention, he turned over a box 3 . Tian Dongjiang heart burst depressed, the surface does not move the sound sè said: "You win -" Qin proud smile, which he won three million, he took a little taste of provocation and said: "Tian Dongjiang , would have said you do not try to be brave, you do not believe it crashed it! "Tian Dongjiang said:" But nothing is the first game, who is winning, not necessarily too! "" I hope you finally can laugh! 'Qin with a somewhat sarcastic tone of voice channel.
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